• September - The RAF is destroyed in the Battle of Britain. Operation Sealion commences. German Troops land on the Isle of Wight and the South-East English Coast. Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland, The Isle of Man and Cornwall declare independence from the UK.
  • October - The German Troops have now taken the south English Coast and start to head toward London. Hitler recognizes the Independence of the former UK states and sets a deal with all of them. The Irish President contacts each leader of the New countries and proposes the a union between the countries. Negotiations Begin. The Battle of London begins. The Royal Family are evacuated to Newfoundland for their own safety. Churchill and the War Cabinet move to Liverpool. While people escape into Scotland, Wales and Cornwall to escape the Nazis. Quite a few people follow the Royal Family to Newfoundland and others head to Canada and the British Controlled Iceland.
  • November - The Germans are winning The Battle of London. However, the last of the the British Soldiers in London are defending the Westminster Circle. However, the Luftwaffe carpet bomb the area destroying most of the Soldiers. This sends the British government into panic as the Germans reach Yorkshire just a few days later. The War Cabinet against Churchill's wishes evacuate to Iceland and from there to St. Johns. Churchill remains in Liverpool with the army.
  • December - The Germans reach Hadrians Wall. They then begin to circle Merseyside where Liverpool became the New Dunkirk. People flee in whatever they could find. Many escape to Celtic countries and the ones picked up by the RAF or the Royal Navy are taken to Iceland and Canada.