NOTE: the date are given in the gregorian calendar


26 october

Russia is paralysed by strikes ordered by the Union of Unions. Trains are canceled and the telegraph lines are dead.

28 october

The Soviet of deputies call on the unions members to shut down places of business if needed by force. On the same day, the October Manifesto, written by state council member Alexi Obolenskii on request of Sergei Witte, is presented to the Tsar. This manifesto demand 3 major items: personal freedom of speech and assembly, a Duma (assembly) elected by universal suffrage, legislative power given to the Duma as well as control over the budget and the bureaucracy.

30 october

Despite threats from his entourage of resignation and even suicide, the Tsar officialy refuse to sign the manifesto claiming that to do so would violate his coronation oath to defend autocracy and that the revolutionaries were mostly Jews anyway.

31 october

The tsar comments, widely reported, cause both anti-jewish pogroms and renewed vigour for the soviets who began taking the law into their own hands. Thus began the Russian Civil War

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