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  • 20th: POD: Beau Biden does not experience a relapse of brain cancer, and as a result does not die on May 30th.
  • 27th: Rick Santorum announces his candidacy for the Republican Nomination
  • 28th: George Pataki declares his candidacy for the Republican Nomination
  • 30th: O'Malley announces his candidacy for the Democratic Party.
  • 31st: Senator Warren confirms that she will not run for President


  • 1st: Lindsey Graham announces his campagin for the Republican party
  • 3rd: Lincoln Chafee announces his campaign for the Democratic nomination
  • 4th: Rick Perry Declares his candidacy for the Republican nomination
  • 15th: Jeb Bush declares his candidacy for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party
  • 16th: Donald Trump declares his candidacy for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party
  • 21st: Rumors begin of a possible Biden presidential run.
  • 22nd: Jill Stein officially announces her candidacy for the Green Party.
  • 24th: Bobby Jindal declares his candidacy for the Republican Party
  • 30th: Chris Christey declares his candidacy for the republican Party.


  • 2nd: Jim Webb formally announces his candidacy for the Presidential Nomination of the Democractic Party.
  • 9th: POD: Joe Biden announces that he will be running for the Presidential Nomination of the Democratic Primary, considered Hillary's only real opposition at this point in time.
  • 13th: Scott Walker announces his campaign for the Republican primary, joining many others in what has become the largest primary field ever.
  • 21st: John Kasich announces his run for the Republican nomination as well.
  • 30th: Jim Gilmore announces his run for the Republican Nomination as well.


  • 3rd: The First presidential forum is held, featuring 14 Republican candidates. Notable absences include Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee.
  • 6th: The First Republican debates are held by Fox News. The Debate was tiered by level of support, with the top ten candidates debating in a separate debate from seven other, lesser known candidates. The 10 candidates in the main debate where: Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and John Kasich. The Seven in the smaller debate where Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, Carly Fiorina, Jim Gilmore, and George Pataki. The under card debate sees Fiorina's breakout, allowing her to gain more support. The main event is marked by controversy. Trump spends more time arguing with the moderators than his opponents, and many consider him rude and over the top. Despite this, Trump is still considered the winner by many. The issues of this debate are healthcare, welfare  reform, NSA Surveillance, Sexism, Illegal Immigration, and the fact that Trump had not ruled out a third party run at this point in time.
  • 11th: Lawrence Lessig begins planning and considering a run for the Democratic Nomination
  • 16th: Andy Martin officially announces a run for the Republican Nominee
  • 22nd: Jimmy McMillan announces his candidacy for the Republican Nomination.


  • 3rd: Opinion polls conducted by CNN show that Joe Biden is leading the Democratic race, with 31.9% of voters favoring him. Clinton comes in second with 29.4. Sanders comes in third with  15.4%. Unsure, Undecided, or No preference voters come in fourth with 13.8. O'Malley comes in fifth with 6.3%. Other gets 3.2%. The margin of error on this poll is +/- 3%, so it is possible that Clinton is leading at this point. The Republican poll featuring the top ten candidates has Donald Trump and Ted Cruz battling for the top spot, with Marco Rubio and Chris Christie duking it out for third place.
  • 6th: Lessig officially announces his candidacy for the Presidential Nomination.
  • 8th: John McAfee announce his candidacy for the "Cyber Party"
  • 11th: Rick Perry drops out of the Republican race. He is the first to do so.
  • 16th: Second Republican Debate in Simi, California. Once again the debate is tiered, with the prime time event featuring 11 candidates: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and Scott Walker. The under card debate featured Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, RIck Santorum, and George Pataki. The main focus of the night was Fiorina's rise to prominence, and her strong performance helped her gain more traction. Rubio also had a strong performance. Trump's performance was again criticized, and many saw Cruz, Kasich, Bush, Walker and Paul's performance's as lackluster and poor. Fiorina is labeled the winner, and gains a substantial boost in the pools. The Main issues where Immigration, Foreign policy, Women's Health, and Marijuana legalization. Trump and Fiorina exchanged insults and comments about each others business records, and Trump continued to make petty attacks against Paul.
  • 21st: Following the second debate, Scott Walker suspends his presidential run.
  • 30th: South Carolina ballots are finalized with 15 Republican Candidates and three Democratic candidates. 


  • 13th: First Democratic debate. Those in attendance are listed based on their support: Biden, Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley, Chafee, and Webb. Lessig did not qualify. The debate revolves around issues such as Gun Control, Clean Energy, Planned Parenthood, Big Banks, and Income Inequality. While O'Malley had an impressive performance, he failed to break out. Overall, Biden and Clinton had the most speaking time with the two speaking for around a third of the debate each. Sanders had the next most, getting around an 8th of the speaking time. O'Malley came in fourth, Webb in 5th, and Chafee in sixth. Many news outlets, such as the Washington Post and CNN, label Clinton the winner.
  • 20th: Jim Webb drops out of the race. When asked who he will endorse, he evades the question.
  • 23rd: Chafee drops out of the race. He endorses Joe Biden.
  • 28th: 3rd Republican Debate. The debate was tiered for a third time. The ten candidates in the main event were Bush, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Fiorina, Huckabee, Kasich, Paul, Rubio, and Trump. The under card debate featured four candidates, Graham, Jindal, Santorum, and Pataki. The Moderators of this debate where strongly criticized for asking loaded questions of the candidates. The main issue of this debate was the economy, and the big winners were Cruz, Rubio and Christie. Trump, Fiorina, and Carson had a favorable, but lackluster performance. Kasich and Bush had a weak showing at this debate.


  • 2nd: Lessig drops out of the race, endorsing Sanders.
  • 4th: Candidate registration for New Hampshire begins. 16 Republicans are registered and four Democrats are registered.
  • 6th: Alabama Primary deadline. 13 Republicans register, and five democrats.
  • 6th: South Democratic Forum with Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley, and Biden.
  • 10th: Fourth Republican Debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Eight Candidates made the prime time line up: Bush, Trump, Rubio, Carson, Fiorina, Kasich, Cruz, and Paul. The under card Debate featured Christie and Huckabee for the first time, along side other under card debaters Santorum and Jindal. Graham, Pataki, and Gilmore did not qualify. The main focuses of the debate where Russia, Immigration, Foreign Policy, Tax Plans, Military spending, and the General Health of the economy. The notable performances included Fiorina,  Trump, Cruz, and Kasich.
  • 13th: Paris Terrorist Attacks. 130 dead.
  • 14th: Second Democratic Debate in Des Moines, Iowa. The debate featured all candidates still in the race. The debate mainly focused on foreign policy and terrorism, while the economy and Clinton's ties to big banks where made secondary issues. Clinton tried to justify her Wall Street ties by citing the 9/11 attacks, a move which would draw her scrutiny from both sides of the spectrum. The debate gave Biden and Clinton the most speaking time, with many saying that Biden won this debate with a coherent plan for combating terrorism as well as stopping things such as Russian Aggression in Eastern Europe. Sanders was placed second by many with a plan for non-interventions. Clinton's 9/11 comment and comparatively weak foreign policy plan caused her to place 3rd overall.
  • 17th: Bobby Jindal suspends his campaign.


  • 15th: Fifth Republican Debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. The prime time lineup was: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Bush, Fiorina, Christie, Paul, and Kasich. In the under card debate, there was: Huckabee, Santorum,  Graham, and Pataki. The primary debate clash came over Foreign policy, Immigration,  the NSA.
  • 19th: Third Democratic debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. All four candidates participated. The primary issues where Wall Street connections, Plans to take down ISIS, The Assad Regime, General stability in the Middle East, and the role of the first spouse. Exit polls placed Clinton as the winner, with Biden in second, and Sanders in third. Sander's non-interventionist stance came up short when confronted with the prospect of taking down ISIS, and Clinton's Wall Street connection hurt her performance as a whole, but her solid answers to the other matters allowed her to come out on Top. Biden was criticized because he stayed out of the Wall Street issue, something commentators felt he should have capitalized on.
  • 21st: Lindsey Graham drops out of the race.
  • 23rd: Opinion Polls conducted by Quinnipiac are released. On the Democratic side, Clinton leads with 33.2% of respondents. Biden is in second with 30.5%. Sanders is in third with 24.1%. O'Malley is in fourth with 4.8%. 7.4% had no preference, or where unsure or undecided. 
  • 24th: John McAfee announces his campaign for the Libertarian Nomination.
  • 29th: George Pataki withdraws from the race.



  • 6th: Gary Johnson announces his candidacy for the Libertarian Party.
  • 9th: The Republican's Kemp Forum is held in Colombia, South Carolina.
  • 11th: 3rd Democratic Forum is held in Des Monies, Iowa.
  • 14th: Sixth Republican Debate. Like all the other debates, The debate was divided between a prime time debate, and an under card debate. The three in the under card debate where Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum. The prime time event was between Cruz, Bush, Christie, Carson, Kasich, Rubio and Trump. The debate centered upon American Values, Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Jobs, the economy, the stock market, Iran, North Korea, China, The Middle East, and more. Rubio, Trump, and Cruz came out strong from this debate, Trump questioned Cruz's eligibility, and the two engaged in a back and forth that Cruz came out on top of. Ben Carson came out weaker than before. Bush and Christey had an underwhelming performance.
  • 17th: Fourth Democratic debate between Biden, Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley. The debate centered around Gun Control, Wall Street, Climate Change, Foreign Policy, specifically the Middle East and Russia, and health care reform. The Washington Post describes Sanders as the winner, holding his ground on all fronts and making clear statements about climate change and withstands. O'Malley gained some ground, but still came out behind the other candidates. Polling backed up the Washington Post's assessment: Sanders placed first among respondents, with Clinton in second, Biden in third, and O'Malley in fourth. 
  • 25th: Democratic Forum is held in Des Monies, Iowa.
  • 28th: Seventh Republican Debate: Bush, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Kasich, Paul, Rubio, and Trump where invited to the prime time debate, but Trump did not participate due to the presence of Megyn Kelly as a moderator. Fiorina, Huckabee, Santorum, and Gilmore participated in the under card debate. Rand Paul and Jeb Bush where the strongest performers this debate. Some of the front runners such as Carson and Cruz had a weaker performance, with Christie being accused of attacking Clinton too much. The Debate centered around Immigration and Foreign policy where the centerpieces of the debate. Cruz and Rubio went back in forth on immigration, and both of them came up short.


  • 1st: Iowa Caucus for both Parties:
    • Biden won the Democratic Primary
    • Cruz won the Republican Primary
  • 2nd: O'Malley suspends his presidental campagin after a miserable preformance in Iowa. He endorses Biden. Huckabee and Santorum withdraw.
  • 4th: 5th Democratic debate. Biden, Sanders, and Clinton square off in New Hampshire. The debate centered around national security, money in politics, international relations, and the death penelty. Clinton and Sanders had a heated exchange over the "quid-pro-quo" nature of Wall Street Contributions in politics, which many commentors agree Sanders came out stronger from. On forgein policy and international relations, Biden came out strongest.
  • 6th: 8th Republican Debate. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Christie, Kasich, and Carson are invited to participate. Rubio lost the debate hard, facing attacks from Bush and particularly Christie, who critizied Rubio for using rehersed talking points instead of actually debating. Bush and Trump clashed on the issue of emient domain.
  • 9th: New Hampshire Primaries for Both Parties:
    • Sanders won in the Democratic Primary
    • Trump won the Republican Primary
  • `10th: Fiorina and Christie suspend their campaigns
  • 11th: 6th Democratic Debate. After Two Third-Place finishes in a row, commentators at CNN and the Wall Street Journal agree that Clinton needed a big win to convince voters she was still in the race. The biggest issues of the debate were race relations, taxation, medicare/medicade, relations with Russia, green tech, and higher education. While Clinton had a strong preformance, it did little to convince voters that she was a strong enough canidate to win the general election. Sanders also struggled on forgein relations and taxation, where commentators believe that Biden came out on top.
  • 13th:9th Republican Debate. Describes as a "Blood Bath" by CNN, the debate fetured Trump, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, and Kasich. The most heated exchanges where Trump vs Bush, who clashed on a multitude of issues, Trump vs Cruz, who clashed on Planned Parenthood, Cruz vs Rubio on illegal immigration, and Kasich vs Bush on medicare. Bush came out the biggest loser of this debate, failing to adequetly respond to Trump's attacks and coming up short on his clashes with Kasich.
  • 20th:
    • Sanders wins the Nevada Democratic Caucus
    • Trump wins the South Carolina Republican Primaries.
    • Jeb Bush suspends his presidential campagin
  • 25th: 10th Republican Debate: Trump, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich. Rubio and Cruz tag-team Trump on several issues,attacking him on Israel, Immigration, his buisnuess record, his former position in the Democratic party, and planned parenthood. Cruz did however attack Rubio over immigration and Rubio's vote to confirm John Kerry as Secretary of State.
  • 27th: Clinton nets her first win in the South Carolina Primary, beating Biden by 2% in the popular vote. This win was critical, slowing the momentum of Sander's campgain.


  • 1st: Super Tuesday
    • Democratic Results
      • Alabama: Clinton
      • Arkansas:Clinton
      • Colorado:Sanders
      • Georgia: Biden
      • Massachusetts:Biden
      • Minnesota:Biden
      • Oklahoma:Sanders
      • Texas:Clinton
      • Vermont:Sanders
      • Virginia:Biden
    • Republican Results
      • Alabama: Trump
      • Alaska: Cruz
      • Arkansas: Trump
      • Georgia: Trump
      • Massachusetts: Trump
      • Minnesota: Rubio
      • Oklahoma: Cruz
      • Tennessee: Trump
      • Texas: Cruz
      • Vermont: Trump
      • Virginia: Trump
  • 3rd: 11th Republican Debate. Carson did not particpate. Cruz, Kasich, Trump, and Rubio squared off on race relations, illegal immigration, Barrack Obama, and Forgein Policy. 
  • 4th: Ben Carson suspends his presidental campagin
  • 5th:
    • Democratic Primaries/Caucuses:
      • Kansas: Sanders
      • Louisiana: Biden
      • Nebraska: Sanders
    • Republican Primaries/caucuses
      • Kansas: Cruz
      • Kentucky: Trump
      • Louisiana: Trump
      • Maine: Cruz
  • 6th:
    • Maine Democratic Caucus won by Sanders. Puerto Rico Republican Primary won by Rubio.
    • 7th Democratic Debate: In Flint Michigan, the primary focuses of the Debate where Infrastructure, the ongoing water crisis, and Foregin policy, particularly humanitarian aid. Biden and Clinton, like Cruz and Trumps, tag teamed Sanders on several issues, including his previous status as an indpendent and his senate voting record. commentators agree that Clinton came out the strongest from this debate.
  • 8th:
    • Democratic Primary Results
      • Michigan: Biden
      • Mississippi: Clinton
    • Republican Primary Results
      • Michigan: Trump
      • Mississippi: Trump
      • Hawaii: Trump
      • Idaho: Cruz
  • 9th: 8th Democratic Debate. Biden, Clinton, and Sanders square off on health care, college, and forgein policy. Biden came out the strongest, with a clear plan to increase acsess to higher education, focusing on making community colleges free and higher quality. Sanders message of free public universities is strong among young voters, but his lack of a plan to fund said message hurt his crediblity.
  • 10th: Barack Obama offically endorses Joe Biden in a joint rally between the two.
  • 11th: Sanders, Obama, and Biden all meet in the White House in a closed door meeting. 
  • 12th:
    • Northern Marinias Democratic Primary is won by Clinton
    • The DC Republican Caucus is won by Marco Rubio
    • Wyoming's Republican Delegates pledge support for Ted Cruz
  • 13th: Bernie Sanders suspends his presidential campagin, endorsing Joe Biden.
  • 15th:
    • Democratic Results:
      • Florida: Biden
      • Illinois: Biden
      • Missouri: Clinton
      • North Carolina: Biden
      • Ohio: Biden
    • Republican Results:
      • Florida: Trump
      • Illinois: Trump
      • Missouri: Trump
      • Nrth Carolina: Trump
      • Ohio: Kasich
      • Northern Marianas: Trump
    • Marco Rubio withdraws from the race
  • 21st: Democrats Abroad primary won by Biden.
  • 22nd:
    • Democratic Primaries:
      • Arizonia: Clinton
      • Idaho: Biden
      • Utah: Biden
    • Republican Primaries:
      • Arizonia: Trump
      • Utah: Cruz
  • 26th:
    • Democratic Caucuses:
      • Washington: Biden 
      • Alaska: Biden
      • Hawaii: Biden


  • 2nd: North Dakota Republican delegates support Cru
  • 5th: Biden and Cruz win their respective primaries in Wisconsin
  • 9th: Colorado Convention Awards Ted Cruz all of the Republican Delegates
  • 9th: Wyoming Democratic Caucus is won by Biden.
  • April 14th: 9th Democratic Debate. Going into the Debate, The New York Times describes this as Clinton's "last shot" at the stopping Biden, who won 6 out of the last 7 primaries. The debate centered on the relationship between the two canidates and the sitting President, as well as forgein and economic policy. Clinton came out the victor, delivering a powerful forgein policy plan. However, when asked what she thought of Obama's endorsment of Biden, Secretary Clinton had little to say, a fact that hurt her image in the eyes of American Voters.
  • 19th: Clinton wins in New York by 55%-45%, finally slowing the momentum of the Biden Campagin.
  • 26th:
    • Democratic primaries/caucuses
      • Connecticut: Clinton
      • Deleware: Biden
      • Maryland: Biden
      • Pennsylvania: Biden
      • Rhode Island: Biden
    • Republican Primary Results
      • To be Filled in Later


  • 3rd:
    • Clinton Wins the Indiana Primary
    • Trump Wins the Indiana Primary
    • Ted Cruz suspends his presidential campaign
  • 4th: John Kasich suspends his presidential campaign. Trump is the last remaining Republican Canidate
  • 7th: Guam Democratic Caucus won by Biden
  • 10th: West Virginia won by Biden.
  • 17th: Biden wins the Oregon Primary, while Clinton wins the Kentucky Primary
  • 26th: Gary Johnson and William Weld are confrimed as the Libertarian Nominees for President and Vice President


  • 4th: Virgin Islands Democratic Caucus won by Biden
  • 5th: 10th and Final Democratic Debate. Biden and Clinton clashed on how they would preserve the Obama Administration's Legacy, how they would defeat ISIS, how they would combat Russian Agression, and how they would secure America's economic future for the next generation. Consensus is that Biden won the debate. This would be the final time Biden and Clinton meet in a debate.
  • 6th: Puerto Rico Democratic Caucus won by Clinton
  • 7th:
    • Primary Results:
      • California: Biden
      • Montana: Biden
      • New Jersey: Biden
      • New Mexico: Clinton
      • North Dakota: Biden
      • South Dakota: Clinton
    • Joe Biden passes 2383 plegded delegates, the minimum number needed to become the Democratic Nominee.
  • 7th: Clinton Suspends her presidential campagin, endorsing Joe Biden and calling for party unity. 
  • 14th: Now unapposed, Joe Biden wins the DC Democratic Primary.


  • 12th: Joint rally with Biden, the Obamas, the Clintons, and Sanders
  • 15th: Trump announces Mike Pence as his running mate
  • 21st: Donald J Trump is confrimed as the Republican nominee for President.
  • 20th: Biden announces Elizabeth Warren as his running mate.
  • 28th: Vice President Joe Biden is confrimed as the Democratic Nominee


  • 4th: Jill Stien is confrimed as the Green Party Nominee
  • 8th: Evan McMullin announces his candidicy for President as an independent


  • 26th: First Presidental Debate. Biden and Trump meet on stage for the first time. The Boston Globe describes the debate as "a massacre", with nearly 87% of polled, undecided voters believing that Biden won the debate. The Primary focus of the debate was Stop and Frisk laws, Police Oversight, Forgein policy, green energy, taxation, and Trump's tax returns. While Trump started strong, as the debate went on, Biden gained more and more ground, and evetually Trump began to self destruct and fall apart.


  • 4th: Vice Presidential Debate. Pence vs Warren. Mike Pence pulls off a strong victory over Warren, slowing the break down of Trump's campaign. The main issues where the characters of each Presidential candidate, the economic policy of each ticket, and the foreign policy of each ticket. Pence did well calling into question Warren's experience, being only a first term senator, while focusing on his own experience. After the debate. Pence's favorablity ratings where higher than that of Trumps.
  • 7th: Donald trump has a tape leaked in which he discusses sexually assaulting women. Trump writes this off as "locker room talk", but this, combined with earlier comments about women, only deepen the tailspin that Trump and Pence have worked so hard to stop.
  • 8th: George HW Bush, 41st US president, endorses Joe Biden for president, and disowns Donald Trump form the Republican party. His sons follow suit in a move that some view as career suicide for Jeb Bush. Within 24 hours, Trump loses the support of his own party, and slowly but surely more and more republicans denounce Trump, or even endorse Biden. When asked who he would be voting for, Speaker Paul Ryan gave a cryptic answer and ensured that he would no longer campaign with Trump, and would instead focus on maintaining the Republican Majority in the House and Senate.
  • 9th:Second Presidential Debate. Once again, Biden comes out the clear winner from the debate, which focused on racial tensions, energy policy, foreign policy, and the two candidates plans to grow jobs in the United States. Also discussed where the recently leaked Trump tapes, and the revelation that the Democratic National Committee attempted to rig the primaries in Clinton's favor. Trump's inability to explain why he has changed in 10 years hurt his favorably among young and women voters.
  • 10th: After denouncing Trump, John Kasich and Charlie Baker endorse Biden.
  • 13th: Trump's Campaign announces that Trump will not attend the third presidential debate, believing the moderators at the last two debates to be biased and unfair. Mike Pence announces that he will represent the Republican ticket at the next debate.
  • 15th: Third "Presidential" Debate: Biden and Pence debate about Trump's demeanor, character, and his policies. Biden is considered to be a narrow winner in the debate.
  • 16th: Paul Ryan dodges the question of his support for Donald Trump, saying that he is focusing on maintaining Republican control of the House and Senate.
  • 20th: A poll by the Wall Street Journal has Biden up by 25% in the popular vote.
  • 28th: Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton once again comes under investigation by the FBI yet again. The Biden Campaign distances itself from Clinton, but the investigation hurts Biden's lead.


  • 8th: Vice President Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump for the presidency, earning 60% of the popular vote to Trump's 32%. Gary Johnson's campaign made history by breaching the 5% threshold. Jill Stein also hit 1%, with the other candidates dividing the remaining votes among themselves. Evan McMullian received 1% in his own right, taking Second in Utah, and third in Minnesota. The final electoral count is 375 to 163.
  • 9th: Trump concedes to President-Elect Joe Biden, but does not give a concession speech. Vice President-Elect Elizabeth Warren formally resigns for her senate seat and the special election to replace her begins.
  • 13th: Biden announces Steve Ricchetti as his chief of staff.
  • 14th: President Elect Biden announces that his planned Supreme Court Nominee is President Barrack Obama. Vice-President Elect Warren announces that in the first 100 Days, The Biden Administration will create 300,000 new jobs.
  • 20th: President-Elect Biden announces that he plans to retain John Kerry as secretary of state.
  • 23rd: Biden further fills out his cabinent, announcing his intent to nominate Preet Bharara as Attorney General, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey for Secretary of Commerce, and Michèle Flournoy as Secretary of Defense.
  • 25th: Jack Lew is announced to be Biden's pick for Secretary of the Tresurey. With the announcment of Ed Markey for Secretary of Commerce, Ed Markey resigns from his senate seat and the special election to replace him begins.

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