1700 AD: The Ottoman Empire manages to conquer Austria, opening the door to Europe. But to conquer Austria, they let Mesopotamia completely unprotected. Babylon, which was newly rebuilt in a mix of Babylo-Chaldean and Ottoman architecture, gains independence.

1705: The commotion of the Babylonian independence caused revolts in Vienna, Constantinople and Nineveh. The Ottoman Empire collapses.

1710: The Third Assyrian Empire is formed.

1715: Persia's leader is converted to Zoroatism, and renamed Cyrus the Third.

1730: The Two Crowns are found, and Pharaonic Egypt is reformed.

1732: King Babylos I, Second King of New Babylon, starts the massive convertion to Babylonian religion, and Pharaoh Ramesses XXII converts to Horusism (Monotheist version of the Egyptian Cult in which the gods are angels excepting Horus)

1733: Anarchy in the other regions start as anti-Muslim and independence troops start arriving. The Republic of United Sumer (Capital of Ur), the Empire of Cyrenaica (Capital of Cyrene) the Athenian League (Successor to the Delos League), New Byzantium (Capital of Istanbul and the Kingdom of Sparta). The Ottoman Empire is reduced to an area of 20 km around Bursa.

1735: The Ottoman Empire is no more. Byzantium now owns all of Anatolia and part of the Middle East. Only the Athens and Sparta Leagues obstruct its replacement as the only region on the ex-eastern Roman lands.

1736: Babylon declares war on Assyria. Assyria has much less troops than Babylonia, and it is 10 years younger. Babylon soon conquers Assyria and vassalizes Sumer.

1737: Ottoman commotion finally passes the ancient borders, and affects Napoli (separating it into Apulia and Napoli), Persia (making Zoroast Sassanids kings again) and Prussia. Unknowingly, the Second Spanish Succesion War ends for this reason.

1750: Babylos II is on the Great Babylonian throne on the 50th aniversary of independence. At the same time, the last of the Muslim people dies. The empire is 100% Babylonian now.

1751: The Sumerian Republic is absorbed into Babylonia. Babylonia changes to Messopotamia.

1752: Napoli declares war on the Byzantine Empire, which proves

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