Age of Discovery

1416- Zheng He's Inspiration
Zheng he

A pirate raid on a small fleet of merchants grabbed the attention of the Ming Emperor. He commissioned Zheng He to find and destroy the source of the pirates a week before Zheng He was supposed to go on his fifth voyage. Zheng He followed a supposed pirate to his port, which was in the middle of the Pacific. After destroying the pirate base, Zheng He wanted to explore further into the Pacific.

1417- Zheng He's Fifth Voyage

Zheng He, inspired by the location of the pirate base, wanted to explore further into the Pacific. On July 25th, 1417, Zheng He's ship landed in what is now Xīn tǔdì. He recorded his findings and went back to China.


Ecstatic, the Ming Emperor ordered more exploration of this new area. He was determined to discover its relative
Screen shot 2011-08-18 at 10.52.56 AM

A Gúge Earth Photograph of Xīn gǎngkǒu.

location and geography. Other people tried sailing to the area, but storms took down many ships. Zheng He tried sailing around the area, but he never could decide if it was an island. It became a popular theory that this was either a very large island or the coast of Africa.


The Chinese Emperor dies. The new emperor encourages going over to America even more. A map of America is drawn, though a great deal of it is speculation. Later on in history, it was discovered that the map was, in fact, a map of Baja. It is one of the most accurate maps of the time period in fact.


Around this time, a permanent colony is set up in America. Unfortunately, the records of this vary, probably due to damage during the rise of the Song Dynasty. Chinese ships are mass produced and OTL Mexico is explored.


Zheng He's Last Crusade. When the Mongols become a problem again, China pushes back and devastates the Mongol homelands. The war lasted for seven years and saw China conqor the main Khanate and parts of the western Khanates. China decided to expand westward to have contact with Europe.


Contact with Europe is cut by the Ottomans. China tries to politely bargain passage through its lands, though the Ottomans decline.


Christopher Columbus' voyages begin. The Genoan discovers what will become Hispañola. Subsequent voyages reveal OTL North and South America.


The Chinese decide to explore 'The Seas of East'. During these explorations, the Caribbean islands are explored and mapped. The Aztecs are discovered around this time, and China assumes that they are a 'Lost Tribe of Turks'. They maintain peace with the tribes.


A Chinese Junk is discovered sailing in the Caribbean Islands by none other than Christopher Columbus' fleet. A joint Chinese-Spanish colony is proposed.


Yǒuhǎo colony is started. The Chinese and Spanish administration starts to get along well, though tensions between officials in China and Spain arise.


OTL Baja is completely Chinese. The Spanish and Chinese plan to exterminate the Aztecs, though arguments postpone the invasion for decades. The Chinese fleet expands along with the Spanish Armada.


China and Spain invades the Aztec lands.

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