The year was 1965. The Cold War was at a hot point. America was tied up in the Vietnam War, sparking the hippie movement. Meanwhile, the Beatles have struck big in Europe and America. The Space Race was in full swing. The motivation to explore space was high, though if anyone had known what was out there, mankind would have happily stayed on Earth.

In July, Mariner 4 flew by Mars and discovered something shocking: a lone spacecraft of unknown origin flying toward the Red Planet. The craft impacted on Mars and exploded. Fingers pointed at the Russians, but the Russians denied the capability of this. Attempts to get to the craft began immediately. Little did humanity know they were stepping into affairs beyond them.



  • Azarath FlagAround 15,000 BCE an Azaranian Scout Ship has a hyperdrive malfunction, and in an emergency shutdown, exits near the Sol System. Hoping to look for a place to place a beacon, they go to the star the humans end up calling Sol, the Azaranians calling it Gallion. Upon arriving and surveying the system, looking for resources, the lone scout ship finds a planet with two sentient races of primates, Homo sapiens, and Homo Neanderthal. But this is only the beginning, they look nearly Identical to the Azaranians. The Azaranians, not wanting to disturb the populace, set up shop on Gallion-4, or Mars. When help finally arrived, the Azaranian Senate, in a secret meeting, approved the High Senate's request to set up a xeno-evolutionary research outpost on Gallion. Many ships, bearing the Azaranian Symbols, come to Sol, and build a Transgalactic Transport Relay on Gallion-4. The main base was on Mars, as the Azaranians temporarily terraformed it to their need. The Azaranians continued to observe the humans, interacting directly and indirectly for many millennia. 
  • Azarath Flag - 13,000-10,000 BCE - Azaranians help many pockets of humans and Neanderthals survive the ice age. However, they are not able to stop the extinction of the Neanderthal due to it being seen as them losing the evolutionary battle against Homo Sapiens, and that is the reason to found the outpost - xenoevolutionary research. Although no effort is made to save the Neanderthal from extinction, the Azaranians take a few specimens, both male and female, and put them into long-term cryostorage and collect samples of Neaderthal DNA to preserve the species. Azaranians build a small Planetary Transport Relay in what is today called Great Britain. Humans begin, in some ways, worshiping the Azaranians. Azaranian Comm Jammers are built so that no other civilization can detect either Earth, or the presence of humans. Azaranians to communicate outside the system by using QECs (Quantum Entanglement Communicators), which are essentialy impossible to block, whithout destroying either the transmitting or receiving computers.
  • Azarath Flag - 7000-6000 BCE - The Azaranians, with their interactions, have influenced human civilization and symbology on all parts of the globe, such as the number seven, the swastika as a symbol of peace and unity, and the oraborous. Azaranians decide to leave due to their influence being deemed too great by the High Senate and the Emperor. Some technologies are left on earth in the quick pack-up, but not many. The Azaranians leave the comm jammers intact, as they believe that now they must let the humans be until "the Primitives of Gallion-3 are wise enough to comprehend what we leave behind (referencing the relay on Mars, and small bits on earth, and the Comm Jammers)"


  • Azarath Flag At some point in the early 19th century, an Azaranian comm jammer, still fully operational, gets hit by a small piece of debris from a ship destroyed in a war thousands of years earlier. The Debris damages the automated distress beacon on the jammer as it is flung from its orbit towards the sun...



  • Azarath Flag An Azaranian comm jammer, hit by debris in the early 19th century, falls into an impact trajectory with the Earth. During re-entry, the Jammer's automated systems are able to detect what is happening, and the proper countermeasures are pursued, due to the ineffectiveness of the automated distress beacon, the on-board systems decide that preserving the probe is of paramount importance, in the hopes that the locals will have sufficient knowledge of technology (now or eventually) to activate the beacon (that sends the signal through the QEC on Gallion-4) manually. only a few meters above the surface of the Siberian forest in Russia, the energy converter on-board sheds the heat and potential energy gained during re-entry into explosive energy outwards, greatly reducing the damage to the probe and her systems, but basically shutting down the main power module, with only the backup generator remaining intact. The Crashing probe caused the Tunguska Event. The Comm Jammer was later recuperated by the Russian government.



  • Azarath Flag January - One of the many Azaranian communications jammers (blocking both incoming and outgoing signals) around the Sol system's power system finally fails after almost 10,000 years of bad maintenance. The jammer, due to malfunctions, instead of sending out a distress signal to The Azaranians, converts one of the radio signals coming from earth into the SFTLC format (Standard FTL Communications), by adding tachyonic fields to outgoing signals. However, these fields would only last a small while, as they are weak. The dying jammer system, believing that the distress signal was delivered, shuts down the communicators in the comm jammers in a futile attempt to prolong their life.
  • Ariax A signal is found by a large Ariax ship and a few hundred scout planes are sent out in stealth to explore.
  • Imerpial Seal An illegal cloning lab is shut down after discovery by Dravimosian law enforcement agents.
  • Azarath Flag April - Another ten comm jammers fail due to millennia of unmaintained systems. The extra strain on the power due to failing jammers has begun to exponentially degrade their numbers, as the jammers left now have to compensate for the ones missing.
  • Flag draft BFE A signal is found by a Promethean scout ship coming in from the Sol System.


  • Azarath Flag Almost 60% of the comm jammers have failed by the end of the year. The holes left are no longer small enough to be compensated for by the other jammers, that are now beginning to fail.


  • Imerpial Seal Princess Ysmira is born to a happy Imperial family
  • Praetorian Flag A Praetorian listening station reports hearing a signal from a system several hundred light years away.


  • Ariax A large Ariax ship is being built to explore the new planet which is clear to Ariax to contain life.
  • Imerpial Seal A scout ship locates a habitable planet inhabited by a sapient species in the Sol system. Since the system does not match any known colonized system, it is assumed that the species is one of pre-interstellar technology.
  • Flag draft BFE A Promethean scout ship locates a habitable planet inhabited by a sapient species in the Sol system. Since it doesn't match any known colonized system, the species is assumed to have pre-interstellar technology. However, after receiving radio signals coming from the planet, they realize that they have nuclear technology as they are in the transition stage most societies end up being in before most get destroyed.


  • Ariax The large Ariax military and colonization force is ready and has constant supply from the close-by Capitol ship and our planet.
  • Praetorian Flag A Praetorian Scanner Vessel discovers a small civilization on System: 194573, Numerical: 3, Designation: Terra, System Designation: Sol


  • Azarath Flag March - Most of the comm jammers around Shortan (Sol) have failed.
  • VenusianFlag A Soram scout ship crash lands on a planet in the Sol System after an engine malfunction.
  • Azarath Flag The Interplanetary relay station on Shotran-4 (Mars) detects the impact of the Soram ship, and sends an automated message to the High Senator of the Dark's office through a QEC that had been silent since the Azarath left the Shotran xenoevolutionary observation outposts. The automated message advises the Azaranians to send a small team to repair the power systems in the Shortan-4 Interplanetary Transport Relay so that they can examine the situation further, and repair the comm jammers until the native primitives are deemed "wise enough". The information is classified "for the Lords' Military Only", The highest type of classification until further notice.
  • Flag of the United StatesMariner 4 discovers evidence of alien life on Mars.



  • Flag of South Vietnam Flag of Vietnam Effective end of the Vietnam War. Both states continue to claim they are the only legitimate government of Vietnam.


  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) A coup in the Soviet Union ousts Premier Brezhnev from power and replaces him with a military government headed by Marshall Georgy Zhukov.
  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) Flag of the People's Republic of China Start of the Sino-Soviet War.
  • Flag draft BFE Promethean forces invade the Sol system and Terra, starting the Promethean Invasion of Earth.


  • Flag draft BFE Promethean forces are decidedly forced off Terra.



  • Flag draft BFE The Prometheans are defeated by the Alliance, forcing them out of the War.
  • MechFlag The Forge Incident occurs, worsening Mech relations with Galactic nations.
  • TerranEmpire The Firstborn and the Pact of Stars withdraw from the Seventh Galactic War.


  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) Construction of the first completely habitable human space station by the Soviet Union.


  • Flag draft BFE Founding of the colony of New Prometheus.
  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) Flag of the People's Republic of China Conclusion of the Sino-Soviet War.


  • Flag draft BFE Promethean forces rebel against their Grand Alliance guardians.
  • US flag with 52 stars by Hellerick Construction of the first human military outpost and colony on Luna by the United States, named Kennedy.
  • Flag draft BFE A Promethean revenge fleet is defeated in the Battle of Venus.
  • Flag of Tibet Flag of the United Nations Tibet is recognized as an independent nation by the United Nations.


  • The Battle of Kolris occurs, one of the most important battles of the Seventh Galactic War.
  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) First human landing on Mars, by the Soviet Union. Landings on Phobos and Deimos by the Soviet Space Forces soon follow.


  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) First human landing on Mercury, by the Soviet Union.
  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) The Soviet Union builds its first colony on Luna.
  • Flag of NATO The space industry begins to soar as Western companies begin to invest in asteroid mining and interplanetary shipping and travel.
  • Imerpial Seal  The Polaran State and the Brudahka Collective are both initiated into the Dravimosian Empire.


  • US flag with 52 stars by Hellerick The first human landing on Titan occurs, as U.S. forces scout out the outer system before returning to Terra.


  • US flag with 52 stars by Hellerick The United States Space Fleet traverses the Kuiper Belt, opening the way for interstellar travel.
  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) Soviet troops land on Pluto, ushering in the start of Pluto's history and prominence.



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