August 23rd- Germany and the Soviet Union sign a non-aggression pact.

September 1st- Germany invades Poland using Blitzkrieg tactics, beginning the Lightning War. 

September 3rd- Britain and France declare war on Germany.

September 17th- The Soviet Union invades Galicia and Poland. 

November 30th- The Soviet Union invades Finland.

December 31st- Finnish troops repel Soviet invaders. 


February 15th- The Soviet Union breaks the Finnish defense lines.

March 12th- Finland and the Soviet Union sign a peace treaty.

April- Germany invades Norway.

April 14th- The Enigma Code is broken by the British.

May 10th- Germany invades the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Norway. Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

May 19th- Aimens, France is conquered by Erwin Rommel.

May 26th- Allied troops evacuate from Dunkirk.

June 7th- With increased neutrality and isolationist feelings in the US, and fear of war with the Axis Powers, Franklin Roosevelt is compelled by the public to sign a peace treaty with the Axis. The Treaty of San Francisco is signed by Japan, Nazi Germany, the US, and other minor Axis Powers. The Axis Powers will not interfere with US shipping as long as it is not being shipped to the Allies. 

June 8th- The Axis Powers ratify the Treaty of San Francisco.

June 9th- Congress ratifies the Treaty of San Francisco.

June 10th- Italy declares war on the allies.

June 11th- The Selective Embargo Act is passed, making it illegal for US companies to trade with the Allies or the Axis Powers.

June 18th- The Soviet Union occupies the Baltics.

June 22nd- The Franco-German Armistice is signed.

June 24th- The Franco-Italian Armistice is signed.

June 25th- France officially surrenders to the Axis Powers, leaving Great Britain alone against the Axis.

July 1st- Vichy France is established as a German Puppet. French Tunisia, and French Algeria are given to Italy, French Indochina is given to Japan, but not a multitude of French Pacific Islands, angering Japan and causing friction between the two powers.

July 2nd- Hitler orders preparation for Operation: Sealion, the invasion of the UK. 

July 10th- The Battle of Britain begins.

August 12th- The Soviet Union conquers East Poland, and captures Helsinki. 

August 13th- British Airfields are bombed.

August 18th- Hermann Göring wins the first major Luftwaffe victory over the RAF.

August 19th- A German bomber hits Big Ben, destroying the landmark, and demoralizing the British. 

August 21st- Göring increases bombings on factories and airfields, along with ports, roads, rails, and farms. This hurts the British infrastructure. 

August 23rd- A major German naval victory over the Royal Navy. A blockade of Britain begins. 

August 24th-Without OTL US destroyers and supplies, the British economy is crippled.

August 25th- Hitler orders an early invasion up the Thames River on August 27th. 

August 26th- Increased bombings of London, the Thames and naval bases occur, along with preparation for Operation: Sealion.

August 27th- A German force is dispatched on the Thames, along with elite SS agents. They are heavily air-covered.

August 28th- The Battle of Gravesend is a decisive Nazi Victory, Churchill calls for more forces around London, pulling valuable troops from North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. 

August 29th- The German troops reach the outskirts of London at the Dartford Crossing. Hitler gives Churchill somewhat lenient surrender terms. Churchill reluctantly accepts, and agrees to a ceasefire, and surrenders.


March 7th- After months of preparation, the invasion is ordered. Three groups of roughly 1.5 million troops each, one from East Prussia, one from southern Poland, and one from Romania. 

March 14th- Soviet Poland and Romania are conquered, the Soviet Union struggles to mobilize. 

March 30th- Riga falls.

April 2nd- Kiev falls.

April 5th- Minsk falls.

April 15th- The Baltic States fall, Leningrad is pressured.

April 18th- Ukraine is conquered, the Crimean Peninsula is attacked.

April 19th- Belarus falls, Nazi troops begin "the march to Moscow."

April 24th- Odessa falls, along with Crimea.

April 29th- The 40 day Siege of Leningrad begins, being besieged by nearly a million Finns and Germans.

May 14th- Nazi troops hit massive resistance as they near Moscow.

May 20th- Stalingrad is attacked by Nazi troops.

May 23rd- The Empire of Japan attacks Siberian ports and Kamchatka in exchange for parts of British 

June 1st- The Soviet Lines break 20 mile from Moscow, Josef Stalin leaves for the Ural Mountains.

June 2nd- Moscow is abandoned.

June 3rd- Stalingrad falls, giving Nazi Germany access to the Caucasian Oil Fields.

June 4th- Nazi troops reach the outskirts of Moscow, bombing raids are conducted.

June 5th- A group of soldiers raise the Nazi Flag over Moscow.

June 7th- Leningrad falls. The Soviet Union surrenders.

June 10th- Finland launches attacks on Soviet ports in Scandinavia.

June 15th-  The Treaty of Warsaw is signed, giving Nazi Germany all the Soviet land in Europe, with the border at the Ural Mountains. Finland is given all the land it lost back, plus some port access and some extra land. Leningrad is renamed "Barbarossa" and the whole territory is renamed "Die Bereich Hitler", or "The Hitler Territory." Stalingrad is renamed New Berlin.

July 1st- The Victory Rally in Berlin takes place, with five million people crammed into the Inner City to catch a glimpse of the Führer.

July 4th- In the US, President Roosevelt declares the Great Depression completely over, after nearly 12 years. 

July 12th- The Selective Embargo Act is repealed.

July 17th- Hilter reorganizes the Reich, making all German speaking parts part of Greater Germany, and annexing the rest directly, including Vichy France and its possessions.

August 4th- Big Ben is rebuilt, and the UK grants independence of some of its colonies, including India.

August 25th- The UK and Sweden sign the Glasgow Pact, promising to never join the Reich.

September 1st- The Nazis celebrate "Victory Day."

September 22nd- Hitler gives a speech in Paris, and narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by Parisian Resistance forces. 

September 23rd- Paris is put under strict military occupation. 

October 2nd- Italy invades farther south into Asia, conquering much of the Sahara Desert.

October 19th- Nazi Germany annexes Bulgaria, with little resistance, marching on Sophia.

November 1st- Hitler offers invitations to Switzerland to join the Reich. Switzerland refuses.

November 3rd- Hitler asks again with more incentives, Switzerland tells him that they will remain independent.

November 5th- Hitler threatens war, and agrees to settle for the German speaking parts only, but the Swiss refuse.

November 6th- Switzerland closes its borders to Germany and Italy, and begins to mass armies and put in motion a Contingency Plan that was created in 1913 in the case of spill-over of a war onto Swiss soil, bunkers, turrets, and secret installations are installed in the Alps and all around the country.

November 7th- Martial Law is declared in Switzerland, Nazi spy planes are sent over Switzerland. 

November 8th- Troops are massed on the borders, Basel is evacuated.

November 9th- Delegates meet in Basel, but the peace delegation falls apart.

November 10th- A Swiss gun shoots down a Nazi spy plane, Hitler orders an invasion, Italy declared its support of Germany. The US and Britain declare support of Switzerland, and condemn the invasion. The Reich and its allies declare this "The War of Swiss Obstinance," but Switzerland, the UK, USSR, US, and other enemies of the Axis call it "The War of Nazi Aggression," neutral countries call it "The War in Alpine War."

November 11th- Nazi troops spill over the border, overwhelming Swiss defenses, taking Basel in a day.

November 12th- Zurich is taken.

November 14th- The Swiss win at Geneva.

November 15th-16th- Swiss troops begin to slow down German advances, and put up a position in the Jura Mountains.

November 17th- A follow-up attack conquers Geneva.

November 19th- Italy attacks at Zermatt, this is a disastrous defeat for Italy.

December 1st- Germany attacks from the east, but is held up in the Alps.

December 7th- An air-raid on Bern kills 1,252 people, 997 of them civilians. 

December 8th- Major cities are evacuated, people begin moving into the mountains.

December 9th- Switzerland retakes Geneva, but loses a staggering amount of troops, and are forced to regroup at Lausanne, but are pushed back to a fall-back base at Montreaux. 

December 10th- Italy attacks Bellizona and Brig, making a foothold in Switzerland.

December 13th- Montreaux is attacked on 2 sides by Italian and German forces.

December 15th- Swiss forces are pushed out of the Jura Mountains.

December 17th- Neuchatel falls.

December 20th-21st- Bern is fully evacuated by all but military personnel. Artifacts are stored in hidden bunkers in the Alps.

December 23rd- Italy takes Pochiavo, but are stopped in the city.

December 24th- Nazi troops push closer to Bern.

December 25th- On Christmas Day, Nazi troops regroup outside the city, allowing the Swiss troops to regroup and dig-in around the city.

December 26th- An air raid begins the attack, followed by artillery fire.

December 27th- Swiss defenders fight back against advancing Germans, and are winning.

December 28th- Germans push through the first-line of defense, but continue to meet heavy resistance.

December 29th- Germans enter the city, and engage in fighting in the streets.

December 30th- The tide turns in the favor of the Nazis, but Swiss defenders still control parts of the city, including the Parliament Building.

December 31st- The Swiss are expelled from the city, and it become clear that the city will fall. The Parliament Building is set on fire.


January 1st- The last of the Swiss troops are defeated, and the city is left in ruins.

January 9th- The Swiss Army in the West surrenders.

January 13th- Germany attempts to invade the Alps.

February 16th- After a month of Altitude Sickness and frostbite, German troops retreat from the mountains after being whittled down by military installations in the Alps.

February 27th- Re-inforcements arrive, and they surround the Alps.

March 4th- The last formal resistance is defeated at Interlaken evacuating government officials further into the alps, and splitting them up.

March 17th- The Luftwaffe bombs population centers and drops in Paratroops to control the area.

March 28th- Guerrilla warfare ceases is put down by SS agents in Switzerland.

April 1st- Most bunkers remain undiscovered, but any leaders found are executed or put in concentration camps, along with soldiers. Many Jews are rounded up, along with escaped prisoners, deserters and anyone else who used Switzerland for asylum.

April 5th- President Wetton's bunker is searched for, but with little luck.

April 7th- The Treaty of Bern is signed, and Switzerland unconditionally surrenders to Germany and Italy, and is split between the two powers.

May 2nd- Nazi controlled Russia is fully integrated into the Reich.

May 22nd- The USSR begins the Redemption Wars with a surprise invasion of Mongolia, hoping to reinsert their dominance in Asia.

June 13th- Mongolia falls, invasions into the war-ravaged Republic of China begin.

June 15th- Josef Stalin allies with the Peoples' Republic of China who, led by Mao Zedong, are currently waging a civil war against the democratic government.

July 31st- The Capital of the USSR is set at Omsk, after moving around temporarily.

August 4th- Hitler convinces Turkey to join the Reich by offering German Syria, German Mesopotamia, German Palestine, and the restoration of the Ottoman Empire, which he claims was never legally dissolved. 

August 7th-Turkey accepts, but requests armaments, which are given.

August 29th- The Ottoman Empire declares war on the Arabian Empire.

September 3rd- The UK sends troops to their colonies in the Middle East for defense. 

September 6th- With the support of her Commonwealth, Britain sends troops into the Arabian Empire to aid in the defense of the Arabs.

September 8th- The Ottoman Empire declares war on the UK, and the Commonwealth.

September 9th- Britain and the Commonwealth declare war on the Ottoman Empire.

September 11th- The Battle of Baghdad occurs, Ottoman forces are pushed back.

September 17th- The battles of Jerusalem and Damascus take place, the Ottomans lose Palestine and Jordan, but hold on to Syria.

September 21st- Hitler, seeing how badly things are going, threatens war with England.

September 23rd- Damascus falls, British forces enter Turkey.

October 2nd- Hitler sends forces to Turkey.

October 5th- The British lose at Ankara and are stopped before reaching Istanbul by German forces.

October 27th- British forces are pushed out of Turkey, but continue to fight.

November 9th- The British broker a deal with Turkey, they promise to give Mesopotamia, Syria, and part of Palestine and Jordan back, if they cease fire. Turkey accepts, forcing Hitler to stop attacking.

November 20th- Hitler, angered by what he considered a loss, turns his attention to Spain, and seeing a continuing Civil War, decided to intervene, Mussolini also declared intervention.

November 24th- Italian troops begin by attacking Spanish Morocco and the Balearic Islands of the Coast of Spain, Hitler attacked North from the Pyrenees.

November 27th- Italian troops land on the Mediterranean Coast, and capture Barcelona and Valencia.

November 30th- German forces reach the Republican front and smash their defenses, taking Madrid.

December 6th- Seville falls, Republican forces surrender.

December 12th- Nationalist Spain is added to the Reich, but the Mediterranean Coast, Spanish Morocco, The Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands are annexed by Italy.

December 16th- Italy declares themselves the "The Roman Empire of Italy."

December 20th- A German-supported coup d'etat takes place in Lisbon, Portugal. The Capital is captured by the Navy and SS troops. Known as "The One Day War," Portugal is added to the German Reich.


January 15th- The OSS HQ, the Pentagon, is dedicated in Arlington, Virginia. 

January 18th- The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising begins, Polish nationalists try to free the city from Nazi control.

February 1st- Iceland joins the Glasgow Pact.

February 9th- The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising spreads out of the ghettos into other parts of the city.

February 28th- Norwegian resistance members destroy a heavy water plant in Vemork.

March 28th- An Italian cargo ship transporting bombs and ammunition to Africa explodes suddenly in Naples, killing 600 people.

April 19th- 16 Nazi troops are killed, 42 are injured trying to round up Jews in the Warsaw Ghettos.

May 11th- Tensions between Japan and the US rise when US troops move onto the island Attu, claiming it to be part of the Aleutian Islands.

May 12th- The Glasgow conference brings Ireland, and the Commonwealth, into the Glasgow Pact.

May 14th- The Japanese sink an Australian Naval Vessel on the edge of the border, tensions rise with Australia.

My 19th- Winston Churchill addresses the US congress, trying to get the US to join the Glasgow Pact, but to no avail.

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