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The timeline begins with the 1958 Great Hurricane, the first of many cataclysms attributed to the increased rate of disastrous climate change.


June 4th, 1958: One of the strongest hurricanes in recorded history forms over the Atlantic Ocean, heading straight for the Caribbean.

June 7th, 1958: The Super-Hurricane, as the news refers to it as, reaches Puerto Rico. 20,000 locals are killed. The Hurricane continues towards Cuba's east coast.

June 10th: The Super-Hurricane makes landfall on Cuba, floodwaters flood Havana. 10,000 killed.

June 12th: Hurricane turns north towards United States Gulf Coast, leaving behind 43,000 Cubans killed, including Fidel Castro and most of his government.

June 16th: Hurricane makes landfall near Mobile, Alabama.

June 17th: Hurricane continues up into Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Flooding severe, thousands are killed. President Eisenhower declares a national emergency.

June 25th: Hurricane dissipates into severe weather as it works its way inland. Two similar hurricanes form in Atlantic Ocean, both nearly as strong.

July 1st: Scientists realize something is wrong

July 2nd: Super-Hurricane 2 makes landfall in North Carolina. 3,000 people killed during packed 4th of July weekend and inadequate evacuation procedures.

July 4th: Super-Hurricane 3 makes landfall down the coast, near Fort Lauderdale. Flordia's coastline devastated. Hurricane winds up crossing state, wreaking havoc through Orlando and Tampa.

July 7th: British researchers notice how small the polar ice cap has gotten.

November 3rd: A massive hurricane strikes Lisbon, Portugal. While not as strong as its American cousins, it devastates the city and Portuguese government.

November 9th: The biggest tornado storm in recorded history devastates Oklahoma and Kansas.

May 3rd, 1959: Scientists report a significant rise in sealevel following the sudden disappearance of three major Antarctic ice shelves.

May 20th: Indian Ocean cyclone devastates East Pakistan (Bangladesh), floodwaters fail to recede, leaving much of the country submerged. Over a million killed.

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