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This is a timeline for the Bulgar Victoria timeline. Currently, this timeline is on the European calendar. (As this timeline has yet to find a suitable Asian replacement)

10th Century

  • 971: Nikephoros II of Byzantium enters negotiations with the Rus to stage an invasion of Bulgaria. These negotiations fail.

11th Century

12th Century

13th Century

14th Century

  • 1310: A revolution in parts of Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Albania and numerous other Slavic states, led by Prince Mikael of Budapest, manages to break away from the Bulgarian Empire. The new Kingdom of Slavia joins the Roman Catholic Church.
  • 1371: A Hawaiian sailor arrives in Japan by means of a small boat. The sailor is nearly dead from exposure, although they managed to feed themselves from the ocean's abundant resources. The sailor dies soon after.

15th Century

  • 1402: In his efforts to write the world's largest encyclopedia, Zhu Di, the Yongle Emperor of China, sends Zheng He to Japan on diplomatic work. Zheng He discovers the tale of the Hawaiian sailor and conveys it to his emperor.
  • 1404: The Yongle Emperor of China commands Zheng He to find the land of the mysterious shipwrecked man. Zheng He immediately sails into the Pacific. His ships land at Guam and forage to resupply.
  • 1405: Zheng He's ships land in Hawaii. The King of Hawaii greets them. The Kingdom of Hawaii agrees to pay respects to China. Zheng He, not wanting to return to his emperor with tales of a tiny backwards island kingdom, continues to sail east.
  • 1406: Zheng He's fleet lands in OTL Baja California. Although no civilizations are present, Zheng He hears rumors of great cities to the South. Explorers sent make contact with the Aztec Triple Alliance.
  • 1407: Zheng He leaves a colony of his sailors in Mexico and returns to China. The Yongle Emperor is pleased with his tale. He orders Zheng He to return to the colony and secure the local empires as Chinese tribute states. Zheng He's fleet now sails with state-of-the-art weaponry and a large crew trained to build new settlements.
  • 1411:Zheng He returns to the colony he had founded on his previous voyage and unloads his additional colonists. He is shocked to find syphilis, a previously unknown disease, in the colony.
  • 1412: Zheng He's fleet prepares a military strike at the Aztec Triple Alliance. The main three cities are swiftly taken, largely due to the devastating psychological effect of the Chinese cannons. The Chinese force the remainder to become a tributary state, now known as the Aztec Empire.
  • 1415: Death of Zheng He. He is buried in his colony. The new Chinese Emperor proclaims a national day of mourning.
  • 1421: First Chinese contact with the Olmec Empire.
  • 1436: A revolution in Southern China creates the Kingdom of Nam Viet.
    Bulgar Victoria Historical Asia

    A Map of Asia, 1436

  • 1457: The Kingdom of Hawaii becomes a tributary state of the Chinese empire.
  • 1461: The first Chinese sailors reach the Gulf of Mexica (OTL Gulf of Mexico)
  • 1471: Hawaii fails to pay tribute to China. China fails to respond with war due to internal power struggles.
  • 1489: The emperor of the Khmer Empire has twin sons. It is decided that each shall inherit half of the Empire. This splits the Empire in to Khmer and Siam.
  • 1494: The Chinese Empire attempts to invade Japan, and is driven back by highly disciplined Samurai troops. Knowledge of gunpowder spreads to Japan.

16th Century

  • 1503: Chinese forces seize several Hawaiian ports.
  • 1512: China establishes contact with the Natchez.
  • 1531: Japan invades the Chinese portion of Hawaii. The Kingdom of Hawaii becomes a Japanese tributary state. China begins to create massive ships capable of travelling across the Pacific Ocean without stopping to resupply.
  • 1533: The Natchez become a Chinese tributary state.
  • 1538: China establishes Contact with the Incan Empire.
  • 1542: Japan sets up a colony on OTL Vancouver Island, which they name Morishima. (Japanese for "Forest Island")
  • 1543: The Kingdom of Nam Viet loses Taiwan due to revolution.
  • 1562: China attempts to force the Incans to become a Tributary state. The Incans manage to fight off the Chinese.
  • 1599: Revolutions in Northern China establish the Empire of Manchuria.

17th Century

18th Century

19th Century

20th Century

21st Century

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