The following is the timeline of events leading up to the ascension of Myanmar as a superpower, according to the Burma Ascension Althist.

7th Century

633 CE - Arabs attempt to invade Persia. The Sassanids manage to fight against the newly organized Muslims and pushes them back into Arabia.

641 CE - Second Muslim invasion of Persia. Muslims sack Persian capital of Ctesiphon.

643 CE - Persians recapture Ctesiphon and push back Muslims into Arabia.

657 CE - Sacking of Mecca by Persian armies. Most Muslims flee into the Arabian desert. Islam loses the momentum it had under Muhammad and becomes a minor religion.

8th Century

774 CE - Shah Darius XIV of Persia converts to Buddhism.

11th Century

1044 CE - Ascension of Anawrahta, the first Unifier of Myanmar. Establishes the Bagan Dynasty

1056 CE - Anawrahta dopts Theravada Buddhism as the state religion.

1057 CE - Conquest of the coastal Mon kingdom of Thaton.

1064 CE - Campaign against Nancho kingdom.

1077 CE - Death of Anawrahta. His son, Sawlu, ascends to the throne.

1084 CE - Sawlu overthrown in a Mon revolt. Kyansittha ascends to the throne.

1085 CE - Pacification of the Mon revolt and conquest of the Shan states.

1092 CE - Burmese forces sack Gaur, capital of the Pala Empire. Burma annexes eastern Ganges delta.

12th Century

1108 CE - Conquest of Western Bengal ending Bagan-Pala War. Bengal is ruled as a province of Burma by a Burmese appointed Pala viceroy.

1111 CE - Burmese forces capture Bodh Gaya and Nalanda University.

1113 CE - Alaungsithu succeeds Kyansittha. Viceroys of Bengal, Shan State and Pyay revolt.

1116 CE - Arakan becomes vassal.

1118 CE - Beginning of the Malay Campaign.

1119 CE - Burmese forces conquer Junkceylon (modern day Phukhet)

1120 CE - Burmese forces reach modern day Penang. Arakan regains independence.

1130 CE - Bengal rebellion - the sacking of Nabadwip by Burmese forces. Mass resettlement campaign moves people from Bengal, the Malay peninsula, the Mon coast and the Irrawaddy valley to dissipate ethnic concentrations.

1136 CE - 1st survey of the Burmese empire. Records indicate a population of over 3 million people.

1144 CE - Conquest of Nanchao Kingdom.

1154 CE - Conquest of Mon kingdom of Haripunjaya in the Chao Phraya valley.

1167 CE - Alaungsithu murdered by his son Narathu, who becomes king.

1199 CE - Haripunjaya revolts.

13th Century

1211 CE - Rebellion in Martaban, Penang and Arakan. They form independent kingdoms.

1287 CE - Mongol invasion and conquest of Bagan. Bagan falls.

1290 CE - Tai-Shans invade northern parts of Burma.

1292 CE - A group of Buddhist monks fleeing Burma arrives in the Majapahit capital of Trowulan.

1293 CE - Raden Wijaya, founder and first Raja of the Majapahit empire, converts to Theravada Buddhism.

1295 CE - Palace coup in Penang forces the Penangese Royal Family to flee to Palembang in Sriwijaya. They bring along Buddhist monks, who soon convert the king of Sriwijaya to Theravada Buddhism.

14th Century

1324 CE - Defeated viceroy of Penang founds Thihapura (Singapore, Lion City) .

19th Century

1803 CE - Burmese forces recapture Penang, Malacca and Singapore. The rebels flee to Aceh.

1809 CE - Naval battle between Burma and Acehnese Sultanate who are aided by the Malay rebels. Anglo-Burmese relations suffer as British discovered to be aiding Aceh and Malay rebels.

1812 CE - Aceh defeated and incorporated into Burma. Inhabitants forcibly converted to Buddhism.

1816 CE - British attempt a landing in Aceh with support of dethroned sultan of Aceh. Simultaneous religious rebellions erupt. Burmese garrison at Banda Aceh slaughtered. Burmese troops arriving from Malay peninsula end up killing up to 700,000 Acehnese by 1824, up to 75% of Acehnese population.

1818 CE - Pro-Burmese Nawab of Orissa killed by pro-British nephew who becomes Nawab.

1819 CE - Nawab of Orissa refuses to send tribute to the new Burmese king. Tensions mount. Stamford Raffles of the British East India Company attempt to take Singapore. Raffles caught and brought to Malacca where he is impaled.

1823 CE - British declare Orissa as their protectorate.

1824 CE - Burmese forces attempt to invade Orissa. Nawab of Orissa murdered by a Burmese spy but British join in the war against the Burmese. British launch invasion of Sri Lanka, Aceh and the Malay Peninsula.

1826 CE - Burma signs Treaty of Yandabo with the British - cedes Sri Lanka, Aceh and Singapore to the British.

20th Century

1901 CE -

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