Pre- Timeline

April 17,1988- Iran keeps the Al-Faw peninsula, winning the Second Battle of Al-Faw.

June 4, 1988-  Iraq's Takwalna ala allah fails, Iran starts a major offensive, and pushes Iraqi troops a little into Iraq

July 29, 1988- Kurds protests, including a rebirth of the Kurdistan protests, causes Iraq to go into disarray.

August 2,1988- Iraq surrenders to Iran.

1989- Iran starts a chemical and biological weapons program, Iraq becomes a radical Shia state.

1990-Iran, Iraq and Syria found the ATA, soon Jordan joins.


The Soviet Union collapses, with pressure from Iran, Saudi Arabia joins as well, along with Kuwait. Palestine rebels in Israel are supplied with weaponry. A few tons of nerve gas are created, much stolen from Iraq. In Afghanistan, a fraction of the Taliban takes control. Israel puts military on watch. Pakistan tests a nuke. An insurgency at the Korean border commences. Laos takes thirty hostages from America. Palau does nothing because it's Palau. Croatia wins independence from Yugoslavia, and Bosnia begins its revolution.  Zaire and Rwanda continue a border war.  Mexicans unsuccessfully break down the border.


Afghanistan, and Turkey join the ATA, due to ATA pressure, the OTL countries of Armenia and Georgia create the republic of  Armestan. India tests a nuke in response to the Pakistani nuke. Bosnia and Yugoslavia continue their war, along with Zaire and Rwanda. the USSR isn't saved, and becomes Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Armestanian, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. out of those, Azerbaijan joins the ATA. in the last ATA meting of the year, they plot an invasion of Israel.


Pakistan joins the ATA along with Egypt and Libya. Many tons of  Nerve gas is created. with Pakistan now in the ATA, . Reports come out of Israeli persecution of Palestinians, and brutally murdering them, although Israel declines. Congo defeats Rwanda earlier than OTL, and some insurgencies begin in Somalia and Myanmar, Palau does nothing. Yugoslavia continues to fight civil wars, and is putting in a bad taste in NATO's mouth.   Mexico has troubles with cartels, as well as Columbia, and strikes and riots begin in Guatemala


Eritrea, Djibuti, Algeria, Morocco, and Cyprus join the ATA. The ATA tells Israel to stop persecuting Arabs and to give Palestine independence. All weapons programs continue work. NATO tells ATA to stand down on their threats. Soon after, a oil rig in the Persian Gulf mysteriously breaks down. Bosnia gains independence, and to strengthen their nation despite not being Islam, they join ATA. all global life continues.


The ATA starts the invasion of Israel, which NATO responds by placing multiple sanctions and giving Israel military support. They are able to hold the ATA up until December, when an operation known as operation Circle of Zealot. they cut off sea support, and have mass amounts of troops come in. They get real close to Jerusalem. NATO forces land in Israel, and at the Mediterranean it is a stalemate. Yugoslavia is able to take back part of Bosnia soon after. All other insurgencies continue. Sudan, Mali, Manchuria, Senegal, Malta, and Ethiopia all join the ATA and begin military and economic growth.  Chemical weapons continue being made.


Israel is taken, but NATO launches a re invasion, which is also a stalemate. Indonesia joins the ATA. Pakistan and Indonesia invade Ceylon, Ceylon joins the ATA. India notices Indonesia's joining and tells the ATA to stand down or face annihilation. Total war is brewing. Is this the start of WW-III? Research continues. In Britain, riots occur about Democracy, to leave the war, and economic problems. Quebec begins a revolution (a WAY smaller attempt happened in real life). all other insurgencies continue.


Yugoslavia invades Albania, which is easily taken. NATO pushes through what was Israel. Quebec continues to fight for independence. Pakistan and India start to nip at each other. after joining ATA though, many would be poor nations begin to have a fair economy. In Africa, Ethiopia invades Somalia. Malaysia joins the ATA, as does Brunei.


India launches a warning nuke into the Persian gulf. Blaming India for possibly causing a war, China imposes sanctions on India. NATO is stopped at Tel Aviv. Some NAT) ships land on Libya, but are repelled. Ethiopia takes Somalia, and also swallows Djibuti. Iran asks China to join ATA. Quebec is on the winning hand of the war with Canada. 


NATO is repelled in Israel.  Yugoslavia begins to try to take back Bosnia.  Quebec gains independence. China accepts, but asks ATA to be renamed differently, since not every nation is predominately Islam. ATA is Renamed the AMO (Allied Military Organization (works as a pun)). China does see this as an opportunity to restore communism to the world. Preachers begin preaching about the glory days of the early Soviet Union, and how after Stalin came to power and WWII, the Soviet union became corrupt. North Korea also joins AMO, and invades South Korea. NATO is furious at China, and has now so many fronts to deal with. Iran begins Nuclear work.


North Korea is victorious in South Korea, and annexes it. NATO, no with Chinese help, pushes the NATO out of Israel. India joins NATO, now called WAO (World Alliance Organization) and India, and France launch some nukes. A French one Hits Pongyang, and Nanjing. India hits Pakistan in three places.  AMO responds by invading India and nuking France in Normandy, Paris, and Monaco. Quebec joins AMO. They are repelled in India for a short while, but isint working out good. Ethiopia stops territorial advance. The world watches at what happens next. WAO, knowing the Nuclear consequences, surrenders.


The Treaty of Tehran is signed. the treaty requires Israel to be made into an Arab state, called Palestine. Iran and China are entitled to some WAO Antarctic land. WAO is only allowed to the fuel AMO entitled. A few other things are requested following their surrender. WAO is lucky how easy they let them off. India fights to the death, but doesn't get past AMO, which adds it to Pakistan. Yugoslavia takes Bosnia. Small communist revolts begin in Russia. Quebec gains Newfoundland and Labrador, and PEI. Many AMO African nations are third world no more, and some even have a nicer economy. Iran and other AMO nations pursue nukes of their own.

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