Comunero Success

This timeline is set during the uprising of the Comuneros in Santander, Colombia in 1781. The timeline consists on telling how the situation in Colombia stirs up the displacement that the creole local population has retrieved from the Spanish peninsular populations during the colony and the overtaxing that most of the colonies were victims of during the Spanish empire domination, with the Comunero uprising being the cause for a wider set of rebellions within the Hispanic American domains during 1780 -1810


  • 1781: May 19th - The reluctance of the Viceroy Caballero y Gongora, leads that the peasants of Nueva Granada revolted, leading to further chaos and conflict in New Granada.
    • June 10th - The Viceroy Caballero y Gongora, seeing no other options send the Royal Spanish armies to deal with the rebel peasants in Zipaquira, which results to be a great massacre of the peasants in the city.
    • June 18th - The news of the Massacre extends through the Vice royalty and beyond the borders of the Vice royalty. While this, the peasants and creoles, angered at the tax increases and now enraged by the actions of the army, begin organizing against the Spanish presence, and Nationalistic movements begin through the entire region
    • July 15th - In Peru, Lima Revolts spark in similar ways against discrimination of creoles, by the Peninsular population, many movements increase and present in the Spanish Antilles and Nueva España, in Nueva Granada the situation is not different as many citizens begin claiming for Self-determination and autonomy for the creoles, and that the need of viceroy is non-existent and to only respond to the king of Spain.
    • July 16th - In Santa Fe peasants and creoles gather around the Government Center, expecting  a response. By the end of the day the viceroy issues a decree, stating that all creoles and peasants Involved in the revolts would be stripped of their goods.
    • July 18th - After the Decree is heard by the entire peasant population (most of them already in the revolt) the peasants enraged, begin gathering through Nueva Granada, and in Santa Fe the violence breaks as they enter violently into the government center killing the guardsman, and taking the viceroy as hostage.
    • July 19th - The events in Nuevo Granada shock the Spanish in through Spanish America, but many creoles in Nueva España, Rio de la Plata and Peru see this as the beginning of a new era, revolts erupt through the vice royalties as well, while Nuevo Granada many Independents people begin forging a new government, fully separated from the Spanish, Francisco de Miranda is leader of the strongest through all of Nueva Granada centered in San Jose de Cucuta.
    • July 20th - In San José de Cucuta, the peasant local leadership and the creoles and other rebel groups among those, the group of Miranda vote on the subject if to leave the Spanish empire, nine of the ten leaders agree on full independence, and the Act of San Jose is written stating a de facto constitution, stating that all men, Spanish, English, French, Créole, Black or Indian are equal in any way, measurable, Independence was declared, and the document would be sent to the rest of the regions of the viceroyalty.
    • September - In Nueva España, something similar happens and the rebels form a parliament and organize the Mexican empire, and a Continental army, to fight the Spanish, in Mexico’s coastline and territories still loyalists, in Nueva Granada most of the Loyalist were either fleeing or fighting against the Creoles, and many of the regions were already under the Independents control
    • October - The Spanish armies reinforcements from Florida and the Antilles begin arriving at the Nueva Granada Ports of Cartagena de Indias and Santa Marta, with nothing but a small defence army to stop one of the strongest fleets on the world, the was no success by the creoles, In Nuevo España the situation was not different, Veracruz and Nueva Orleans fell to Spanish hands and they begin deploying troops to take Mexico City
    • December: The Spanish armies managed to take Santa Fe, dividing the rebels from between, many remaining in Venezuela, but not quite enough. It was a dismal Christmas as the troops took San Jose the Cucuta, the troops of Miranda withdrew from the city in hope they could recover it in the future, in Nueva España, Mexico City's battle continues, as the Independents continue defending the city from the Spanish, and most of the loyalist troops flood the south in Guatemala and Nicaragua while the independencies keep presence in the north in Yerba Buena (OTL San Francisco) and Texas.
  • 1782: January 21st - The troops of Miranda, withdrawing from Nueva Granada central regions meet in Angostura, and send diplomats to the Southern inhabitants of the Captaincy of Venezuela.
    • February 3rd - Despite the diplomats, the Inhabitants reluct and don't join the cause of the Independentists. In a Last attempt Miranda, himself, meets the population of the area and the local government.
    • February 18th -  After 15 days of dialogue half of the population accepts joining the Independentist's war, as many feel that Spain's power over their lands is unfair and must be stopped once in for all. While the others continue doubting about the success of the army, most of them share the newly-found hate against the Spanish.
    • March 1st - The renewed army begins marching from the Angostura to Caracas to meet the Leader Juan Andres de Belalcazar,
    • March 9th - At the Gates of the city Miranda's army looks as the city lies in fire as the Spanish army tried to take it without success, and as most of the Army of Juan almost completely destroyed. Despite this, they meet with other two armies, from Nueva Sparta and Tachira, directing at the City of San Jose de Cucuta to retake their city and lead a fast and swift movement at Cartagena and Santa Marta
    • June 15th -  The invasion of Santander begins after the taking of SJ de Cucuta the armies of the Independentists, successfully take most of the north but at the attempt to take over Bucaramanga the army fails in front of the Royalists
    • July - Several raids continue along the coast of Venezuela, continuous attempts to take Caracas from the Spanish side and several incursions from the independentists to seize Santa Fe with no success. While in Mexico, the independentists lose their stand in the Guatemalan Forest, but the Californian and Texan stands remain
    • August 13rd - In North America, American raiders (non supported by the state) begin low leveled attacks to villages in eastern Louisiana, as following the Destiny manifesto, and Gaining what they see as rightfully theirs,
    • August 19th - The thirty men that launched an attack at several checkpoints and outposts in Louisiana are captured and sentenced to death, the Americans send their ambassadors at Spanish government of New Orleans asking them to surrender their fellows, but the government declares to not too, as they have become enemies of the state and that they will pay their debt to the Spanish empire, in South America the Independentists in Peru lost their stand at Lima as the loyalist armies coming from Rio de la Plata and Nueva Granada destroy the army of the independentists, many of them fleeing to Alto Peru and the barely patrolled areas of the Peru.
    • August 25th - The Americans state that if their citizens are killed, it will be considered as an act of war. The Spanish continue their plan in South America and the independentists see Brazil as the only way to contact each other without Spain's intrusion
    • September - The American raiders are executed in new Orleans as their sentence said, the Americans vociferate their discontent with such action and some tension occurs but the vast majority of the population remains focused on achieving their own Independence 
    • October - In the north, the Americans successfully take down many forces from the British and take a great part of territories still held, but in the southern, the British still have a grip on Florida.
    • December -  The situation of those who remained Royalist gets worse, as the taxes are increased even higher in all the colonies from Nuevas España to Rio de la Plata.
  • 1783
    • January - The British Begin mass withdrawal to Canada and to the still held Florida, the British start discussing selling Florida back to the Spanish Empire.
    • Miranda launches a new campaign into Nueva Granada but instead focuses towards Valledupar which he believes is a good route to redirect the Spanish influx of soldiers from the coast to Santa fe... In a couple of weeks he gains control of the region and the Guajirean peninsula, plans for the capture of Cartagena are drafted.
    • February - News of the purchase of Florida by Spain reach the Continental Congress.
    • Rebels from Yerba Buena and Texas begin their own raiding on still held north villages of Mexico.
    • March - July - The military campaign from the neogranadine rebels grows in what seemed to be an unexpected outburst of anger, after seeing the victories from the independentists under Miranda's command, the creoles that longed independence now join his side to seek for it, this leads to several uprisings in Venezuela and a handful Santa Fe's heartland, Miranda's victories have come to free most of Venezuela and Eastern Nueva Granada and for the first time an organized leadership starts in Cucuta proclaiming the Confederated States of Nueva Granada (Estados Confederados de la Nueva Granada)

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