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This is the Timeline of Earth With Sumatera.


  • 1803 - The Padri War Began
  • 1824 - Moosang agreement signed by Padri, Netherlands and Traditional ethnic
  • 1829 - Padri Power has extends to the Batak Mandailing, Tapanuli
  • 1836 - Dutch troops returned to a massive attack against Fort Bonjol
  • 1837 - The Netherlands lost in the Castle Bonjol, signed the peace agreement with the Padri and immediately power extends to the whole of the Sumatran
  • 1840 - Padri Leader announced the kingdom of Sumatera as Freedom Nation.
  • 1841 - Modern Revolution of Sumatera, The Kingdom create modern Imperial Army, Navy and Police.
  • 1845 - The Kingdom divided into four Kingdom: Aceh, Batak, Padang and Small Sriwijaya
  • 1845 - National Law established
  • 1850 - Sumatera Kingdom invade Java and Borneo, The Southeast Asian War begins.
  • 1852 - The Southeast Asia war ended, agreement was signed which led to parts of the region in Malaysia, Sulawesi and Maluku Also drawn into the Kingdom of Sumatera.
  • 1859 - The Batak replaced by Sisingamangaraja Empire
  • 1861 - Sumatera invade Thailand.
  • 1864 - An Sumatera-Qing Dynasty alliance is formed.
  • 1867 - The First congress of Sumatera-Qing Dynasty Alliance
  • 1871 - The Beginning of Invasion to Rattanakosin 
  • 1873 - Sumatera Conquer the Rattanakosin Kingdom
  • 1880 - The Battle in Borneo with Sumatera Lost, Spain toke North Borneo and Make it as the location of a new colony
  • 1894 - Sumatera Re-Unification

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