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Logo This Ecological United States related article is a stub. You can help by expanding it.This is timeline for Ecological United States




  • Association of State Green Parties with several former members from Greens/Green Party USA are officially renamed and re-organization as Green Party of the United States and as political party





  • Great Recession/Financial crisis of 2007-08 happens put worster in US, UK, Brazil, Euro, Russia and other devloping nations in Europe, Oceania and Asia. Put less worst in African countries and rest of South America.
    • Republican Party nearly plummets membership (due failed George W. Bush actions on crisis) in first time to 26 million and Democrats steadly declined to 29.7 million to Green Party increasingly drew with 4.5 million new members.



  • United States Presidential Election, 2008 - Cynthia McKinney won and first third party actually won in long time, putting Barack Obama in second place, and putting George W. Bush third place (causing Republican Party push back its status into first and only Third Party Opposition in United States and more fears its demise thus cause Republican Exdous by nearly (around 5 to 9 million) all them joining Democratic Party while several (1.5 million) joining Green Party, few joining (30,000 to 50,000) Reform Party and couple to joining ether (10,000) Libertarian Party or going Independent)
    • Former Washington Republican members and few state's Green Party members created new party named "Cancadian National-Green Party" of creating new nation withing Cancadia bioregion.


  • Biotechnological revolutions begins with Government apporval on gene editing on humans and repealed human-animal hybrid emybo testing put still slowly repealing limitations by Ms. McKinney and its few elected Green senators throughout United States.
  • Rhode Island and Vermont become first state ever in this nation abandons The-First-Past-Post to Ranking Choice (Vermont) and newly "create" "Single Trans-Ranking" (Rhode Island) cause some new Major party replacing long former major party (Republican Party) and large third parties like Greens and Libertarians won more nearly seats in future state elections.



  • North Dakota and some counties of Virginia and South Dakota try test out to "modified" its future (if not limited to next two/three decedes) states election by adopting Two-Round style The-First-Past-Post as responds about couples states replacing new voting system and make Greens and Democrats for most default in all elections with somewhat replace of third party win.



  • United States Presidential Election, 2012 - Cynthia McKinney won again, Hillary Clinton put second place (along abandoned its two of three official major ideologies (Progressivism and Social Liberalism in some issuses) with Liberal Conservatism as blow attempted getting Progressives back into Democratic party), put Gary Johnson in third place, Donald Trump in fourth place (cause official end of Republican Party after weeks planned ether merged with Democrats (as means attempted keep old establishment alive and very possibly means renamed as New Democratic-Republican Party or dissolved itself (which mostly likely did))
    • Cause Republican Party into second and final Exdous as membership downs to 15 million for more Joining Green Party, Reform, Libertarian and Constitution Parties with several more joining Democrats later follow.
    • This triggered UK membership of SNP, Plaid Cyrmu, UKIP, Green Parties in UK boosted with 35,000 (put Plaid Cyrmu get 12,000) new members.


  • United Kingdom General Election, 2015 -


  • United States Presidential Election, 2016 - Bernie Sanders (running as Independent put support funding by some Democrats PACs) win, Jill Stein in second place and John McAfee in third place, Jesse Ventura (originally run as Independent put switch to Reform later) in fourth place and Darrell Castle in fifth place and Barack Obama in sixth place (cause Democratic Party becoming irrelevant for time being).

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