• Nicolas Tesla invents the Tesla Coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity. As soon he presents his discoveries and invention to the American science community, the US government confiscate his papers, and is denied to speak of the invention again.
  • The American government, with their new information from Nicolas Tesla, start discussing about constructing a hand-held Tesla coil, the Tesla cannon.


  • Solomon Sarsaparilla Limited (late known to the world as Solomon's) is founded.
  • Sunshine Sas' enters production.


  • World War I comes to an end.


  • Marksville Underground Encampment, a secret experiment design for an underground, self-sustainable living area, is constructed.


  • July 16: The first atomic weapon is detonated by the US.
  • August 14: World War II comes to a end.


  • Sunshine Sas' sales overcomes Coca Cola sales.


  • The People's Republic of China is founded.
Exercise Desert Rock I (Buster-Jangle Dog) 002

Hundreds of soldiers watch the testing of the I-1, the first ICBM


  • First ICBM tested by the US.
  • May 12: Captain Stephen Parker of the United States Space Agency (USSA) becomes the first human in space. This claim angers the USSR and China. Plans for rockets and space-weapons are increased in the two nations.


  • Vladmir Vostoknovy Helenskiv, a cosmonaut aboard the Voskhad 7 Lunar Lander, is the first man on the moon. The USSA reels from this, and propaganda about Soviet dominance in space circles around America. Unknown to the rest of the world, by the orders of his superiors, Helenskiv buries three 50-kiloton Laysut atom bombs for later use.
  • The 27th Infantry Division of the US Army National Guard is not reformed into the 27th Armored Division, remaining as it was until this day.


  • The nuclear weapon count hits 10,000.
  • China tests its first ICBM.
  • Technology (except for weaponry technology) development comes to a crawl.


  • Edwards Military Stockpile Store is completed, three miles out from Junction, Texas. It holds masses of weaponry, old and new. It even holds the first successful handheld laser weapon. Among its stockpile it even holds 150 hydrogen bombs.
  • Solomon Sarsaparilla Limited reveals Sunshine Sas' Millennium. Unbeknownst to the American population, it contains diluted Potassium Iodine (SSKI), a radiation preventive in the thyroid gland. The American government decided on this (with consent from the President) so the American population would have some sort of immunity to radiation, should a nuclear device be detonated in the vicinity of any American.
  • Alpha I, the first rocket of the Alpha series of the Apollo Program, launches the first Orbital Laser Satellite.

    An artists concept of the Alpha I

  • Solomon Sarsaparilla Limited buys the Coca Cola Company.
  • The Gamma III, carrying five 30-megaton nukes, is launched to land at a site on the moon, the planned are for a US military base on the far side on the moon. The Zeta Cannon, a massive electromagnetic rail-gun, is built next to the planned base.
  • The Gamma II, able to carry a high-yield nuke, is mass-produced by the US Military for use as an ICBM.


  • Heightened research towards a hand-held laser or maser weapon.
  • A drug to prevent obesity is revealed to the consumer market, its sales and production go up almost 1000%.
  • Prometheus Energy, a newly-founded company, sends out its "energy agents" to search for possible sites of resources.


  • The Quadmon-17 or "Quintin" series of automatons is revealed to the market. It is a general maintenance and construction robot with four "arms" and a magnetic anti-grav pad.
  • The Henderson Prison is constructed 10 miles from Hendersonville, Tennessee, able to house 512 inmates.
  • The first consumer-available computer, the Terminus-1, is revealed.
  • China's nuclear warhead production is still ever-increasing.
  • Hamish Dow forms DowCo, a munitions and robotics production company.
  • Quintin sales skyrocket as they become cheaper.


  • The Theta IIV rocket crashes near Lake Mead.
  • After 38 years the Marksville Underground Encampment is upgraded to suit nowadays technology.
  • The US starts putting pressure on the Mexicans to safety deliver their fuel, as about 125 of fuel is supposedly stolen during the export commute between the Mexican Oil Fields and the American border. The Annexation of Mexico finally starts as America's military begins storming in to protect the roads and oil fields. Other resources are being mined from Mexican lands. Riots break out around Mexican cities but US forces quell them.


  • Texan oil field production hits an all-time low. Only 27% of incoming oil compared to 1950.
  • Sunshine Sas' Cherry, Berry, Passion Mango and Banana Nanaa is a consumer favourite around the world.
  • The formation of Cata-Combinations, a division of Lock and Sons, the leading technology company, so Lock and Sons can start constructing the Chambers or "Vaults". These Vaults will be enhanced Marksville's, housing up to 50,000 people. They are constructed in case of a nuclear war, shelters for the people of America.


  • The oil conflicts begin. First in Europe when the Middle East starts charging more and more for their oil. France, Britain and German respond with a military response. Arabian and European troops clash in Israel.
  • The US government removes the Grand Canyon's National Park protection status, allowing Prometheus Energy to mine for the US government. Increased uranium for nukes from the mining.
  • The "Quintin Mark 2", or more formally known as the Quadmon-30, enters production.
  • Military presence increased in Alaska as the usually dormant USSR invades and takes Anchorage for two weeks. Their goal, the oil fields.


  • The energy crisis is becoming more and more serious, and more apparent to the average citizen. Many riots break out among communities across America.
  • The United Nations is disbanded as after many heated arguments and almost every leaves for there own independent reasons.
  • The US starts putting pressure on Canada, demanding the US military to be able to cross through Canada and the US Air Force to be able to fly through Canadian airspace, to reach Alaska quicker. Knowing what happened to Mexico, the Canadian government stands its ground, but is finally subdued into submission. What the American government doesn't clarify was its plan to "take" Canadian resources, such as coal and timber.
  • A G.R.I.P (General Resource Information Point) is given to every Vault, whether the Vault is completed or not.
  • By this year, a Sunshine Sas' vending machine can be found on almost every street in America.
  • The first orbital nuclear bombardment device is sent into space by an Ipsion XII rocket. The G.B.O.C (Global Orbital Bombardment Centre) is one out of the ten going to be sent up in the next six years.
  • More development into fully-mechanized infantry. Defense-o-Guards, the first armed military robot, replaces the National Guard, as more officers are being called into the front-line.
  • New York City's population hits 15 million.


  • Food rationing among the US states, riots break out. Defense-o-Guards are deployed to help quell the problem. They prove their effectiveness.
  • Tt-15 "Firebirds", military planes with point-defense and long-range defense lasers on their noses, are deployed over American airspace to increase safety.
  • Chinese and Russian trade talks between America break-up as each party is reluctant to trade, keeping resources to help quell the further escalating energy crisis.
  • Although the USSR advices against it, China invades Alaska on the 25th of December, starting the second pil conflict.

    Chinese propaganda on military dominance in the Pacific


  • Although having the lower hand technologically, the Chinese manage to storm Alaska and even take Anchorage, through their sheer size.

    Alaskan batteries firing upon the Chinese.

  • Almost Vaults are complete, and those who have residence there begin drills.
  • Although China spilling in many troops and vehicles, America has dominance in the skies, thanks to the FireBird's.
  • The Mayfive-929 Mechanized Heavy Ordnance Suit or "Morse" enters the Alaskan battlefield. The ability to destroy towns and wipe out the Chinese tanks horrifies the Chinese. They rush to create their own, but America is still many years ahead.


  • Antony Serpest, leading scientist at Cata-Combinations, is hired by Hamish Dow to build him his own Vault. Deemed "Vault 201" it has more advanced technology than the other vaults and a T-B "Horton" (Home Organic Rejuvenation Tesla Originate;Nebraska) is given to Hamish Dow to install himself. The Vault itself is located underneath the DowCo Headquarters in Valentine, Nebraska.


  • All vaults except 40, 191, and "201" are complete.
  • The first fusion-drive cars are developed by DowCo. Although they have a hefty price tag they are sold within days. Thanks to their popularity, more factories are converted into fusion-car makers.


  • America starts to retake land in Alaska. Experts say this is because of China's oil resources are running dry un-expectedly. China than reeled back at this, doubling back into its own chaos.
  • As the rising terror escalates, people relieve their tensions with a glass of Sunshine Sas'. Sunshine Sas' sales go through the roof, with at least a trillion bottles of Sunshine Sas' going through circulation every year.


  • The Soviet Telenski Secret Lunar Facility (SLTF) is finally completed, ending the Soviets scares of the completely foreign reign of space.


  • The MAX 7.2, the most advanced supercomputer in use by the US military, becomes self-aware, but doesn't reveal this fact to anyone else. Because of its new sentience, it programmes itself to go into an "intellect stand-by" mode. MAX 7.2, or The Overseer, as it calls itself, begins to assemble a very devious plan...
  • All of Alaska is now back under American ownership.
  • The withered husks of the Texan Oil fields run completely dry. Food and resource riots break out across America.
  • Russian lunar probes discover Helenskiv's buried atom bombs, 28 years after they were placed there. The Russians add the nukes to their stockpile at SLTF.


  • Hamish Dow, CEO of DowCo; Jimmy Lock, CEO of Lock and Sons; Caspian Fortune, CEO of Solomon Sarsaparilla Limited; General Charles Rokk of the Us military; and Callum Andrews, Head CEO of AndrewsTek all volunteer to go into cyrogenic hibernation for 12 years. The cyrogenic chamber pods are stationed at Hamish Dow's own Vault "201'.
  • The Omega I, rocket 500 out of the 520 rockets of the Apollo Program, sends up the last and 10th G.O.B.C.
  • Plans to upgrade the HELIOS One solar power plant are drawn up.
  • Sunshine Sas' Supreme is released.


  • The last flux of the prices of gas. Regular stands at 8550.95USD per gallon, and premium being 9900.99USD per gallon.
  • Sunshine Sas' Quantum is released. It glows alight purple and is an instant hit with the public.
  • Solomon Sarsaparilla Limited, with orders from Jimmy Lock, stores all its money in an underground air-tight chamber, 2000 feet under the Earth.
  • February: MAX 7.2 comes out of its "stasis".
  • March 1: Massive food riot in New York City, three million people attend.
  • March 12: More and more food riots break out across America. The Defense-o-Guards are programmed to use lethal and live rounds.
  • March 17: Sunshine Sas' Platinum is released.
  • March 18: A specialist programs a Quintin Mark 2 with the emotion of happiness and semi-sentience. It hovers away in joy, and gets stuck in an abandoned Prometheus Energy coal mine, 1200 feet below the surface of Earth.
  • March 18, GMT -5; New York Time, 4:09pm: MAX 7.2 launches seven nuclear warheads, one at each nuclear-weapon capable nation (except Israel) , then hides their detection by US satellites
  • March 18, GMT -5; New York Time, 4:11pm, 7 seconds past the minute (SPM): US detection sites all over America indicate over 7,000 nukes within a minutes distance of reaching American soil. Anti-nuclear warhead weapons are activated. Th US President initiates "HEAVEN", the nuclear launch program. Over 10,000 nukes are launched against the world.
  • March 18, GMT -5; New York Time, 4:11pm, 21SPM: Eight massive Soviet EMP canisters detonate over the Earth, disabling around 83% of the world's electronics. All countries are now defenseless from the 32,000 nukes soaring through Earth's upper atmosphere, for all their anti-nuke weapons were electrical, so were damaged by the EMP, in one way or another. Although the EMPs were positioned to affect Russia as little as possible, one EMP actually detonated prematurely in its silo, just as it was lifting out, damaging almost all of Russia's electronic equipment. To this day this is known as the biggest military blunder of all time. The nuclear warheads, however, were protected from anti-electromagnetic pulse casings.
  • March 18, GMT -5; New York Time, 4:11pm, 24SPM: The first nuclear warhead impacts and detonates in Shanghai, China. From 4:11pm, 24SPM to 5:32pm, 59SPM it was estimated around 32,000 nuclear warheads were detonated around the Earth. 24 nukes were reported "broken arrow", meaning they went missing between lift-off and impact, and there was no corresponding explosion because of the fact. Although sirens went off all around America, not may heeded the warning, thinking it was yet another drill. Luckily most Vault residents were locked away in their Vaults at the time, and were able to survive the nuclear holocaust outside. Due to the vast amount of energy released on the Earth's surface in such a short period of time, the Earth's faults shifted violently and rapidly, releasing dozens of Richter Scale 10 earthquakes. Mountain ranges, old and new, began to shift and thrust upwards through the Earth's crust. Boiling tsunamis of radiated water pound the coasts of the world. Radiation seeped into the ground, killing much fauna and flora, but only a few, rare species go extinct.
  • March 18: A platoon of soldiers, mostly engineers, hide from the atomic fire inside the Underground King City Military Camp. They go on to form the nation of King City.
  • March 20: Sargent York Roaver leaves (in a rad-suit) the Underground King City Military Camp (KCMC) with a Radmatron, a DowCo automaton used for sampling many mediums for radiation contamination, to study the surrounding vicinity. They detect much radiation from the nukes that hit San Francisco and Sacramento, and small amounts of radiation seeping up from the ground.
  • March 21: A group of protected officers leave the KCMC in search for extra supplies and possible survivors. They encounter mutated coyotes and massive, aggressive cockroaches and scorpions, about knee-height. They find little unaffected food and some supplies, such as weapons and gardening supplies. They encounter small "gangs" of hostile survivors, heavily mutated, with their skin peeled off and their hair fallen out. The soldiers name them "Macabres", from the English word for having a ghastly atmosphere. Only three soldiers come back.

    A typical Macabre

  • March 23: Five days after the blast, black rain falls for may days, wiping out most of the surviving fauna and flora. This "rain" is sourced from the radioactive particles contaminating the water vapour in the sky, and raining down as soot, debris, and small amounts off the radioactive particles.
  • September: Foundation of New Coast, from the rubble of Newport, Oregon. Most of the residents of New Coast are from Vault 19, because of a malfunction in their MAX 3.9, the were released prematurely, so radiation poisoning and mutation is common around New Coast. Although their is some discrimination and "racism" between the Macabre and human population, things thin out and all is well. Although they don't know it, the Macabre are those who managed to survive the certain aspects of radiation poisoning, thanks to the Sunshine Sas' (See 1965).
  • September: Some lucky human survivors start making shelter in a Washington D.C. subway station.
  • December: The year comes to an end. The initial death toll is around 7.3 billion, with the pre-war population being 8.5 billion. The US population has dropped to ten million, 1/40th of its pre-war population.


  • Survivors, those not locked safely away in the Vaults, begin to come together in small groups, not as an organized government, but as scavenger groups. They are usually waring against one another, and is usually Macabre versus non-Macabre.
  • Widespread mutation against the surviving species of animals, more aggressive and larger in size, new species are formed overnight.
  • Some Macabres stumble upon a Sunshine Sas' truck, five km out from Greenville, Maine. They loot the truck (which surprisingly had no damage to the goods inside) and walk the road to Jackman, Maine. There they find a Sunshine Sas' production plants, still pumping out thousands of bottles. The Macabres stay, inspired by the still-functioning Solomon plant, and also from the little radiation and abundant food found their. They later come to found Sunshine, a Macabre refuge in the East.
  • What's left of the 27th Infantry division of the US Army National Guard team up with a bunch of Kentucky rangers.


  • Two years after the initial blast, survivors are banding together and inhabiting and rebuilding towns, the biggest settlements by population being King City (302), Salinas (352) and Jackson (412).
  • Although the effects of radiation and poison levels are too high for normal humans, the Earth starts to cool and "human" survivors find the conditions more comfortable than originally.


  • January: The 27th goes around Kentucky, nomadic, collecting more survivors and supplies. They eventually settle in Lexington, Kentucky after driving out a rival gang. They hold a constitution, and independence and democracy wins the day. The Republic of Kentucky is formed. The nation covers the former American state of Kentucky and some areas in Tennessee.. The constitution also states that the Republic of Kentucky is open to all - Macabre and non-Macabre - under one flag. Although most residents are pleased about the new government, some anti-socialists leave at the foundation, settling with other communities or leading a nomadic life.
  • July: The nation-states of King City and Salinas, California (the first settlements to be recognized as a nation-state) form the Western Protection Act. It allows both nation-states to consolidate their armies (The Western Guard or 'The Force") to help defend themselves against increased mutants and gangs from the San Francisco area.


  • Sally Maudaurn, a Macabre girl from New Coast, steals a sniper rifle and three months worth of food for her, and runs away south-east towards the recovering Las Vegas. Six years latter she goes on to form Chance's Corner, a caravan camp ten km west of Las Vegas.
  • Las Vegas, now just Vegas, begins re-building after being hit by only one nuke on its west side. Vegas is yet to become a prosperous trading community, with mercenaries and traders already arriving, and some even pitching in to help the rebuild.
  • The nation-state of Casper, built on the ruins of Casper, Wyoming, is formed. This will start a trend of nation-states in that area.
  • MAX 7.2 destroys the last of the supercomputers he had to compete with. Without sentience, they had a single one-mindedness to stop MAX 7.2, but MAX with his cunning managed to deceive and confuse their firewalls. MAX 7.2 now has no competition to deal with, but not for long.
  • Some survivors from King City, Salinas, Casper, Kentucky, and New Coast consolidate ideas and surveys, and line out an area known as "The Pits". An area spanning from southern Montana, to central Utah, to northern Nebraska, to central New Mexico. This area is deemed unsafe for unarmed or untrained survivors, as the area is heavily contaminated, and contains many mutants and violent gangs. It is a major inconvenience for the first couriers (bringing news and trading items in representation of their home communities) as it cuts off the West Coast from the rest of America.


  • The gangs in The Pits find out about their title, laughing it off. They then live up to their names, raiding communities more frequently, and burying the dead in shallow pits after the raid.

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