The following information is a list of events that occurred in the All Under Heaven ATL.



January 1st: A group of radicals in the Imperial Court assassinate Jianwen, the Emperor of China. Jianwen's uncle, Zhu Di, is crowned emperor on the same date.

March 3rd: The first born son of Zhu Di, now Emperor Yongle, is born.


January 1st: Yongle dies of a stroke. A regency council rules China for the next 14 years.


January 1st: Yongle's eldest son ascends to the Dragon Throne at the age of 15. He becomes Hongxi I.

March 3rd: China is "westernized." China's technology and military group is now classified by Europeans as "Western European."

March 6th: All hall of records is discovered inside the private library of the late Yongle Emperor. Inside were plans for advanced technologies as well as scientific, social, and political concepts that were almost 400 years ahead of their time.

March 7th: Modernization of the Imperial Army began.

May 11th: Hongxi I addresses his people for the first time, calling them to rely on no one but themselves to push China to glory and greatness.

July 19th: The capital of China is moved from Nanjing to Beijing.


January 5th: Hongxi I adopts a newly born infant as the crown prince.

Februrary 22nd: The first treasure ship, classified as a threedecker man of war in OTL, is launched. Although called the Gunye Chang, its called by Europeans as the USS Enterprise. All the old ships of the Ming navy are scuttled outside Beijing's harbor on the same date.

August 1st: A new royal palace is inaugurated in Beijing.


February 20th: Construction begins on the Forbidden City.

September 20th: All mercenary forces in China are disbanded as a part of the modernization of the army.


March 1st: People claim that the Mandate of Heaven was restored to the Middle Kingdom.


March 24th: The Forbidden City is finally finished after 5 years of construction. The old royal palace becomes the Summer Palace.

September 27th: The new Imperial Navy fights against a pirate fleet in the Battle of Guangzhou Bay. The pirate fleet is sunk with zero losses for the Chinese.


January 2nd: China's national focus is moved to Beijing.

May 25th: A national epic honoring one of China's emperors is made. The so called "Florentine School" is supported by the Emperor.


October 1st: The School Establishment Act is passed by the Imperial Court.


January 2nd: Manchuria declares war on China. The War of Manchurian Aggression starts.

January 4th: Shan declares war on China to honor its alliance with Manchuria.

January 25th: The Battle of Hinggan occurs, with China defeating virtually the entire Manchurian army.

April 13th: Lan Xang declares war on China to help Manchuria.

May 13th: The Imperial Navy defeats the Manchurian fleet in the Battle of the Korean Bay.

July 16th: The Shan army is defeated in battle.

September 21st: All of Manchuria is under Ming occupation.


January 18th: The last Shan stronghold falls.

January 19th: Shan is annexed by China.

May 4th: Taungu declares war on China.

June 8th: Hongxi I's heir is officially recognized.

October 17th: The Lan Xang army is utterly vanquished.

October 23rd: Lan Xang's last stronghold falls.

October 24th: Lan Xang is annexed by China.


January 6th: Taungu's army was destroyed in battle.

February 1st: The Imperial Court passes the Militia Act.

September 28th: The last Taungu settlement falls.

October 1st: Taungu is annexed by China.

October 7th: Manchuria offers a peace treaty to China, which is accepted immediately. End of the War of Manchurian Aggression.


November 1st: The War of Tibetan Aggression begins when Tibet declares war on China.

November 5th: Korea declares war on China.

November 16th: Pegu declares war on China.

December 4th: The Koreans lose the Battle of Hamgyeong.


January 14th: The Tibetan army was annihilated in the Battle of Qamdo.

February 10th: The Korean navy was sunk in the Battle of the Yellow Sea.

April 29th: All of Korea was under Ming occupation.

May 1st: Korea signs a peace treaty with China.

June 15th: Assam becomes a Ming vassal.

August 28th: All of Tibet is under Ming occupation.

November 4th: The Pegu fleet is defeated in the Battle of Akyab Bay.


January 14th: The Pegu army is defeated in the Battle of Moulmein.

March 10th: Pegu is under Ming occupation.

March 11th: Pegu is annexed by China.

March 13th: Tibet is absorbed into the Ming Empire, ending the War of Tibetan Aggression.

September 21st: A unified system of weights, scales and measures was made.


September 21st: A national court system is established with the passing of the Judiciary Act.

November 5th: Dai Viet declares war on China, starting the War of Dai Vietian Aggression.

November 7th: The Khmer Empire joins the war on Dai Viet's side.

November 21st: The Dai Vietian army suffers a major defeat at the Battle of Thang Long.

December 3rd: Dai Viet's naval forces are all sunk by the Imperial Navy.

December 30th: All of Dai Viet is now under Ming occupation.


February 20th: The Khmer army is defeated in the Battle of Champassak.

June 10th: The entire Khmer Empire is under Ming occupation.

June 12th: The Khmer fleet is defeated in the Battle of the Gulf of Siam.

June 13th: China annexes the Khmer Empire.

June 14th: Dai Viet is annexed by China.

July 1st: China was declared to be overextended by court officials.


April 4th: A royal marrage between Lan Na and China is made.


January 5th: A great armada under Admiral Youjian Zongyan was sent out on an expedition to discover new lands.

December 17th: Admiral Youjian Zongyan's fleet discovers what is considered to be the coast of California in OTL.


August 7th: The Chinese make first contact with the Zapotec.

August 19th: The Mayans are first encountered by the Chinese.

September 19th: First contact is made with the Incas.

October 1st: The Chimu are first encountered by the Chinese.


January 23rd: Admiral Youjian Zongyan dies while the expedition is at Bahia Blanca. The fleet is forced to return back to China.

September 3rd: The great expeditionary force arrives back home in China. Admiral Youjian Zongyan is buried with full honors.

September 5th: A new fleet commander, Loi Hao, leads a new expedition to continue charting the coastline of America in OTL.


June 1st: The armada reaches the westernmost portion of Chinese maps, proving that the world is round.

October 5th: The armada encounters the Creek for the first time.


September 7th: Loi Hao dies while the armada is off the Coast of Cuba. The armada is forced to turn back.


May 10th: Loi Hao's expedition returns with its leader's body. Loi Hao is buried with full honors.

May 22nd: A third expedition is launched under the command of Admiral Tianqi Song. Their goal is to discover uncharted lands south of the 10th southern parallel.

November 1st: Admiral Song's fleet discover what is Australia in OTL.


February 23rd: A plot to overthrow Hongxi I and replace the Imperial administration with a bureaucratic despotism is discovered. The conspirators are dealt with almost immediately.


March 1st: What is considered to be the Atlantic Ocean in OTL is fully charted by Admiral Song's expedition. The discoveries of the past 13 years persuades Hongxi I to build more fleets.

May 11th: Hongxi I dies at the age of 55. All of China mourns. On the same day, the 39 year old crown prince becomes the 5th emperor of the Ming Empire, taking the name Hongxi II. While the new emperor is crowned in Beijing, a revolt led by Gaoxu Song occurs in the province of Jasagdu.

June 1st: People feel that the Mandate of Heaven had left the Empire once more.

July 25th: Gaoxu Song is killed in the Battle of Jasagdu. His revolt ends soon after his death. After news of the revolt's suppression reaches Beijing, Hongxi II enacts the Dissolution Act.

August 4th: Manchuria once more declares war on China. The Manchurian Reconquest of Yakesa begins.

August 7th: Ayutthaya declares war on China as well.

September 8th: Admiral Song's fleet is forced to turn back to the Far East to blockade Ayutthaya's ports.

November 10th: Admiral Song's fleet reaches the Mekong Delta. An Ayutthayan fleet is also in the area, and engages the Imperial Navy.

November 11th: The Battle of the Mekong Delta ends with the defeat of the Ayutthayan fleet.

December 9th: The Ayutthayan army is defeated in the Battle of Tenasserim.


January 12th: Lan Na was occupied by Ming forces.

February 21st: The Manchurian capital falls to Ming forces.

March 20th: Hongxi II's first son is born.

May 9th: Ayutthaya was under Ming occupation.

May 22nd: Hongxi II enacts the Statute of Monopolies.

May 23rd: Ayutthaya was annexed by China.

May 25th: The armies of Lan Na were defeated at the Battle of Pegu.

May 26th: Lan Na is annexed by China.

June 18th: Manchuria surrenders to the Chinese, ending the Manchurian Reconquest of Yakesa.

June 20th: Taiwan becomes the first Chinese colony.

October 1st: China is declared to be overextended.

November 20th: Admiral Song's mission to chart undiscovered lands continues.

December 1st: Manchuria declares war on China for the last time, starting the Manchurian Conquest of Liaoxi.

December 28th: Manchuria is annexed.


January 25th: Korea declares war on China, starting the Korean Reconquest of Hamgyeong.

January 28th: Champa declares war on China.

February 16th: Korea was under Ming occupation.

February 27th: The Korean army is defeated in the Battle of Gangwon.

April 13th: Champa is occupied by Ming forces.

June 6th: In the Battle of Siem Reap, the Champan army is defeated.

June 9th: Champa is annexed by China.

August 2nd: Korea is annexed by China, ending the Korean Reconquest of Hamgyeong.

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