After a very harsh winter, the last Soviet resistance breaks in Stalingrad. Within months, Russia falls after their oil supply runs out. As a result, Stalin sues for peace, and is forced to cede all territory west of the Urals.


With Russia subdued, Hitler orders the invasion of Britain, and thus Britain is knocked out of the war with Germany. Under the Treaty of Manchester, the Jews can flee to the United States as well as the Poles, which surprises everyone, even Himmler.


Germany and America test their first atomic bombs within days of each other. The ensuing stalemate leads to a Cold War. Note, that Japan is still defeated ATL. The Nazis carve out a puppet state in Central Asia, naming it Turkestan (but still avoid mainland China)


The Chinese KMT (Under Chang Kai Shek) smash the Maoists and win the Civil War. Chang Kai Shek begins modernization programmes in order to "awaken the 20th century China".


China causes controversy when Tibet is annexed. Unlike OTL, the Nationalists are more successful in integration.


China, the United States, Mexico, the Philippines, Korea, Indochina and Japan sign a Free Trade Treaty.


Canada tries to start a Non-Aligned Movement. They are joined by India, Thailand, Chile, Belize among many others.


The USA begins securing Latin America, especially after Argentina signed the Anti-Comintern Pact. A CIA assassin shoots Peron while he gives a speech.


China annexes Mongolia after a brief war. This strains Sino-American relations, forcing Nixon to make a diplomatic tour to China.

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