1187- Troops under the command of King Guy of Jerusalem and Count Raymond are victorious over Saracen Troops.

Saracens capture Jerusalem. They also receive reinforcements from Egypt, Arabia, and Spain

1188- A Crusader Army under the command of Prince Richard land at Acre.

The Siege of Jerusalem begins.

1189- Barbarossa is crowned Byzantine Emperor after entering and capturing Constantinople. He claims Greece and the Balkan States, Italy, and Eastern Europe. This ensures the creation of a German super state.

Barbarossa's troops assist the Crusader soldiers in entering Jerusalem. The Saracens surrender.

Saladin exiles himself to Baghdad.

Barbarossa builds Parlious Caravel on the same place at Constantinople. It became his capital and adopted and swirl in 50 cultures, influences, and ways of life. It was the world's most enormous, wealthiest, and most fortified city in the world. After the Crusades, he builds the third reach of the Temple of Jerusalem at his city.

1190- French soldiers, under the command of King Phillip, land near Alexandria in Egypt. The Egyptian caliphate surrenders that day.

Phillip II is dethroned by angry French knights. They form a Republic, and elect knight William de Bartholemew to be the Grand Master.

Cairo is burned by French Knights.

1191- Spanish soldiers begin the siege of Grenada.

1192- Spanish soldiers are victorious at Grenada.

1193- Emperor Richard begins siege of Baghdad.

Saladin dies.

1195- Emperor Richard is victorious at Baghdad.

The Pope declares the end of the Crusades.

1200- Safavid Persia and Mogul Empire declare war on the Europeans

The Pope declares the start of the Crusades.

1220- Arthur of England defeats the Persians in the Battle of Persepolis

1300- Barbarossa II seizes Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, and Scandinavia in the Teuton Wars

1350- France becomes and empire again

Emperor Louis VII defeated the new created Muslim Kingdom of Aladinus with its capital of Timbuktu

1370- Outremer declares war on the surviving Arabs in the Makkanika Wars

1400- Persia seize Baghdad from English control in the Battle of Baghdad

1450- Golden Renaissance Age begins in the Holy Roman Empire

1455- Gunpowder replace wooden siege weapons

1462- Spain take Portugal and Aladinus Kingdom in the Ferdinad Crusades, half of it starts the Jannisaris Kingdom

1497- Parlious Caravel is under attack by the Jannisarissian fleet

1502- English colonize the Americas, Australia, Indonesia, India, Southeast Asia, and South Africa in the Colonization Progress

1510- China joins the Crusades.

1523- Persia seized by the Holy Roman Empire

1541- Europe becomes a world power. Crusades end.

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