A timeline for my Children of the Sun alternate universe.

16th century

  • 1532 - POD: The Battle of Cajamarca takes place between Spanish forces, led by Francisco Pizarro, and Sapa Inca forces, led by Atahualpa, the Inca ruler. The Incas suspect an ambush, and so instantly attack the Spanish, stealing their firearms (arquebuses) and turning against them. Pizarro's small army is immediately defeated. Soon after the battle, more of these firearms are reproduced.
  • 1535 - A Spanish fleet from Panama arrives near Cuzco.
  • 1536-1556 - Great Spanish-Inca War. During this period, the Inca empire fully adapts to European military strategies and scientific developments. The Inca eventually claim victory, driving Spanish back.
  • 1558 - Treaty of Cuzco limits Spanish territory in the New World to New Spain (Mexico), OTL Venezuela and the Caribbean. Portugal allowed to keep Brazil.
  • 1568 - Revolt in the Spanish-controlled Low Countries. However, this is quickly quelled by Spain. As a result, Dutch colonies are never established in Southeast Asia, preventing the Dutch East India Company from having any influence over Pacific trade.
  • 1579 - Using raft-like boats, based partly on European galleons, the first Inca sailors discover the Galapagos Islands, establishing a fortress on San Cristóbal Island.
  • 1580s - Recorded voyages to Easter Island and Pitcairn Islands.
  • 1590-1640 - Golden Age of Inca Exploration. During this time, the South Pacific is almost entirely charted, as far west as Australia.

17th century

  • 1602 - Spanish sailors, hearing of new Inca discoveries in the Pacific, travel south-west from Mexico and discover OTL Marquesas Islands. Signals beginning of "Great Race" between Spanish and Incas.
  • 1606 - Later Spanish expeditions lead to discovery and subsequent settlement of Line Islands and even Hawaiian Islands.
  • 1611 - Inca fortress established in Tahiti.
  • 1618 - Fortress at Bua Bay, Vanua Levu built by Incas.
  • 1620 - First expedition of explorer Yauhani Canuco. Travelling west from Vanua Levu and stopping at various islands, Canuco's fleet crosses over 3000 km of ocean before being forced to turn back at the Great Barrier Reef. He is convinced that a large island lies beyond the reef.
  • 1621 - Canuco's second great expedition. Following the steps of his previous expedition, except choosing a slightly more southerly route, he lands successfully at OTL Shoalwater Bay, Queensland, Australia. He explores a great deal of the coastline, and some of the Great Dividing Range, before heading back.
  • 1635 - Prussia begins invasion of France and Papal States, beginning of Twelve Years War. Later that year, the British army invade and conquer New France.
  • 1637 - Canuco's son, Temauni, sails south from colonies in New Tauhatinsuyu (OTL Australia), landing at the "Two Pillars" (OTL Lord Howe Island and Ball's Pyramid) and turns back after reaching OTL Doubtful Sound, New Zealand. Later that year, a return expedition with 1,026 colonists is undertaken.
  • 1639 - Millions of Inca migrate to New Tauhatinsuyu after gold discovered near east coast. There are some conflicts with the natives, but peaceful resolutions are taken. 
  • 1647 - Twelve Years War ends, with the two main belligerents (France and Prussia) being blended into the Franco-Prussian Union .
  • 1652 - Portuguese land in western New Tauhatinsuyu, which they name Ilha de São Marcos (St. Mark's Island), claiming it for their own empire. The Inca settlers on the eastern coast of the continent do not yet know of their presence.
  • 1654 - Inca sailors begin to trade with Chinese Empire.
  • 1672 - Large regions of Southern Africa are claimed by Inca empire.
  • 1696 - Franco-Prussia attempts to reinvade New France.
  • 1699 - Cipaca Nauhal treks across New Tauhatinsuyu to Indian Ocean, discovers Portuguese colonies.

18th century

  • 1702 - Inca Empire and Portugal divide New Tauhatinsuyu between their empires. The Portuguese region is renamed Terra de São Marcos (St. Mark's Land).
  • 1705 - British Empire gives up most of New France to Franco-Prussia. However, they retain a small part of southern Louisiana, which is incorporated into its own colonies.
  • 1712 - A large Inca fleet, headed from OTL Madagascar to the Upper Islands (OTL Java and the Sunda Islands), is accidentally shipwrecked at OTL Sri Lanka. The crew, desperately starving, accept the locals' offers of help, but betray them, defeat them in a short war with help from later fleets, and found an Inca colony.
  • 1729 - Low Countries sold by Spain to Franco-Prussia.

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