Timeline for the Assassins alternate history.


  • 1210: Hassan the Great becomes the ruler of the Assassins, ruling from a castle at Alamut.
  • 1210-1224: Hassan expands the Assassins, and begin to take control over neighboring provinces of the Abbasid Caliphate. Fortresses are reinforced and a peasant army is created. Hundreds of peasant foot soldiers march the countryside and take large swaths of territory.
  • 1225: The Abbisad Caliphate, weary of the Assassins power, sendings its army to destroy its fortresses at Alamut. The Assassins defeat the Caliphate in several battles, and take control of more land area.
  • 1226: Az-Zahir, the leader of the caliphate, is murdered by the Assassins. His son, Al-Mustansir, becomes the leader of the caliphate.
  • 1227: Al-Mustansir is murdered by the Assassins as well. As-Salih Ayyub, a military captain from Egypt, becomes the leader of the Caliphate. He is secretly supported by the Assassins. Ayyub subsequently ends the war against Assassins and withdraws troops from Iran. With the soldiers gone the order expands, and by 1230 controls territories from the Persian Gulf to the eastern Meditteranean Sea.
  • 1232: Hassan sends soldiers to aid the fight against Al-Andalus by the Christians. The Assassins secure an alliance with Ferdinand III of Castille, giving them their first European ally.

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