This is the timeline for the Dawn Has Fallen alternate history series. Work may not be final. 


1920 - The Nazi Party is founded in Germany. 

October 1922 - The Bolsheviks are victorious in the the Russian Civil War and form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 

1933 - The Nazis takes control of Germany. 

1939 - World War II begins 

World War II

September 9, 1939 - Germany invades Poland.

1940 - Germany invades France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

1944 - Germany tests its first atomic bomb in the Sahara Desert in Africa. 

1945 - The United States tests its first atomic bomb in the Mojave Desert in Nevada.

January 1945 - The Soviet Union surrenders to Germany.

February 1945 - Italy invades British and French territories in the Middle East, Turkey is forced to join the Allies. 

1933-1946 - The Empire of Japan launches a campaign to form an empire surrounding mainland Japan. China and most of the Pacific falls to Japan. 

1945-1946 - Japan invades the Soviet Union but is stopped at the city of Yakutsk.

April 1946 - Turkey surrenders as Italian paratroopers take Istanbul and Ankara. 

July 1947 - OPERATION: Sea Lion is activated, German troops take control of London on July 24. 

August 14, 1947 - The Anglo-Canadian Kingdom is formed, prepares plans to retake Britain and liberate Europe. 

November 1947 - Adolf Hitler officially declares the Second World War to be over, initiates plans to rebuild across Europe.

December 1947 - The Spanish-Portuguese War begins. 


April 1948 - Portugal surrenders to Spain, Spain annexes Portugal. 

May-August 1948 - The Great Skirmish occurs between Anglo-Canadian and German naval vessels, over 2,300 lives are lost on both sides. 

December 1948 - The Firestorm Incident occurs in Tokyo, Japan. The entire city is destroyed, and Emperor Akimoto is killed. 

January 1948 - The freedom fighter group, A Free France attacks German military bases in Paris, AFF forces also storms a local Schultzstaffel headquarters in the city and kills the staff. The words 'Viva la France!' are chanted throughout the city streets. 

The First Shanxi War

August 1, 1950 - The First Shanxi War begins. 

August 2, 1950-September 15, 1954 - The Shanxi land throughout the globe, concentrating most of their forces to Europe, North America and Asia. The Shanxi would be defeated, but at the cost of millions of lives and the occupation of the majority of the Southern Hemisphere of Earth. 

The Cold War

The Second Shanxi War

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