PoD: A Nazi scientist in Argentina in 1945 is about to be captured. He decides to release an unknown virus into the world which quickly turns the world upside down in the course of a few decades.




Eric Traub, the man responsible for giving the world a slow, painful, infectious death

WWII is over for the German Reich, Hitler has shot himself and the Russian flag is flying from the Reichstag. Scientist Eric Traub and a small team of five fellow scientists and assistants flee a bio-weapons plant in Bavaria via Italy and Fascist Spain to Argentina on the U-Boats U-997 and U-530. Before these subs were captured they evacuated the scientists into Argentina. In August Schrödinger and his fellow Nazis listen in horror to President Truman's broadcast about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On September 14th US soldiers discover the bio-labs in Bavaria and track him through the captured captains of the two U-Boats were they are hiding. Schrödinger continues his research on his project, Projekt Tarantula, the world's first super virus. On October 23rd OSS Operatives bust through the door of the hidden lab of Traub. Before the Americans break into his lab, he releases Projekt Tarantula. He then shoots himself. The OSS operatives come home bringing with them the virus. These men all are hospitalized before they can get out of Argentina. The US government releases a press statement on December 1st, calling the virus, "V1" (V1 stands for Virus number one).


V1 spreads around Argentina as more patients in the hospital are infected with V1. By now the OSS operatives have become near zombies. They are nicknamed "hollow bodies" by the US government who keeps their transformation a secret. The first cases appear in Uruguay while V1 continues to spread across Argentina.


V1 continues to spread in South America. Winston Churchill travels to the United States announcing an "Iron Curtain" has descended across Europe. Yugoslavia is cut off from Moscow after continuing to support the Greek Communists.


North and South Korea are formed between the East and the West. V1 breaks out in Brazil. The first case in the Congo develops. Thomas Dewey is elected over Harry Truman. Burma and India gain independence from Britain. Palestine gains independence. 4 hours after the British pull, the Jews declare the State of Israel. The war that follows is known by 3 names, the Israeli Revolution, the 1st Palestine War, or to the Arabs, the Great Catastrophe.


The Chinese Communist Party wins the Chinese Civil War. Russia detonates its atomic bomb. The Dewey Doctrine is signed by NATO seeking to stop the advance of Communism and proposes the "Domino Theory".



President Dewey begins drawing up plans with his advisors for the construction of "The Wall", a massive fortified concrete and steel wall spanning the length of the Mexican border. On June 25th North Korea invades South Korea trying to reunite the peninsula. Dewey deploys General MacArthur to the peninsula to push back the North Koreans. The UN pushes back the DPRK from the south and push the Communists back to the Yalu River. China invades but due to its lack of equipment, the PLA forces are slaughtered and China's army is totally decimated.


The Republic of Korea is created under UN supervision. The Korean War took public attention from V1 to East Asia. V1 spreads through Columbia and Brazil as the first cases are reported in Mexico. Mexico quickly kills off the infected. The first V1 cases break out in Indochina with the horrid conflict of the First Indochina War. French troops are the first to be infected surprisingly. In the jungle environment, the virus flourishes along with Malaria. The Congo and other places in Central Africa experience outbreaks. Due to this, Belgium abandons its colonies. The British rapidly evacuate Rhodesia and Tanganyika.


French soldiers begin returning home from the war in Indochina carrying with them the virus on the planes they travel on. V1 has infected a lot of South America. It starts to spread up into Central America. In Africa the virus moves north while invading Ethiopia. The election of 1952 turns to Dwight Eisenhower.


President Eisenhower authorizes construction of The Wall. This creates thousands of jobs for unemployed veterans and homeless people. V1 breaks out in Mexico. However, the infectees are killed quickly. Mexico expresses outrage of The Wall's construction.


The California section of The Wall is completed. North Africa is evacuated by Europe. V1 spreads to the south of Africa like a wild fire. Seeing it slowly drift south, South Africa quickly falls into a mass panic. The South African army attempts to crush an ANC rebellion. The black population rises up against white rule. South African troops open fire on huge protests in most major cities.

White South African police beat ANC patriots down, Cape Town beach

The white government rallies in Bloemfontein and marches into Transvaal. Regarded as a "genocide for power" the UN sanctions South Africa. V1 in Europe is only concentrated around France. V1 infection in Asia has skyrocketed, Indochina is for the first time referred to as an "Infected Zone". South America is classified as a "Pan-Continental Infected Zone".


Arizona's section of The Wall begins. Meanwhile, more cases of V1 emerge in Mexico. In Texas a V1 case results in a public execution of the infected person. President Eisenhower declares martial law in the Southwest states. Mexico drifts more toward civil war as armed militias begin hunting people infected with V1. Australia declares an isolationist policy. Canada is shaking in its boots while the US continues the construction of The Wall. V1 spreads into Iberia and Italy. Britain closes its travel to France. In France V1 infectees start to roam the towns and countryside's. Meanwhile, in the south of the country, open warfare has began against the zombie-like beings which are people infected with V1.


The white government takes back Johannesburg from ANC forces. The death, starvation and dehydration in South Africa leads to the first V1 case in the country. Both sides panic. Several cities along the coast (minus Cape Town) are left in anarchy. The white government and minority rallies in what remains of the Orange Free State. The news of South Africa's collapse shocks the USA. The news is kept a secret from the public. New Zealand announces a military and trading alliance with Australia. Britain is seemingly cut off from its colonies. The Wall nears partial completion in Arizona. Meanwhile, in Texas, The Wall is starting to be constructed. In Europe France breaks down after V1 infected break out in Paris. Italy meanwhile, shutters after V1 flourish in Milan.


Mexico falls into anarchy between gangs, infected and the government. Construction of The Wall increases by 20%. The president declares nationwide martial law. The Soviet starts to experience V1 outbreaks in Central Asia. V1 spreads rapidly in the Middle East. Israel fortifies its borders. Southern China has become an infected zone. Mao begins panicking and starts the "Reclamation Revolution" and has the PLA launch a full invasion of Southern China. India begins sealing its borders. A minor UN expedition into South Africa from Cape Town reveals the situation in the country as Medieval. Recon flights from Cape Town airport show the major cities in ruins. The ANC is in total civil war between various ethnic groups. The whites in the Orange Free State are too dug in not to care about the rest of the country. V1 hordes control some parts of the cities and towns. People seem to hunt the hollow bodies for fun. The whites have tried to mass kill them by bombing cities but have failed. Food is rare and mass starvation is rampant. Cape Town, even under ANC control, is the only place under black control to be stable.


The Wall has the borders of California, Arizona and now half of New Mexico and Texas. France enters the point of now return. Anarchy has beset the countries destiny. Britain launches several expeditions into France. In Iberia and Italy V1 rages. Hollow bodies now have control of most of the countryside. Franco flees to Cuba.


V1 spreads into Germany and Yugoslavia. Britain halts any operations into V1 infected areas. As the UN force is leaving South Africa, white planes bomb Cape Town killing many UN soldiers and hundreds of civilians. V1 emerges in Cape Town. South Africa is left in total ruin. There is no government, anarchy is in the streets, and hollow bodies roam in increasing numbers.



The Wall

"The Wall" upon its completion

The Wall is completed. The US and Britain begin limited travel and trading. This causes Canada to loosen up. Australia doesn't even open up to the USA. Australia keeps a strict isolationist policy. Reports from other parts of Africa show the situation is even worse than in South Africa. Tribal fighting has killed most in the wars. Egypt is in total anarchy, the Suez Canal is impassible. Europe's V1 probably has increased. Greece shuts its borders. The eastern bloc collapses. Anti-Communist parties are established by western refugees. East Germany eventually sets up a series of barriers on the border. Yugoslavia falls into fighting between the various ethnic groups. Marshal Tito calls for an end to the violence but is later murdered by Macedonian nationals with Greek weapons. Yugoslavia declares war on Greece to try to unify the population. The fighting is bloody with the Yugoslavian army being lured into mountain passes were they are killed by the score.


The Greco-Yugoslav War escalates with genocide committed by both sides. The Turkish government in Istanbul calls for an end of Balkan fighting and to help stop the spread of V1. Anatolia is in a similar situation to the Spanish Civil War, mechanized fighting in hilly terrain. V1 in Yugoslavia reaches an all time high, the north of the country is in a medieval state of anarchy. Cannibalism is wide spread across Europe and Africa. The Italian government evacuates to Sardinia.


The Canadian government finally allows Canadian soldiers to guard sections along The Wall. In Communist Malaysia, V1 breaks out. This puts both them and Indonesia on high alert. Australia abandons its Papua territory. The Soviet Union attempts to quarantine Central Asia. The Soviets also shut down their border with China. China's Reclamation Revolution has failed with 100 million dead. The Soviets also shut down their western border with its fellow Communist states. Iberia enters total anarchy. The Spanish and Portuguese's best attempts to prevent V1 from entering their countries failed. Fighting developed between various factions in Spain and the Portuguese government evacuates to Britain with any citizens willing to leave.


President Kennedy authorizes reconnaissance missions into Mexico. The first Huey's begin flying over Mexico. The first tanks and soldiers roll out from under The Walls massive gates. The Mexican Recon Force's first task is to secure Mexicali, Tijuana, and Ciudad Juarez. Fighting is brutal against the infected. Soldiers came into Mexico thinking fun and games, what they got was hell. It's said by the first month there were more than 5000 US dead and some 20 Canadians. The US operations only prelude to Northern Mexico but the coast guard begins missions scouting out the coast and most importantly, Veracruz. Indonesia and Malaysia fall into civil war after the virus impacts their countries. Infected are killed in Sumatra, Java and Borneo, the infection increases. Singapore is thrown into chaos and shuts off its borders. The Republic of Korea cuts off trade and travel with China. Infected war vets return home with tales of horror fighting the hollow body menace in Southern China. Taiwan is isolated. The Philippines experiences a coup which isolates the country, the southern waters are forbidden to fishermen.


Australia is extremely xenophobic at this point. In February V1 breaks out in Darwin and Melbourne. Australia, thinking itself safe panics in the Great Australian Panic. Canberra declares martial law and the military moves into the cities. While people are attempting to flee anarchists and looters tear apart the cities.

Australian soldiers take cover in Melbourne, March 1964

Australian citizens flee the cities and set up camps in the Outback. Criminals and gangs pick off the weak. V1 rapidly spreads, the army trying to stop the panic now must fight infected people. New Zealand cuts off ties with Australia and goes into an isolationist policy. By summer Victoria and the area around Darwin were the two Australian infected zones. The government split on their opinions. The army wanted to invade these areas and retake them, while the feds wanted to regroup, asses the situation, then make plans. The army declared themselves the official government. The army rallied around Perth to reconquer Australia. The feds grouped around Brisbane as Canberra fell into the infected zone. The army pushed deep into western Australia while the feds retook some of the northeast. Both sides, however, disagreed so much that when the feds told the army to stop, it resulted with several air strikes on Brisbane. The country was in civil war by mid-1964. Army controlled territory voted and the army declared itself the Republic of Weststralia. The Australian Provisional Government in Brisbane collapsed between the Laborists and Nationals. The Federation of Eaststralia is announced in Brisbane. The Former Australian government flees to North America were it sets up a government in Washington as the US hosts them. Immediately Australians summon a meeting between them, the British, Canadians and Americans in Los Angeles to discuss an invasion of Australia. Canada refuses, the Americans say Mexico is a big enough leap, and Britain promises to stay out of any areas with V1. Australia withers away, and dies in late '64.


Flag of New South Wales

Flag of the Sydney Free State

Several warlords and small states start carving out nations in Australia. Former policemen, armed militias and defected soldiers with military equipment form the Sydney Free State. Tasmania, cut off forms its own nation. Armed militias and citizens form Southstralia but are quickly invaded and annexed by Weststralia. Both the East and Weststralians are stuck where they are, a peace agreement is signed, and the Outback Free Zone is established making a use for anarchy. The US continues its operations in Mexico, landing a small marine force in the Yucatan and pushing into Belize. US helicopters are reportedly shot at by local gangs. In Northern Mexico the battles against gangs, hostile towns and the infected take a massive toll on American forces and a bit of morale. Britain receives its first V1 case, the person is taken into studying somewhere in Scotland. The whole of Western, Central and Southern Europe are in a medieval state. Fighting, cannibalization and millions of deaths have torn the continent apart 20 years after WWII's end. The USSR experiences outbreaks in the Ukraine. Soviet troops also gun down Iranian and Turkish civilians entering the country.


0826 vietnam-war-RB

US troops depart from Huey helicopters, somewhere in Northern Mexico

Westralia begins a recon mission into Southeast Asia to figure out what is going on. The recon mission aboard RWS Kimberly (formerly HMAS Hobart) is to gather intelligence about the islands and Asia up north. They come back with one word, anarchy. Some civilization is present in Indonesia but Vietnam all the way to Bangladesh are in total ruin. Eaststralian scouts come across the makeshift country of Southeaststralia. They are welcomed as saviors from the old commonwealth. Prime Minister Caldwell and Southeaststralian leaders meet in Brisbane to discuss unification. The talks are held in Eaststralia's new parliament building in Brisbane. The talks are held with a stalemate as the Southeaststralians saying they represent the people of Australia while the Eaststralians represent the old government. The US increases troop numbers in Mexico with a draft. US troops advance down Baja and find it relatively intact with the Mexican government hiding out there. The US soldiers escort the Mexican president and his staff to Washington with a meeting with President Kennedy. It is decided that the Free Mexican Army will be formed out of immigrants willing to make Mexico great again. Free Mexico sets up shop in Baja. Mexican and US troops push into Sonora and Chihuahua with some casualties. The Mexican president and US forces land in Mexico City where the population is under the control of a dictatorship under a man nicknamed El Hombre. President Ordaz demands El Hombre relinquish power to him, a bloody fight ensues in the presidential palace. The US soldiers protecting Ordaz succeed in protecting him. The men fight their way to the airport were their helicopters are. It turns out the pilots were forced to defend the choppers themselves and they barely got the whole force out in only three helicopters.


The talks in Brisbane end with the decision of Southeaststralia to be annexed by Eaststralia. On January 28th Eaststralian soldiers move into the country and its capital of Tamworth. A patrol from the Wollongong Republic finds barriers on a road to Sydney and finds several guards. The Wollongongians say they come in peace and wish to meet with some Sydneysider leaders. The men tell of the Wollongong Republics disperity and would probably like the Sydney Free State. Sydneysider and Wollongongian leaders meet and agree to unify under Sydney's banner. Eaststralia begins a slow advance along the Gulf of Carpentaria. In New York City, a nuclear bomb is detonated by an unknown group when it was being transferred through the city to the Bar Harbor Nuclear Attack Base. NYC is declared an off limits city until the radiation is cleared and survivors are evacuated. Billboards go up across the nation saying "Remember '67, 'twas the time of the season".
Wolfenstein-The-New-Order-E3-2013-Gameplay-Trailer 1

New York City after the bomb went off, July 1967

Canada experiences several bombings across Quebec. The FLQ demands an end to the "English Occupation" of the Canadians in Quebec and the FLQ starts targeting only English speaking Quebecois. This causes Canada to declare martial law and send in troops to occupy Quebec. This fails and a low level insurgency begins in the province. President Kennedy is forced to make his most controversial decision. On August 1st, 10,000 American soldiers backed by armor and helicopters march into Quebec. Meanwhile, Canadian bombers hit Montreal with small cluster bombs and light bombs. Meanwhile, in St. Johns, talks between Canada, America, Britain, Ireland, and Iceland forming a virus containment alliance begin. The war in Quebec grinds down into a guerrilla conflict. In Britain tensions with the IRA begin which weakens relations between the UK and Ireland. An American bomber makes contact with Soviet forces who the Soviets welcome the American crew. They meet Premier Brezhnev in Moscow who gives them a message that the USSR is still kicking and fighting the virus. With a deal returning the message, the bomber crew also agrees to drop their payload on the infected city of Ashgabat.


The talks in Newfoundland result in the formation of the North Atlantic Containment Organization or NACO. The war in Quebec dies down with most Quebecois accepting Canadian rule or fleeing the country. In Mexico the MRF starts to be withdrawn from the region under the presidents direct command. The presidential race heats up between Lyndon Johnson running for the Democrats and Richard Nixon under the Republicans banner. Weststralia launches another recon mission into Asia and one into Africa. The Weststralian ship makes contact with the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan. All of these nations are under marital law. China's a hell hole, Mao is dead after being infected and shooting himself. The massive power struggle has resulted in 100 million deaths and the close of Korea's border. The Weststralians in Africa are met by bullets all across the east coast. In South Africa they dock in Cape Town were the Cape Republic welcomes them. It turns out the Cape Republic is one of the only civilized nations remaining in Africa. They are in a ceasefire with the Zulu Empire and have a non aggression pact with White Africa. White Africa is the only country they have an ambassador to and would like to send some across the world. President Mandela personally greets the captain of the Weststralian vessel. At the same time Eaststralian ships investigate Oceania and New Zealand. Another Eaststralian vessel sails to Hawaii. In November Richard Nixon is elected over Johnson.


East and Weststralia's recon missions are complete. More US soldiers are withdrawn from Mexico. Nixon is sworn into office. President Nixon announces all American soldiers will be withdrawn from Mexico by January 1970. America suffers several V1 outbreaks in El Paso and San Diego. Nixon worries that The Wall has failed and that V1 came to the US with the troops. The disastrous Mexican War was doomed since its escalation in 1965. Another infection outbreak occurs in Laredo. The US shuts off contact from Oceania. The infected begin to wander toward The Wall. The US launches Operation: Masters of War by blowing up villages, towns and several cities in Northern Mexico. This is all a warning to the gangs telling them not to come near America. The CIA runs guns to the Mexican government and conducts secret operations in Mexico. The situation for the USSR is becoming desperate. Central Asia is lost, Ukraine is becoming a lost cause for fighting the infected. Scandinavia isn't talking.



V1 spreads throughout America's border cities. All American soldiers are out of Mexico. Elvis Presley visits the White House to ask the president what he can do to help the nation. Fighting between citizens, the army and the infected consume America's border cities. Canada, leaves NACO. The British face more V1 outbreaks. Britain evacuates its overseas territories. New states have arisen in Europe like Prussia and Sicily. Bob Dylan is released from prison after serving seven years in state jail for protesting against the government in 1963 with his politically charged songs like "Subterranean Homesick Blues", "Blowin' in the Wind", "The Times They Are A-Changin'", and "Masters of War". Mass rioting and looting break out across California as the infection spreads north.

A scene from a riot in San Francisco Park

President Nixon begins the stage for civil rights for people of color or disability. Race riots occur across the south, Detroit, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles. Britain suffers a massive spike in infections around Dover. Ireland cuts offers to take over Northern Ireland to which Britain agrees.


The infection pops up in the Seattle area. More panic and rioting across the west coast. The infection spreads to Vancouver to which the Canadians quarantine the whole city. Establishment of the Rio Infected Zone across the Mexican border. V1 spreads to Florida. News outlets back east describe the situation as "Over, under, sideways, down". People begin to flee from Florida. V1 spreads throughout Miami. Elvis Presley retreats to his retreat near Memphis. The Federal Government loses control of Texas and the west coast. Alaska and Hawaii are forced to survive on their own. V1 in Florida moves up the peninsula. V1 on the west coast retreats to San Diego. Jim Morrison is found dead in his home in Melbourne, Florida. Cause of death, suicide after being infected.


The British are forced to abandon London to the infection and the hollow bodies. The British government in Edinburgh declares martial law across the country. Rioting and looting continue into 1972. The area around Seattle is in total anarchy and what is left of Washington is abandoned. President Nixon abandons any hope of civil rights for people of color or disability. The Spring Thaw sees a series of terrorist attacks across California and the east coast. V1 in Florida is contained to Florida and a small part of Southern Georgia. Mass migration of blacks move to the Rockies as the KKK makes a resurgence and white supremacy in the deep south are at an all time high. Bob Dylan flees the United States to live in exile in Newfoundland.


A V1 outbreak near Detroit occurs. The army manages to get California somewhat under control. In March President Nixon himself is infected. Dying and crazed, President Nixon announces on state TV that he will do what should have been done to Russia a long time before. On April 2nd, the US launches what's left of its nuclear arsenal at the USSR. In response Brezhnev launches what's left of the Soviet arsenal at the USA.
Nuked Washington

The remains of Washington DC after Armageddon

Both sides are left in ruins and both governments collapse under the pressure of V1 and the nuclear war. President Nixon is killed when Washington DC is hit by a nuke. New nations begin to pop up out of the darkness. The US government fled to Philadelphia which was abandoned and only partially damaged by large scale riots. Vice President Ford is sworn into office upon landing at the Philadelphia airport in Air Force One. With business tycoons and big bankers, armed by soldiers and national guardsmen, they form, The Establishment and fortify the city. Sending out scouts saying Philadelphia was obliterated they hide in secret. Tourists and civilians form the two city-states on the California coast called Santa Cruz and Monterrey named after the former cities. The people of Santa Cruz are sworn to protect, "The Boardwalk" as it was untouched by the bombs.


Survivor towns on the Gulf Coast of Texas, survivors of the V1 outbreaks in Texas, band together and form the nation of Texas Coast. The remnants of the Texan government relocates in Lubbock after San Antonio's destruction. The Republic of North Texas is set up in Buddy Holly's home. Texan National Guardsmen make their way to North Texas along with dazed citizens. General Abrams, after his tour of duty on the East Coast trying to control riots, ends up in Chicago. He and his men found the state of Mobius in Chicago. The nation is a powerful military based hierarchy. Mobius starts its expansion due to its technological power. General Abrams places himself as President of Mobius. Eaststralia launches an expedition of the former USA not knowing about the nuclear war. They return with tales of anarchy, hollow bodies roaming the countryside and almost no government.


Mobius takes a massive portion of the area around southern Lake Michigan. Under the KKK's Grand Wizard, whites found the White Alabama Republic in Mobile and begin an expansionist campaign into Alabama and Georgia. Some Alabamans reach St. Louis and with superior firearms enslave much of the surviving population. The Irish begin an expedition to explore the British Isles. The first scouts in England explore what's left of Liverpool. They find the famous British Invasion band, The Beatles are hiding in the home of John Lennon. Another Irish force enters the ruins of London and find Dave Clark and two other band members along with the royal family in Buckingham palace.


Mobius Mercenarys

Two Mobius mercenaries on patrol in the Principality of Monterrey, California

Mobius asserts itself as the most powerful state in the wasteland. Mobius uses its power air force to deliver mercenaries for hire to different survivor states and towns. About 50 Mobius goons are deployed in Monterrey to protect the more wealthy folks. Other Mobius soldiers go to Vegas and Texas Coast. The US government remnants in Philly change their name to, "The Establishment" upon the orders of President Ford. Bob Dylan starts touring the remnants of Canada's territory with "Stopmin'" Tom Conner in the New Brunswick Folk Festival. St. Louis becomes a major slave hub for slavers and raiders. College students and residents of Portland and local communities band together after three massive raider attacks and form the State of Upper Columbia. The country is extremely xenophobic, it is impenetrable. A Mobius chopper reported taking heavy fire before retreating back to a friendly outpost in Eastern Oregon. Jimmy Carter is elected president of the Federation of the Congaree. Based in Charleston, the Congareeans quickly start expanding outwards in South Carolina.


The city-state of Sandusky sends out scouts across the Great Lakes. Eventually the Sandusky scouts encounter New Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. Other towns across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York also seem to be friendly towns while on the way. Leaders meet in Sandusky to discuss unification. On March 7th, the Great Lakes Republic is founded with Sandusky as its capital. The remnants of the German governments and militaries set up shop in Namibia. The Namibian army is quickly destroyed by the German forces. Neu Berlin is founded in Walvis Bay. Almost 100,000 Germans make it New Deutschland. After four months of fighting Namibia is made into New Deutschland. The two main parties are the Conservatives and the Communists. New Deutsch planes fly over much of Southern Africa. New Deutschland helps the Portuguese take up land in Angola. Several tribal fishing villages are united into The Federation of the Coast of Congo or FCC. Talks are held in Sydney about an alliance between the Oceanian nations. On August 10th, the Treaty of Sydney is signed forming WESTNZ or Weststralia, Eaststralia, Sydney, Tasmania, and New Zealand.

Flag of WESTNZ, WESTNZ was the first step to reuniting Australia

WESTNZ forces begin launching expeditions across the world. Eaststralian ships and planes land across Oceania. New Guinea is relatively in tact. In Port Arthur the New Guineas welcome the WESTNZ ships. Weststralian ships once again journey to Africa.


Weststralian ships come across the Ethiopian Empire in East Africa. The Ethiopians successfully fought of V1 and formed a massive nation out of the ruins of East Africa. Mozambique is divided into north and south. The two countries are controlled by brutal dictators fighting for control of the region. the Weststralians next destination is the Cape Republic. Cape officials give them the news. The New Zulu's have stopped their expansion. Lethoso is now a buffer state between the New Zulu's and the White Africans. The Cape Republic has also made contact with New Deutschland after New Deutsch soldiers encounter Cape border guards. It is decided in Belfast to unite the British Isles under one banner, the Irish government and that of the rest of the British government who didn't flee to Edinburgh decide to create the United Republics of Britain and Ireland or URBI.
Flag of the URBI

Flag of the United Republics of Britain and Ireland

With its capital in Dublin, URBI forces begin its conquest of Britain. URBI soldiers quickly take sections of the coast. In a popular vote, the Welsh Remnant Republic in Cardiff joins the URBI. The Isle of Man is quickly admitted. URBI soldiers of Scottish descent land in Scotland. In Edinburgh they find the remains of the British government who quickly joins the URBI. Queen Elizabeth is crowned Queen of New Britain. The British regional capital is in Cardiff, meanwhile the IRA is disbanded and reorganized into the Irish Independent Party or IDP. The parties goal is to achieve Ireland's independence from anything British.


British soldiers marching

URBI soldiers marching through Worchester, January, 1979

URBI troops continue their advance inland. Hundreds of infected are killed by URBI soldiers. In Cork, the BIS Warrior is sent on an expedition of the world. The Warrior arrives in St. Johns harbor. The Canadian government meets the captain of the ship and the URBI's global ambassador. The Warrior sends a radio message back to Cork about Canada. The Warrior then sails off the East Coast of America. They come into contact with Delmarva and Carolina. The Warrior then when sailing up the Chesapeake Bay encounters the Potomac Confederation, a nation holding the former US capital in Washington, DC. In the Confederation's capital of New Arlington, it is discovered the nations survival against all the raider groups in Virginia and Maryland is because of the USS Missouri which was refitted by the people of the nation to defend against raider groups with its massive guns. The Warrior sails south and through the Panama Canal which was being guarded by American soldiers who lost contact with the USA after 1973. The crew of the Warrior gives information about the world so far. The American soldiers, shocked, decide to continue to man the Canal and not return home. Next, the Warrior sails up the West coast encountering the city-states that dot California. Angeles, Monterrey, and Santa Cruz. Monterrey is also the first time the Warrior comes across soldiers from Mobius.



The Warrior continues its expedition north. It runs into the newly formed nation of South Bay in the Bay Area of California, formed in late December 1979. The Warrior refuels and resupplies with plenty of food from Pier 39. The Warrior makes its run north. It runs across Jefferson and Salem in Northern California and Oregon. Salem is the remain of Oregon's government while Jefferson is a new nation that always wanted to be away from California. Going to the west coast of Canada saw the isolated nation of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Further up north was the South Alaska Federation, South Alaska also controlled a territory known as West Yukon or North Alaska in northern Alaska. Moving into Asia the Warrior came across Petropavlovsk and the remains of the Soviet government. Soviet forces resupplied the amount of replenished food about the Warrior. Japan was different than all the other nations. The Japanese had been in martial law for decades and only had Korea as a talking source. The Japanese were curious to know what the rest of the world was like. Back in Britain the URBI conquers more of England and Scotland. The Warrior's journey into Southeast Asia was one of mystery. The Philippines had shot at them, and Indonesia was just as traitorous. Then the Warrior arrived in Perth. The crew radioed Dublin about WESTNZ and information from Africa. Dublin replied with a "Come Home". In North America new states pop up across Canada. Yukon and North Ontario (Hudson) are formed. Quebec manages to gain stability in a time of turmoil when Quebecois were hunting down and enslaving English speaking Canadians.


The Establishment begins researching new futuristic weapons. Already the Establishment has made advancements in robotics. The Great Lakes Republic annexes more territory in New York and begins expeditions into Ontario. The people around Toronto agree to become part of the GLR. A man named Andrew the Unifier in the Northwest territory unites several towns and settlements into the Kingdom of Mackenzie. When Canadian scouts out of Nunavut find the Kingdom, they report back to command who tells them to advance into the nation. Seeing this as an invasion, Andrew rallies his disciples and launches an attack on the Canadian scouts. The Canadian scouts are killed but radio back to command in Gloa Haven. Canadian planes strike at the Kingdoms capital of Andrewville (Yellowknife). Canadian ground forces move into attack positions along the Mackenzie border. Before Operation: Ranger could begin, the Mackenzie Royal Guard launches an attack on Canadian positions with devastating effects. Technical and other makeshift vehicles inflict casualties on Canadian troops and destroying Canadian vehicles. Canada launches Operation: Cold Mountie and launches a series of airstrikes on Mackenzie's rear artillery and rocket batteries.
Canadian tanks in the north during winter

Canadian tanks awaiting as the winter sets in before Operation: Ice Pick

Fighting continued into the winter of 1981 with small skirmishes between both sides.


The Mackenzie War heats back up with Operation: Ice Pick launched by the Canadians. Canadian troops and tanks roll forward against enemy positions. Mackenzie, however, stops the Canadians with captured armor and put the war into stalemate. A local nation called North Saskatchewan holds peace conferences between the two sides effectively ending the war. The Frozen Line was established between the two countries. The stalemate would increase tensions and anti-other government activates on both sides. The Great Lakes Republic continues its expansion north along the St. Lawrence. GLR scouts run across a patrol from the New England Republic. With its capital in Augusta, Maine, the NER is a precious nation between the remnants of Maine and what is left of the population around Boston and Cape Cod. The GLR and NER establish a trade and mutual defense agreement. Both nations also establish an alliance with Canada due to the Canadian-New Englander border in New Brunswick. A bunch of former US patriots, soldiers, gun owners, and national guardsmen set up shop across the former northern US and form the New United States of America. The NUSA quickly expands eastward from Montana. Up north in Winnipeg, the South Canada Federation is formed uniting most of Southern Canada into a new government.


Aussie tanks in VietNAM

Weststralian centurion tanks move into the Darwin Infected Zone under the cover of helicopters

Westralia begins an invasion of the Darwin Infected Zone. Eaststralian and New Zealander bombers pound Melbourne and Canberra after 19 years of being abandoned. Spain cuts a deal with Morocco to allow Western Sahara to become part of the Spanish government in exile in the Canary Islands. In Libya, Gaddafi finally allows small amounts of freedom to his people after the containment of V1 in the deep Sahara Desert. From Benghazi, Gaddafi rules the most powerful nation in North Africa. Canada establishes contact with the Republique du Quebecois in Quebec. Canada tolerates this nation for now, but what it doesn't tolerate is the St. Lawrence Empire, a massive slave nation of vengeful Quebecois raiders enslaving English speakers in territory which belongs to Quebec. New Manitoba is founded in Churchill. The Yukon presses claims on an area of land known as Franklinland. On September 26th, Israel launches a small amount of salvaged nuclear weapons into the Middle East to destroy large infected cites. The Remnant Soviet Republics also launches nuclear weapons into Western Russia. New York remains a minor radioactive zone despite after 16 years after the destruction in 1967.


The Establishment completes its recon missions across the wastelands. The URBI closes in on London. In Liverpool, far right wing royalist create the "Free England" movement and start protesting against URBI rule due to the fact that its the Irish leading the charge. the FE movement gains the support of many young people who start vandalizing places of governance of the URBI. Carolina continues to expand northward and reaches the ruins of Norfolk. The GLR annexes more territory into New Hampshire. Weststralian forces have cleared out a large swath of the Darwin area.

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