August 14, 1991 - Patient Zero, a twenty-six year old Norwegian man named Kostya Abrahamsen, is bitten on the foot by an infected black rat while working as a horticulturist in Jessheim. Within 72 hours, Abrahamsen inadvertently infects over 20 people of Scandinavian orientation.

Late August, 1991 - by the end of August, over 150 people in the greater Oslo area are infected; 20 of them have airline flights to different countries.

September, 1991 - The disease spreads, infecting 500 people from Moscow to London. Oslo is the first to declare a state of emergency, along with the surrounding suburbs.

September 21, 1991 - The first recorded death of the mysterious disease occurs - a thirty-eight year old sales representative named Tobias Gunnar dies in his Oslo apartment.

October, 1991 - The death rate of blondes increases, with over 25 people with the disease dying each week.

October 17, 1991 - Prime Minister of Norway of Gro Harlem Brundtland declares a national emergency and begins to facillitate the proper actions in the case of a virulent disease. In Oslo, government agents in Hazmat suits begin quarantining people they believe are infected. However, they find that the disease in only exhibited in people of Scandinavian pedigree, or blonde hair and blue eyes, or 'Aryans' as they call them.

November 5, 1991 - Prime Minister Brundtland speaks on television, stating the disease seems to 'target' the genetic code of those with blond hair and blue eyes, or Scandinavian descent. Norway goes into panic, with a riot in Oslo that destroys the town. The riot costs $9 million dollars worth of damage and 23 people are killed in the chaos.

November 11, 1991 - Norway, Sweden Denmark and the United Kingdom declare states of emergency. More people die in Finland and Russia.

November 13, 1991 - A large scale riot breaks out in London, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher resigns due to political pressure. The Conservative Party crumbles under the weight. James Callaghan assumes the role.

November 19, 1991 - Finland, the Baltic states (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania), Poland and the Netherlands assume a national emergency.

November 25, 1991 - The UK government crumbles under the weight of the November 25 riots, the scale of which is the largest in recorded history. As a result, 10 Downing Street is firebombed, Westminster Abbey is severely damaged and the London Eye collapses, killing 137 people and injuring another 6,800.

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