October 4: Jeremiah Wassermann is born. He will become the proud founder of Wassermann Industries.


April 18: An Austro-Hungarian-born American physicist and electronic engineer name Julius Edgar Lilienfeld is born on this day.


September 19: Jeremiah Wassermann founds Wassermann Industries by investing in his silver mining accounts.


November 4: Jeremiah Wassermann makes another million dollars in silver mining in his stock market accounts.


June 22: The German-born American civil engineer, inventor and computer pioneer Konrad Zuse is born on this day.


August 29: Julius Edgar Lilienfeld is successfully hired by Wassermann Industries.


October 19: Samuel Ruben is successfully hired by Wassermann Industries.

October 22: Julius Edgar Lilienfeld successfully invents the field-effect transistor and decides to go show his invention to Jeremiah Wassermann.

October 23: Jeremiah Wassermann agrees to hear Julius Edgar Lilienfeld about this invention of his.

October 24: Julius Edgar Lilienfeld successfully shows his successful invention to Jeremiah Wassermann.

November 1: Jeremiah Wassermann decides to make mass productions in the field-effect transistors.

November 8: The first mass productions of the field-effect transistors begins here.


October 24: The Wall Street Crash of 1929 begins here. With the exception of Wassermann Industries, other companies suffer extreme losses as well as banks and homes. Wassermann Industries continues to produces more mass productions of the field-effect transistors.


August 29: Both Samuel Ruben and Julius Edgar Lilienfeld successfully invents a “dry” type of electrolytic capacitor, which allows Wassermann Industries to make mass productions of it.


February 27: Jeremiah Wassermann successfully convinces United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt to allow Kiryas Joel, New York to become a Jewish homestate for Jewish refugees. This successful plan becomes known as the Wassermann Directive.


May 27: Konrad Zuse as well as his entire family is brought here to the United States of America to work freely for Wassermann Industries. Also, all of his work and inventions as well as his patients will also be brought here to the United States of America as well.


November 4: Adlai Stevenson II, with the help of Wassermann Industries, successfully becomes the 34th President of the United States.


July 2: Jeremiah Wassermann great-grandson renames Wassermann Industries to Wassermann Corporation. This renaming is announced to the entire globe.


March 5: Norma Jeane Mortenson also known as Marilyn Monroe gives birth to a healthy baby boy name Bertram Bartholomew Miller on this date.


September 27: Edward Davis Wood, Jr. High School, is founded on this day.


October 29: The Claymore Triplets: Elizabeth, Therese, and Louise Charlene Claymore are all born to this day.


November 17: Andrew Archibald Claymore is born on this day.


November 7: Al Gore, with the help of Wassermann Corporation, successfully becomes the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009.

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