After the Battle of Cape Finisterre, French and Spanish officers elect to continue to Brest after suffering minor losses in the battle, and capturing 3 English ships.

Some time after the battle, one English ship, which sustained near-fatal hull damage in the battle, sinks.


After some time, the Franco-Spanish ships rendezvous at Brest with other ships of the French Navy. One French ship which sustained heavy damage in the battle is left behind. The Franco-Spanish fleet travels to Cotentin Peninsula and, soon after, engages in a naval battle with a small group of English ships. This is known as the Battle of Cotentin Peninsula.

A second battle occurs two days later, which is considered a part of the Channel Crusade.


The Franco-Spanish fleet reaches nearer to the coast. The battles and barrages that ensued are known as the Channel Crusade of 1805. In the Crusade, many English ships of the line and several ports were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the French Invasion of Ireland commences. Some ships had split off from the group and landed in Ireland, invading, while the fleet of Great Britain was diverted between the West Indies and the Channel, which was under control of the Franco-Spanish fleet.

This was all part of Napoleon's master plan, to split Great Britain's fleet and take control of the channel.


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