15th Century BC

  • 1501 BC: Egyptians begin their attempt at conquering the Levant from the Phoenicians and Aramaics.
  • 1499 BC:
  • 1486 BC: first group of deer to be ridden by Northern American tribes in hunting expeditions. This occurs after one of them manages to catch one and hops onto one to subdue it.
  • 1478 BC: the Egyptians try to capture again the Levant this time having more success than before yet still having no major success. They turn their eyes to the south into Nubia where they manage to capture a huge part of the region from local tribes. While this Mycenaean Greece begins falling into disarray as their monarchies begin to be established. In the America's in central Peru a few tribes band together forming an alternate Andean culture. a similar thing happens to the Muisca peoples of Colombia and Venezuela centered around the coastal and river regions close to mountains and other geological formations.
  • 1478 BC: the first Indo-Europeans settle in Mongolia and western China, though many others go to the South east near central China. While in the west the the first Indo-Europeans reach the Caucasus and part of the near east.
  • 1469-1457 BC: The Indo-Europeans begin to make their way into northern Mesopotamia and eastern Anatolia. In this period Babylon begins declining due to stagnation and an outbreak of cholera epidemic in the region. During this period the groups that will form the Hittites begin rising to prominence in Anatolia.
  • 1456 - 1441 BC: The first pre-Mayan peoples begin dividing into several small states such as OTL Tikal and Bonampak, regions where the first few Mayan construction sites begin to be built.
  • 1420 BC: the first deer riding with transportation purposes begin near the area of OTL Seattle, beginning with the long process of domesticating some of them as burden animals and eventually Animals to fit the task of the Horses in the Americas
  • 1420 - 1410 BC: After the first peoples in Anatolia of Indo-European origin came to the region fifty years earlier, the first

14th Century BC

  • 1375 - The Egyptians begin a new campaign against the Nubians annexing a huge part of their remaining civilization.
  • 1369 - The American deer rider culture begins expanding south and eastward, soon they reach the regions of Saskatchewan in Canada Montana, Oregon and Washington in the USA.
  • 1356 - The Peruvian regions experience a period of bad crops causing famines through the region starting the Peruvian expansion of the culture driving many to the north of Peru and south of Ecuador and east to OTL central Bolivia.
  • 1343 - The Peruvian expansion northward triggers the birth of several small settlements and states through the coast. This initiates the period of the twelve kingdoms.
  • 1339 - trading routes begin to appear in OTL northern South America as some Peruvian tribes found about a path from Ecuador to the Macizo Colombiano or the nudo De Los Pastos and then using the Magdalena and Cauca Rivers as travel means to reach the central Colombian city-states.
  • 1325 - The first city state of deer riders pops out. the group is centered around the region of Oregon in OTL USA. the nation is small but has thrived due to the capability of deer hunters trading with the northern tribes of Cascadia and the tribes of Northern California in a rather fast speed by comparison.
  • 1318 - In Greece the first group of city-states originates.
  • 1309 - The Chinese State begins disintegrating into smaller land lordships starting with the decay of culture and the power centre of China falling back into a feudal state.
  • 1306 - Trading routes continue growing in South America through the Andean regions, mostly between Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

13th Century BC

  • 1298 BC- The Hittite Empire begins rising to prominence in its region, gaining influence over great areas of Anatolia and Syria. while this the first Mesopotamian power arises from Babylonia exerting great influence over most of OTL and parts of Persia's coast.
  • 1295 BC - in Greece the situation continues to decay for the small nations. The period brings with it the downfall of culture and arising of several small warlords in the region soon followed by Anatolian peoples moving toward the west fleeing from the growing empire.
  • 1292 BC - in Africa the first signs of civilization arise in OTL Ethiopia. The first city stars arise from the nearby coasts of the Nile and Ethiopian desert.
  • 1286 BC - The Mayan culture begins spreading toward Honduras and Nicaragua. In Central Mexico the predecessors of the Teotihuacan people begin arise while in OTL Nuevo Mexico the Paleo-Aztec peoples begin to gather around.
  • 1279 BC - The first local monarchic chieftains begin appearing in the great Confederation of the Cascadia, the deer hunting culture begins spreading into California.
  • 1273 BC - The Appalachian basin begins to be populated with deer hunters and several nomadic tribes from Quebec and central USA.
  • 1268 BC - The Tocharian people in Mongolia begin moving eastward farther toward the Manchurian territory as well the coast in front of Sakhalin Island, some begin moving southward into OTL China in which they meet with the Chinese.
  • 1263 BC - the Paleo Indo-European people dominating Gaul begin forming small local power centers in the Mediterranean as well as the northern coast of OTL trading the resources from Britain toward Gaul itself and the Rhine and south into Italy from where its shipped into Greece and the Hittite empire by the local traders.
  • 1251 BC - The Paleo-Cascadian tribal confederacy that learned deer riding collapses, a good portion of the knowledge regarding it is lost including deer riders which only remain in small located areas of northern California.

12th Century BC

11th Century BC

  • 1032 BC - Deer rider culture begins coming back as the small pockets of deer riding culture spaced throughout the western coast of North America begins re-expanding, the first sign of a more advance domestication of the deer begins when the locals begin breeding selectively their deer.
  • 1002 BC - The first deer with the sole purpose of being ridden appears. Although essentially the same as any other deer it is bigger and a little faster as well as closer in shape and size to that of a small horse. The kingdom of the moon arises in the area of OTL state of Washington.

10th Century BC

9th Century BC

8th Century BC

7th Century BC

6th Century BC

5th Century BC

4th Century BC

3rd Century BC

2nd Century BC

1st Century BC

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