• The town of Colfax mysterious vanishes on October 13th.

A Nation is born


  • The town appears on the outskirts of London, England. King Henry VII sees this and has the mayor of the town arrested for witchcraft.
  • The town fights back and soon storms the streets of London, killing the King in the process.




  • The Senate passes a resolution to allow all citizens of Colfax to move in and become part of the town.
  • The town is soon abandoned.

Expansions and Wars


  • Constant clan wars and the death of the King of Wales lead to England annexing both countries.


  • Ireland is annexed by England.


  • The Democratic ideals from the English Revolution spread to France and the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Seeing these ideals as "heresy" the Holy Roman Empire declares war against England, leading to the War of the Cross.


  • British forces storm Vienna and Rome after two years of conflict, leading to the subjugation of the Holy Roman Empire and Italy at the hands of England.
  • France under King Louis VI decided to embrace some of the ideas and form their own Parliament. As a Constitutional Monarchy, France became the first ally of the English Republic

Technological Revolution and Great Immigration


  • Due to the better standards of living and available jobs within the two countries of the Franco-English Alliance, tens of thousands of people have emigrated
  • Breechloading Rifles are slowly being phased out of the N.E.A (New English Army) and replaced with Bolt-action Rifles
  • The first Wind Power Plant is built

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