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1997-1999: Early Years

  • 1997- EA gains rights to NASCAR games and makes NASCAR 98 later that year for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn.
  • 1998- EA makes NASCAR 99, which debuts on the Nintendo 64 and later the PlayStation to mixed reviews.
  • 1999- EA starts going into the new millennium with NASCAR 2000, which marks EA NASCAR's debut on PC and Game Boy Color.

2000-2004: Thunder

  • 2000- EA's NASCAR 2001 marks the first NASCAR game on the PlayStation 2, and is also the last game where Dale Earnhardt appears as a driver without being unlocked.
  • 2001- The name of the series expands to NASCAR Thunder, and NASCAR Thunder 2002 marks NASCAR's debut on the Xbox.
  • 2002- NASCAR Thunder 2003 marks NASCAR's debut on the Gamecube.
  • 2004- The EA NASCAR series reverts back to just NASCAR 2005.

2005-2010: Changing Consoles to the POD

  • 2005- The series name changes to just the last two digits of the next year with NASCAR 06.
  • 2006- NASCAR 07 marks NASCAR's debut on the PSP, and is the last game released on 6th gen consoles.
  • 2007- NASCAR races into 7th gen with NASCAR 08 marking NASCAR's debut on the PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • 2008- NASCAR 09 marks NASCAR's debut on mobile phone, and was the last main series NASCAR game before the POD.
  • 2009- NASCAR Kart Racing marks NASCAR's debut on the Wii, and was the last NASCAR game before the POD.
  • The POD- After the flunk of NBA Elite 11 in 2010, EA decides to cut the NBA Live series of games instead of the NASCAR series. As a result, NASCAR extends their deal with EA to 2015.

2011-2015: A Different Outcome

  • 2011- NASCAR 2011 most notably has:
    • An overhaul of the release dates, now coming out in spring of the same year and featuring same-year cars.
    • Only the Sprint Cup Series, due to lack of time for preparing the game.
  • 2012- NASCAR 2012 features the return of the Nationwide and Camping World Truck series, and as a result gets a extremely high rating
  • 2013- NASCAR 2013 introduces the K&N Pro Series and even the ARCA series (with permission) for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and also marks NASCAR's debut on the Wii U with Sprint Cup. The game is later hailed alongside NASCAR 09 as the best NASCAR games of the last decade in 2015.
  • 2014- NASCAR 2014: A New Chase marks NASCAR's debut on the PS4 and the Xbox One with all series from the prior game included.
  • 2015- NASCAR 2015 features an expansion to 24 racers online, but the expansion is a flop as servers start to crash with the overwhelming amounts of players, and EA is quickly forced to release a DLC to change back to 16 racers. As a result, the game gets extremely mixed reviews, although it is hailed for the new four player split screen.

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