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Athenian Legacy

405 BCE- (POD) Battle of Aegospotami -The Athenian Fleet under Conon, composed of 170 Ships, defeats a larger Spartan Force at Sea, in the greatest Naval Victory of Athens' Time. Conon is declared the Total Strategos, and given command of the Athenian Armies to March on Sparta. With Sparta's ports blockaded and its people in a state of mourning, it is unable to respond quickly. By the time the  military state has organized itself properly, the Peloponnesis is invaded by Athenian Armies who lay waste to the country side. 

404 BCE- Conon arrives outside the City of Sparta. The Spartans refused to act in a cowardly manor, and march out to engage the Athenian Forces. Spartan forces are crushed by a defensive line of Athenian Veteran Hoplites and archers who then march in and sack Sparta, ending the war. The Kingdom of Sparta is destroyed and is replaced by an Athenian-installed democracy.

403 BCE-399 BCE- Following the Athenian Victory, Athens focuses on its colonial interests with a desire to expand. In 403 BCE, Athens strikes a deal with Corinth and the Sicilian City-State of Segesta. Athens agrees to pay Corinth enormous sums of gold, which Corinth puts towards its reconstruction process. The Pelopennisian City agrees to back Athens in its Sicilian endeavours, keeping a increasingly angry Sparta in check. The Athenian Army lands in the north of Sicily, and annexes the city of Segesta with local support, infuriating neighboring nations. The most fearful of Athenian Expansion is Syracuse, the largest Sicilian Power, who fears that Athenian Expansion might eventually pour over into their own lands. In 400 BCE, Syracuse signs a treaty with Thebes that forges a alliance between the two cities in the event that Athens invades Syracuse.

300 BCE's:

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