This is timeline for Ecological United States




  • Association of State Green Parties with several former members from Greens/Green Party USA are officially renamed and re-organization as Green Party of the United States and as political party.





Great Recession/Financial Crisis of 2007-08 happens put worster in US, UK, Brazil, Euro, Russia and other devloping nations in Europe, Oceania and Asia. Put less worst in African countries and rest of South America.

  • Republican Party nearly plummets membership (due failed George W. Bush actions on crisis and more accusations of corruption within party is begin noticed) in first time to 26 million and Democrats steadily declined to 29.7 million as most ex-members are begun joining the Green Party as "Anti-Establishment Party" with increasingly drew to 4.5 million new members as result.
  • Voting reform movements like Committee of Ranked-Choice Voting and Approval movement are formed and getting the attraction to 60,000 new members already.
  • Polls for a local election that Greens are increasing in some states while Republicans in some election are beginning decreasing to either Democrats and Greens in the first time in its history that they are collapsing.
    • And causing their Green Party candidate are gaining new followers from mostly new members of the party and several non-Green Party members.




  • Polls seems McKinney (G) will likely win by 28% while Obama (D) is 22% and McMain (R), Barr (L), Baldwin (C) and Nader (I) are 21%.
  • United States Presidential Election, 2008 - Cynthia McKinney won and first third party actually won in long time, putting Barack Obama in second place, and putting George W. Bush third place (causing Republican Party push back its status into first and only Third Party Opposition in United States and more fears its demise thus cause Republican Exdous by nearly (around 5 to 9 million) all them joining Democratic Party while several (1.5 million) joining Green Party, few joining (30,000 to 50,000) Reform Party and couple to joining ether (10,000) Libertarian Party or going Independent)
    • Former Washington Republican members and few state's Green Party members created new party named "Cascadian National-Green Party" of creating new nation withing Cancadia bioregion.
  • President McKinney makes Victory speech, Including big support of election reform, start with support of replacing all nation and state constitutions to replacing word plurality to either non-plurality majority or just removing word altogether thus means that all voting systems are accepted in all states and nation.


  • Biotechnological revolutions begins with Government approval on gene editing on humans and repealed human-animal hybrid emybo testing put still slowly repealing limitations by President McKinney (as means making her more pro-tech thus hopely make party more less stereotypical and try prove four parties control government she not joke) its few elected Green senators throughout United States.
  • Rhode Island and Vermont become first state ever in this nation abandons The-First-Past-Post to Ranking Choice (Vermont) and newly "create" "Single Trans-Ranking" (Rhode Island) cause some new Major party replacing long former major party (Republican Party) and large third parties like Greens and Libertarians won more nearly seats in future state elections.



  • North Dakota and some counties of Virginia and South Dakota try test out to "modified" its future (if not limited to next two/three decedes) states election by adopting Two-Round style The-First-Past-Post as responds about couples states replacing new voting system and make Greens and Democrats for most default in all elections with somewhat replace of third party win.


  • Twelve thousands of Cascadian Nationalists formed major protests in Seattle and Bellevue. Of demanding secession from United States by Referendum. With mostly reject by Washington State government and strongly reject by American government eventually. Most protesters refused to give up and still demanding.
  • Few polls of Demending succession by Washington and Oregon residents said either 14 to 17 percent want Secession while 60 to 58 percent opposed seceding and want remain with United States overall.


  • Few more people are now publically support of Cancadian independence in more cities like Olympia and Spokane. With more boost to 21% for Washington population while with near boost 9% in Oregon population.
  • More Protests begin spreading throughout central Washington and one very small rally from Vancouver of demanding secession from United States and Canada as Cascadia.
  • Mid-September went highest support of secession from United States was 26% from Washington.
  • Civil Disobedience begins appearing in Seattle and South Bellevue, and later Renton.
  • First Cascadian rebel army (soon later as Cascadian Revolutionary army) begins formed in Renton and South Seattle. And firstly succeed occupied Renton as Cascadian control.
  • Revolutionary War of Cascadian Independence begins.
  • Cascadian rebels formed de facto government in Downtown Seattle which was small apartment building for two months until they move begin to city hall.
  • Declaring of Cascadian independence as signed by all rebel leaders of Seattle and Denton governments.


  • Rebellious nation of Cascadia begins more forming the new expansion for cascadian government, restarted economy from trade (until UN tell all cargo ships to ignore rebel occupy land), forming couple more rebellious militant groups as unofficial Army of nation, etc.
    • United States and rest of International community strongly not support or unrecognized nation.



  • United States Presidential Election, 2012 - Cynthia McKinney won again, Hillary Clinton put second place (along abandoned its two of three official major ideologies (Progressivism and Social Liberalism in some issues) with Liberal Conservatism as blow attempted getting Progressives back into Democratic party), put Gary Johnson in third place, Donald Trump in fourth place (cause official end of Republican Party after weeks planned either merged with Democrats (as means attempted keep old establishment alive and very possibly means renamed as New Democratic-Republican Party or dissolved itself (which mostly likely did))
    • Almost of all counties from Washington and two counties from Oregon for first time will officially be excluding from appearing in election map due of regional conflict.
    • Cause Republican Party into second and final exdous as membership downs to 15 million for more Joining Green Party, Reform, Libertarian, and Constitution Parties with several more joining Democrats later follow.
    • This triggered UK membership of SNP, Plaid Cymru, UKIP, Green Parties in UK boosted with 35,000 (put Plaid Cyrmu get 12,000) new members.


  • Near of all cities in United States, all year are adopting new votings system (only seven them failed to replaced them)


  • United Kingdom General Election, 2015 - Labour lose 57 seats to SNP (55), Green Party (1) of English/Wales and UKIP (1) with gains only from Liberal Democrats (4) while Conservatives lose 6 seats to Labour (2), Plaid Cymru (2), SNP (1) and UKIP (1) but gain 3 from Labours (2) and Liberal Democrats (1).
    • Cause Liberal Democrats more fear of becoming irrelevant with membership sink to 48,000 in UK politics until Brexit (43/57) vote to leave EU in August 2016 they were relevant for last time until final blow for them because of possible downfall for pathe rty into fringe party.
  • Wyoming decides to abandon and replacing their system to "Ranking Pairs" and South Carolina adopted the Two-Round system.
  • Olympia capture by Cascadian rebels cause Washington government moved into California and become de facto captial of Cascadia replacing Seattle as de facto captial from September 2011.


  • United States Presidential Election, 2016 - Bernie Sanders (running as Independent put support funding by some Independent Progressive, Green and remaining Democrats PACs) win, Jill Stein in second place and John McAfee in third place, Jesse Ventura (originally run as Independent put switch to Reform later) in fourth place and Darrell Castle in fifth place and Barack Obama in sixth place (cause Democratic Party becoming irrelevant for time being).
    • FEC announced that more than few counties from western Washington and one county from Oregon will be excluded from appearing in election map due of regional conflict.
  • Brexit Referendum, 2016 - 57% percent of people want leave from EU overall (England (minus Gibraltar) 60% want leave, Wales 50% want Remain, Northern Ireland 52% want Leave and Scotland 67% want to remain), Because few Conservatives MP switch to UKIP and only two switch to English Democrats and Nine Labours MP switch to Green Party of England/Wales and Scotland while one join SNP.
    • Economy was nearly declined from result but return regains from loss in couple weeks.
      • SNP rise to 170,500 members from previously 146,532 while Plaid Cymru steadly rise to 24,000+ from 12,784. And Labour got more new members of 560,000+ from 496,050. Green (English/Welsh) got some loss to 54,261 from 62,515.
        • Supporting for Scottish Independence got boost to 48 to 51% for next four to five weeks while welsh got some boost to 5 to 9% for next two months.
        • Few thousands of English-speaking scots remainers had announced abandon speaking english altogether to going back their ancestral mother tongue (both Scot (Germanic language) and Scottish Gaelic) with three thousand them join SNP and Scottish Greens while several hundred English-speaking welsh remainers also announced doing same by begin speaking Welsh and even some are joining Plaid Cymru as consequence.
        • Lead creation of four Welsh Nationalist Parties (one was split from Welsh Green Party (Green Party of England and Wales))
      • While UKIP and Liberal Democrats are losing in numbers to 32,000 for UKIP and 44,000 for Liberal Democrats.
      • Conservatives remain not census their membership due of fears of losing members since 2013.
      • The Birth and Rise of London independence movement also sparked of result from Referendum.
  • Due to issues of Immigration, Islamophobia, and Racism are returning as one of the important minor issues as this country facing right and thus led the creation of Tea Party revolutionary movement to proclaiming that the United States is broken and it must be fixed by means joining Constitution Party to fixed it.



  • Cascadian rebels pushing some successful occupations in one Oregon and few Washington towns while few hundreds of American soldiers with some Tanks and supplies are stranded in woodlands while two are current Sieging southern part of Naselle and Menlo by American soldiers for liberation.
  • Seventy to more Americans are joining Cascadian rebel based groups with one successful occupation of Raymond as result.
  • Couple of Scottish Liberal Democrats members from House of Lords switch to SNP and one Welsh House of Lord member switch to Plaid Cymru due of crisis within Party while 15 House of Lords from Labour Party are switch to Conservatives (8), Green Party of England and Wales (4) and Liberal Democrats (3) also due to crisis within party.


  • One Oregon town from Tillamook County are increasing siding with Cascadian rebels by replacing Amercian flags with Cascadian ones and starting begin forming Pro-Cascadian Independence Oregon group as Inter Cascadians.
  • New York City begins voting of replacing FPTP to Score Voting as an experiment and joining from widespread voting system changes in recent years.
    • Score Voting passed by 53%.
  • Few more cities adopted to either Ranked-Choice and Two-round systems throughout the year.


  • One English Conservative member from House of Lords swtich to crossbencher.
  • British Prime Mister announces plans of triggered article 50 of leave EU within end of month cause Scottish PM to form plan of new independence referendum.
  • Scottish Prime Mister announced plans of second independence referendum with most of Scottish Nationalist Party members and MPs with some Scottish Greens members and MPs praised announcement while many other British unionists and nationalists MPs, believers and PM disannouncement of breaking near 310 years union between two regions.
    • Scottish FM accusing the British Unionists and Nationalists of ironically souring union between two with Anti-Scottish sentiment disguise as "Anti-British sentiment" and hypocritical betrayed deal with EU issue from first Independence referendum.
  • Capital Hill begins testing out Favorable Voting for once and later again for 2018 election.
  • Scottish Parliament voted throughout today until 3:50 BTZ
    • 59 to 51 (52 SNP, 5 Scottish Greens, and 2 Scottish Labour) favour supporting of second Scottish Independence Referendum.
    • Scottish Labour threatens Scottish MPs to switch of betrayed the party values.
    • One vows he will not doing that again, While other switch sides to SNP as vows that he more leaning as inter-scot than inter-British and coming out of favoring FM.
  • PM triggering article 50 and declared UK will leave EU in next two years.
    • Scottish of favor seceding from United Kingdom once again reach 52 to 54% in all five polls while Welsh independence increasing by 14% to 15% in two polls.


  • South Carolinians are successfully petitioning of replacing FPTP to Mixed proportional representation for this next year sub-general election.


  • United Kingdom Local Elections, 2017
    • Most gains go to SNP (23), Plaid Cymru (209) and Greens in all region got 32 and massive gains to Conservatives (1,025) while all UKIP seats have massively reduced to 2 seats and LibDems and Labour severe loss (918 (Liberal Democrats)) + 261 (Labour).
    • Four Conservatives and two Liberal Democrats in House of Commons are a switch to Independent due accusing of scandals of corruption.
    • Seven Labours from Wales decided they will rebel to Joined Plaid Cymru and one will go Independent with little to no explanation.
    • One Labour will switch is coming out and announced switch to Scottish Greens due to a recent change of political view to both developing Scottish nationalist and progressive beliefs.


  • United Kingdom General Election, 2018 - Future election held in next year on June 8
    • The current polls suggested that Conservatives losing in power to Labour Party by 1 to 3 seats.
      • Liberal Democrats are declining from 8 - 5% to 2 - 1% in recent polls the first time in party's history, suggest they are very likely replaced by Green Party of England and Wales and becoming as fringe party nationally.
      • While SNP remained their position to 5%.
      • Green Party have steadily increased in polls as they were from typically 3% - 4% to 7% in two polls, Suggest they start replacing Liberal Democrats status as a serious third national party.
      • UKIP declined massively to Conservatives as keep them in power.
      • Labour is increased to 29 to 36%.
      • Plaid Cymru is now poll to 0.7 or 1/2% as default.


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