The Timeline Begins After the August Coup


  • Gennaday Yanayev is formally elected General Secretary of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • After a Long Stand-off, Order is restored throughout the Soviet Union. The U.S. calls the actions "provocative"
  • The 1989 Amendments are repealed as are Glasnost and Perestrokia.
  • Operation: Skyhook: Mikhail Gorbachev is smuggled out of the Soviet Union when he is discovered to be alive. He is given Amnesty in the United States, where he is granted Residency in Annapolis, Maryland
  • Soviet State Media and The Newspaper Pravda, report his death. In reality, his "assassination" was staged and was claimed to have taken place during the August Coup.
  • President George H.W. Bush announces he will send aid to European Nations struggling to rebuild after the Collapse of the Iron Curtain.
  • Christmas Speech: George H.W. Bush calls for the Soviet Government to reinstate the Policies of the Gorbachev Government and condemns the Actions of the Russian Government as "A Great Act of Terror Not seen in Nearly Half a Century"


  • The Soviet Union sends troops to suppress the Yugoslavic Wars by reinstating the Government and Stopping all independence movements.
  • The Baltic Wars Begin as the Soviet Union sends troops to reclaim the Baltics
  • Governments in Romania and Bulgaria find themselves in trouble as Russia is accused of funding Communist Movements in the countries.
  • Russia announces the establishment of The Organization of Defense and Socialist Brotherhood (ODASB, or the Moscow Pact)
  • Albania is forced to join the Moscow Pact as The Workers Party of Albania is "elected"
  • Under the Promise of Security, George H.W. Bush is re-elected President of the United Srares


  • The Baltic Wars: The Conflict Spills Over into the Soviet Union, as the Anti-Soviet Resistance is formed in Michigan to Liberate the Soviet Union
  • The Cities of Minsk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg (Leningrad) are all battle zones. The USSR is devasated economically, but manages to keep whatever territory it has.
  • The Baltic Wars: The Soviet Union wins and reannexes the Baltic States.


  • The Baltic Wars: The Last of the Anti-Soviet Resistance is driven out, as the war officially comes to an end
  • The Soviet Economic Crisis: Discussions of a New Constitution begin, the State is near bankruptcy
  • The ODASB is disbanded after the Soviet Union is forced to declare neutrality
  • Rwanada: A Genocide Killing more than 800,000 people occurs unoticed for three months. The Soviet Government apologizes for not intervening and the U.S. says nothing.
  • The United Nations, is forced to reconsider, its peacekeeping missions as per suggestion by Newt Gingrich and the Republican Administration in the United States Government.


  • The 1995 Soviet Constitution is enacted. A Revision of the 1977 Constitution, it removes the Independence Clause and allow for future State Committees on the State of Emergencies to be established.
  • Russia is given a First Secretary as part of the new constitution, Hoping to ensure the people's support, they choose Communist Leader and Committee Member, Gennaday Zyuganov.


  • The Supreme Soviet Calls for the disbanding of the Emergency Committee during their first session since 1990.
  • The Moscow Treaty is ratified.
  • Poland, Turkey and Iran offer aid to the Soviet Union, only to be rejected.
  • Protests in Georgia call for the disbanding of the Soviet Union, Russia is powerless to resolve the situation.
  • Moscow calls for a new approach toward Soviet Economics, Gennaday Zyuganov deploys Soviet Police forces to seize Russian protestors.
  • All Military Parades are suspended due to low funding. Russia begins to privatize some of its business, this is opposed by the Committee, But cannot be stopped.
  • Bob Dole is elected President of the United States.


  • Russia reports economic growth for the first time since 1991. Inspired by China, the NEP and Perestroika, Zyuganov's economic plan leads to the revitalization of the Soviet dconomy.
  • Confidence in "Soviet Socialism" increases in Russia, leading to a new wave of patriotism in Russia. This is noticed across the board/




  • Gennady Yanayev resigns as General Secretary of the Communist Party

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