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Here lies the timeline of the history of Bellum Romanum. Starting from the point of divergence in 197 AD, when Clodius Albinus defeated Septimius Severus at the Battle of Lugdunum; allowing him to restore the Roman Empire to a more stable model, avoiding our history's Crisis of the Third Century. Due to the Butterfly effect, the world as we know it soon becomes unrecognizable, as event after event from our timeline do not happen, building up, and the result is a very different world from ours. 


Age of the Ancients

From 197 to 509 AD, this era begins with the point of divergence, as Clodius Albinus defeats Septimius Severus at the Battle of Lugdunum, and extends to the Battle of Noviodunum, which marks the end of Roman dominion over western Europe. This age is characterized by sporadic periods of both decline and growth, specifically within the borders of the Roman Empire; eventually falling and losing most of its land to numerous barbarian tribes nearing the end of the era.


As opposed to the traditional timeline that goes year by year, this section contains narratives that depict the personal lives of famous — or not so famous people throughout this timeline of Bellum Romanum in the form of first or third person short stories. These stories may show what may not be otherwise shown in a timeline, such as the daily life of children during a war or perhaps the inner feelings and unknown thoughts of the great men within this timeline.

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