Here is a timeline of notable events in the Ard Marjhoola Timeline.

Bold indicate important events, while italics indicate events outside the main sphere of interest of the Alternate History. All years are in AD (Georgian Calendar).

1st Millennium AD

9th Century

889: Ibn Aswad leaves Emirate of Córdoba in the old world in search of discovery.

890: Ibn Aswad returns, speaking of new lands. This promotes further exploration, although its believed Ibn Aswad himself never ventures out again.

10th Century

909: Fatimid Dynasty is formed, creating a rival Caliphate.

927: Abd-ar-Rahman III of the Emirate of Córdoba announces reorganisation of the state, claiming it as the Caliphate and himself as Caliph, continuing the Ummayad Dynasty.

933: First colony, New Córdoba in Ard Marjhoola.

942: Umm Qasr, second Córdobian colony formed.

950: Rafh, third Córdobian colony formed.

956: Ronda, fourth Córdobian colony formed.

961: Abd-ar-Rahman III dies, is succeeded by his son Al-Hakam II.

965: Emirate of Sicily formed by the Fatimids.

969: Fatimids declare victory over the Ikhshidid Dynasty, Cairo founded as Capital.

976: Al-Hakam II dies, is succeeded by his son Hisham II.

2nd Millennium AD

11th Century

1003: Pope Silvester II dies, name will later be tarnished as a result of worsening Muslim-Christian relations.

1004: Córdobian Civil War starts between Al-Hakam and his Chancellor Muhammad Ibn Abi Aamir.

1006: Córdobian Civil War ends with the help of Berber allies to the Caliph. Moorish-Berber Unionification begins.

1012: Pope Sergius IV dies, rumours of "Saracen" involvement in his death will help fan the flames of a holy war on the horizon.

1017: First Crusade Starts, between the Papacy and the Fatimids.

1021: First Crusade ends. Norman state founded between the two rivals of the conflict.

1022: An attempt to find shipbuilders to replace those lost, the Fatimids take control of a border town on the Cordorbian side of the border.

1024: Fatimids produce their first colony on Ard Marjhoola; New Cairo.

1025: High point of the Córdoba-Fatimid Border War in North Africa.

1027: Second Crusade starts, this time against the Abbasid Caliphate. Much longer, deadlier and wide ranging than the previous, it spans many leaders rule.

1032: Pope John XIX who started the Second Crusade; is killed by a mob. Gossip spreads, and theories of "Saracens" inciting the local population to kill him.

1053: Second Crusade ends, with questionable results of success.

1067: Berber Explorers in Ard Marjhoola, make first official contact with Natives; over 130 years after first colonisation.

1071: To promote Córdobian Culture and power, the Emirate of Ard Marjhoola is formally announced.

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