The original flag of the California Republic, up until 1911.

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William Alvord, leader of the Second Bear Flag Revolt, in his later years.

1844- POD: Henry Clay wins the United States election of 1844.

1845- Manifest Destiny is declared in the United States.

June 14, 1846- The California Republic declares independence from Mexico following the onset of the Mexican-American War.

July 9, 1846- California is invaded by US Forces, and under the order of President Clay, is set up as an independent nation from Mexico, but a close satellite of the United States.

1847- The constitution of the Californian Republic is finalized, and closely mirrors the United States constitution in terms of governmental setup. Commander Ide is set up as the puppet president.

1848- Gold is discovered in California. Due to the large number of Americans and Mexicans seeking their fortunes, immigration is heavily restricted until 1850, during the decline of the gold rush.

1849- William Ide wins a second term as 1st President of California, now on the ticket of the Free Soil Party.

1850- Californian Democratic Party is founded.

1851- The now famous Fort Moab is constructed.

1852- William Ide wins a third term as 1st President of Calfornia, but dies three months later from smallpox. His vice president, John Neely Johnson becomes suceeds him as the 2nd President.

1853- Californian Railway Company is founded.

1854- The Californian Ursine Imperialist Party is founded. Although its member count never reached more than five thousand people, it is still in full operation today and holds one seat in the Californian Upper House.

1855- John Neely Johnson is reelected as 2nd President of California.

1856- The Californian Lower House is reformed to reflect the setup of the American House of Represenatives.

1857- The Second Bear Flag Revolt begins, which was an attempt by the coalition of the members of the Ursine Imperialists and the unregistered Socialist Party to oust the American puppet government in California and establish an American influence-free government.

1858- The Revolters successfully oust the government from San Francisco, and create a provisional free Californian Congress. The American puppet government in exile establishes itself in Bakersfield until American forces can be sent to take down the rebels. John Neely Johnson is sent into exile as well, being reelected by the satellite government themselves.

1859- Californian Populist Party is founded.

1860- Second Bear Flag Revolters are pushed out of San Francisco by American troops. Satellite Government sets itself up again in the capital.

1861- John Neely is reelected as 2nd President of California. Many considered it a rigged election.

1862- Due to the effects of the American Civil War, the satellite government in Californa orders a draft to assist American troops, the first of its kind.

1863- Child Labor is outlawed in California.

1864- California signs an agreement with the USA to build the Transcontinental Railroad through the country.

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