POD: Rather than endorse his fellow Ohioan John Bricker for the Republican nomination, Senator Robert Taft decides to endorse General Douglas MacArthur.


7th: General Douglas MacArthur wins the 1944 Presidential Election in the electoral vote, but loses the popular vote. There are cries of fraud by Roosevelt supporters, and inquiries are made in over half of the states.

9th: News arrives to Douglas MacArthur about his victory in the Presidential Election and the current situation regarding it. Those close to him tell reporters that he is thinking of conceding the race to Roosevelt, since he won the vote of the people rather than the states.

12th: MacArthur makes it known that he will not concede the race and will not contest the results of any inquires, but only in the case they are bi-partisan.

20th: The results in the states close with MacArthur having fairly won every state, with Connecticut also being added to his electoral count.

22nd: Douglas MacArthur resigns from the Army as a Four-Star General and turns control of the forces on Leyte to General Walter Krueger. He is due back in the states on the 4th of December.

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