Socialist Revolution

Revolution broke out in Britain in 1866 after years of miss-managment by the monarchy which had left the country and indeed most of the British empire in shambles. King George IV abolished Parliament in 1795 effectively making him an Absolute Monarch, of course there were several rebellions but all ended in defeat. Many members of the former "Whigs" party were executed also as there party opposed Absolute power given to monarchs.

By 1866 the situation was dire and riots shook the streets of Britain, King Albert ordered anyone who did not comply with the army to be arrested for disrespect towards the law. As well as general public unrest there was also food shortages, to help fuel the unrest there was many revolutionary newspapers but one of the most popular was "The Workers friendly paper" which was written secretly by Charles Dickens. Finally in the Summer of 1866 the unrest reached an all new high.

In "The Workers friendly paper" Charles Dickens reported a new rumour going around that King Albert and Queen Victoria had thrown a garden party at Balmoral castle and during the party the King burned a copy of "The Workers friendly paper". This made riots spread across the country and in London soldiers (under orders of the king) shot a group of people protesting outside Buckingham Palaces gates, later that day a massive mob of people assembled in central London to face off the soldiers who were occupying the city. None other than Charles Dickens himself was leading the mob.

The mob of people marched through the city to Buckingham Palace we they assembled in the thousands. The mob demanded that the King and Queen come down to London however the King refused outright and by the morning of August 17th the crowd finally gave in and attempted to break there way into the Palace grounds which they managed to do after some time. The mob then broke into the main palace and stormed it, Charles Dickens declared the socialist revolution had begun.

On hearing of what happened in London King Albert ordered the British army to dispose of the rebels however with most of the country up in arms the King and Queen were forced to flee Balmoral castle when a angry mob arrived there and burnt the castle down.

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