• December 11: World nations fail to draft an environmental treaty in Kyoto, Japan.



  • Scientists observe that sea levels are rising at an increasing rate. Currently there is no explanation for this phenomenon, but some projections predict world-wide catastrophe. Various governments cover up the information to prevent mass panic. By the end of the year the sea level has risen by 2 meters.
  • Tourists and Venetians report unusual amounts of flooding in Venice, and by the end of the year, much of western Venice is submerged.
  • Flooding in Australia causes $150 billion in damages as buidlings and properties become inundated in water. Over 100,000 people are displaced.
  • 740,000 people become homeless in Nigeria due to flooding of coastal areas.


  • Sea level rises by 3 more meters. The Maldives disappear under the water. Survivors flee to India.
  • September 11: Terrorists hijack several planes managing to crash two into the World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon. The United States under President George W. Bush declares a “War on Terrorism.”
  • October 7: The United States invades Afghanistan in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US.
  • Denmark and the Low Countries report unusual amounts of flooding. Hong Kong and Macau experience unusually large floods. Similar reports are made in other parts of the world.


  • Sea level rises by 4 more meters. Parts of Russia experiences some heavy flooding.
  • September 26: The southeastern United States experiences some of the worst flooding in its history. New Orleans, LA and Galveston, TX is evacuated due to massive flooding. Al Gore suggests that the flooding is being cause by “climate change”, which is ridiculed by conservative commentators.


  • Sea levels rise by 10 meters. The city of Gold Coast, Queensland is completely flooded forcing the population to flee inland.
  • March 20: The United States invades Iraq over Iraq’s alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction.
  • May 6: China experiences massive flooding in its industrial heart. Beijing is half submerged in water.
  • June 8: Bangladesh becomes submerged under 50 meters of water. Millions of refugees flee into the Indian state of Meghalaya, which does not have the resources to deal with the refugees. This has created one of the greatest refugee crises ever known. Meanwhile, 600 million people around the world are homeless.
  • August 25: Uyghur rebels declare the Third East Turkestan , taking advantage of ineffectiveness of the Chinese government since the flooding of Beijing. Intense fighting between Uyghurs and their allies versus the ethnic Chinese in the region.
  • August 27: The Dalai Lama returns to Tibet, touching off a war of independence there.
  • October 5: The United States issues a report the flooding in the southeast United States was caused by mass sabotage of dams carried out by Al-Qaeda agents. Congress passes new legislation, called the Second Patriot Act, giving increased powers to both the President and the Department of Homeland Security to deal with this increased terrorist threat. Many commentators, however, question the likelihood of dam sabotage being responsible for the flooding in the southeast.
  • December 13: Saddam Hussein is captured.



Post-Deluge Holland

  • Sea levels rise by 15 meters. The nation of Tuvalu has completely disappeared underwater. Refugees flee to Australia and New Zealand.
  • May 28: The dikes protecting the Netherlands fail causing much of the Netherlands to be submerged underwater. Over 100,000 have been reported dead already. The European Union attempts to provide relief, but all member nations are now dealing with flooding of some kind or another.
  • June 15: Germany assists in rescuing the stranded survivors of the Holland and Belgium flooding.


  • Sea levels rise by 16 meters. Al Gore becomes increasingly vocal government cover up concerning the increasing worldwide floods.
  • April 6: Southeastern and Central Texas suffers under severe flooding. Meanwhile, large floods are reported along the eastern seaboard of the United States.
  • April 20: Much of Kuwait has been flooded. Rescue crews from the United States assist in the rescue, moving refugees into Iraq, which increases tensions in the war torn country.
  • May 4: East Turkestan gains independence from China after stunning victories in Hotan, Yarkand and Aqsu. Ürümqi becomes the new capital of the nation.
  • June 19: Cairo and Alexandria become flooded. Egypt is split into 3 by the rising waters.


  • Sea levels rise by 18 meters.
  • August 13: The “Doomsday Report” is leaked on the internet. It is a confidential report that announces that the current rise in sea levels will not stop anytime soon and large areas of the Earth could be underwater in the next few years. As expected the news creates mass panic in several cities, but the Bush Administration officially denies the validity of the report.
  • September 11: Five years after 9/11, New York City suffers one of the worst floods in recent memory. Millions are forced to evacuate their homes as much of the city comes underwater.
  • October 14: Estonia and Lithuania become flooded. Russia and the European Union work together to save as many refugees as possible.


  • January 1: Images of Earth from space are leaked onto the internet, showing large parts of the world underwater.
  • April 13: Europe, North America, South America, Southwest Asia and the Middle East experience major flooding. The refugee crisis begins to get out of controls.
  • August 20: Hong Kong and Macau are abandoned. Meanwhile chaos reigns in China as the citizens lose faith in the Communist leadership.
  • December 19: Lakotah nationalists declare independence from the United States on the same day there are bomb attacks on several refugee centers in North and South Dakota. The National Guard of both states are called to occupy several Lakotah reservations, but hit-and-run attacks by Lakotah rebels continue.


  • January 21: President Bush closes the United States border to all non-Americans due to refugee crisis. Protests in major cities (that are not dealing with flooding) are put down with much violence.
  • January 28: President Bush during his State of Union address admits that sea levels are rising and scientists currently are unsure about when it will stop.
  • August 23: American troops begin pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan to help deal with the refugee crisis back in the United States. Fighting breaks out between the different factions in both countries.
  • August 24: Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska leaves the Republican Party and joins the Alaskan Independence Party. She announces that she left the Republicans because she has become fed up with how both major parties have failed to protect people from the Deluge and it is time Alaska began thinking about itself more.
  • November 4: The United States Presidential Election is held. Democratic candidate Barack Obama wins a landslide victory over Republican candidate Ron Paul (who most commentators believe was nominated only because serious candidates were not interested in running).
  • November 24: New York City and other coastal American cities are ordered to be evacuated as flood waters are unable to be kept in checked. The United Nations has already relocated to Geneva, Switzerland.


  • March 7: Kabul is recaptured by the Taliban. Northern Afghanistan declares independence as Badakhstan.
  • June 24: Central and Southern Iraq dissolve into chaos. The new nation of Kurdistan, however, manages to remain stable amid the religious conflict to the south.
  • July 3: Gas prices increase as the worldwide flood (now being called the Deluge) and the increased violence in the Middle East has cut off major supplies of oil.
  • July 4: President Barack Obama presides over the opening ceremonies of the new American capital at Denver, Colorado. Washington DC had to be abandoned due to the rising flood waters.



  • February 27-28: Polls in Alaska predict the Alaskan Independence Party will win a majority in the state after statewide elections coming up on November 2.
  • March 23: The state governments of Nebraska and Kansas announce that they can no longer accept anymore refugees into their borders. Following the announcement, state police and national guardsmen set up barricades at the entrances to the states to prevent non-citizens from entering.
  • March 24: President Obama declares the actions of Nebraska and Kansas to be in violation of fundamental right to travel under the Constitution and must be ended immediately.
  • April 22: Scientists announce that the sea level rising should end in 2018.
  • April 22: The crew of the International Space Station returns to Earth. Due to the chaos planet-side, the space station can no longer be supplied with the necessary items the crew needed to live. The ISS remains in Earth orbit, abandon.
  • April 23: The government of Sudan, taking advantage of the fact that the superpowers are distracted, begins a massive offensive into Darfur and Southern Sudan to regan control of both regions.
  • April 24: Baghdad is abandon as rising flood waters from the Tigris and Euphrates force the remaining inhabitants to flee northward. Even as the rising sea level drives Iraqis from their homes, Sunnis and Shi'ites continue to fight their religious war. Meanwhile, Kurdistan closes its borders to any further refugees.
  • April 25:

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