The causes of the status of the colonies being raised to Kingdom are
  • Much stronger countries.
  • A different WW-I and WW-II
  • A different Coldwar
  • A stronger Motherland as a result of less revolution until later.
  • Some less stronger Motherlands.
  • Different types of government: less democracy.


  • 1590- The Roanoke colony survives and creates peaceful relations with the Native Americans. The towns of colonial England begin in the Carolinas.
  • 1593- Spanish conquistadors take over some land in South America.


  • 1600-
  • 1601-
  • 1602- The Dutch East India Company is founded. The Dutch Golden Age begins.
  • 1603-
  • 1605- The Dutch take trade power away from the Portuguese.
  • 1620- The Pilgrims arrive at James Town instead of Plymouth. They move northward a bit and found the Plymouth Colony in a different location. The two towns establish a trade route. The Pilgrims do not have that hard a year.
  • 1684- LaSalle successfully begins his colony at the Mouth of the Mississippi instead of missing the Mouth and creating Fort St.Louis. He calls this colony Ft. St. Louis in the honor of the King of France. LaSalle is not assassinated and he manages to attract more settlers to the Louisiana area.
  • 1686- LaSalle is proclaimed Governor of the Louisiana Colony and new borders are settled for the French territories. Cadillac is Given responsibility of the Great Lakes region which is named Illinois. See: Illinois
  • 1687- LaSalle sends an expedition upwards to create more colonies for the French. He also turns Louisiana from a fur trading mercantilistic colony into a colonial center of trade for Europe. September 2nd is proclaimed Day of LaSalle in France. See: Day of LaSalle
  • 1689- The Spanish realize the threat France sends to them if they are going to colonize Louisiana so the Spanish begin to raise the status of Texas up towards that of a real colony. They send men to establish many missions along the border. The most successful mission was Los Andeas.
  • 1690- The French and


  • 1706- A rich Spanish family immigrates to Mexico where they discover that they do not like the colonialistic life and they use their money to help raise things for the people of Mexico.
  • 1710- In Peru the viceroy discovers a vein of gold and uses the riches for the benefit of the people of Peru.
  • 1719- The "Chicken War" occurs in Texas and this time the Spanish stand their ground against what they learn to be a small army of seven soldiers. The Spanish use this opportunity to attempt to capture Natchitoches. They succeed. The French do not retaliate because they learn that the war is over and do not wish to start up a new Colonial war.
  • 1732- The British crown goes to war with another royal family of Britain. The Son of the king flees towards Australia and pronounces it a Duchy. The king places his Son as Duke of Australia.
  • 1735- The Duke of Australia raises Australia's status.
  • 1750- The French send more very full exploration into the Louisiana area. They set up a few more towns.
  • 1753- The French begin the ten year long project of building roads between their colonies.
  • 1754- The French and Indian war begins in the Americas. The French are victorious the first few rounds.
  • 1756- The Seven year war begins and the British attack the French in Europe, Asia and Africa. The French begin a stronger more victorious campaign on the Americas.
  • 1758- William Pitt secures the Ohio River Valley from the French through a treaty. The French defeat the British at the plains of Abraham and they capture Newfoundland from the British. The French colony of Illinois becomes the territory of Illinois for the British. Louisiana stays under French Control.
  • 1793- The French did not go into mass debt and the house of Bourbon was not put into low public opinion. Marie Antoinette was not guillotined and the French Revolution never occurred. The French maintained a strong control of their colonies.
  • 1799- The ideas of the French Revolution did occur in Britain since a large debt was taken up after the French and Indian War. The Enlightenment had previously made public opinion of monarchy at a low point. The USA rebelled and a war began against the British. Battles were fought at Philadelphia, Lexington and Boston. The Battles were much more devastating due to the larger US military.


  • 1808- Dom Joao raises Brasil's status from colony to sovereign kingdom of the Portuguese empire.


World War I

World War II


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