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This is a timeline of all of the major events in the history of the world since 338 BCE in the Alexander Empire timeline.


4th Century BCE

  • 338 BCE: Philip II conquers all of Macedonia and Greece.
  • 336 BCE: Philip II assassinated, Alexander III takes the throne.
  • 334 BCE: Alexander mounts an invasion of the Persian Empire.
  • 328 BCE: Alexander completes the capture of the Persian Empire.
  • 327 BCE: Alexander mounts an invasion of India.
  • 326 BCE: The troops in India mutiny and refuse to go on.
  • 322 BCE: Preparations for invasion of India finished and an invasion commences.
  • 315 BCE: India captured by Alexander and made a province.
  • 313 BCE: Alexander captures Tibet and Ceylon and makes them provinces.
  • 310 BCE: Alexander conquers South East Asia and makes it a province.
  • 310 BCE: Alexander completes his dream of reaching the Great Outer Sea.
  • 309 BCE: An invasion of the Arabs in the Arabian peninsula is started.
  • 308 BCE: Last Arabs in Mascat are defeated and the land is annexed.
  • 307 BCE: The Southern Sarmatian tribes are annexed into the empire.
  • 307 BCE: The Caspian Sea is conquered and under the control of Alexander.
  • 307 BCE: Barbarians raid and burn cities in north Macedonia and get close to Pella.
  • 306 BCE: An army ventures north of Macedonia, but comes out empty-handed.
  • 305 BCE: Alexander builds many new cities in North Macedonia.

3rd Century BCE

  • 300 BCE: After a period of peace and fortification, Rome attacks Macedonia.
  • 299 BCE: 85,000 soldiers attack Rome amphibiously, and Alexander is wounded.
  • 297 BCE: 60,000 Macedonian soldiers defeat a force of 65,000 Roman exiles.
  • 297 BCE: Carthage takes West Sicily, West Egypt joins the Hellenistic Empire.
  • 295 BCE: Alexander declares war on Carthage.
  • 294 BCE: An amphibious attack is attempted but fails to capture the city.
  • 294 BCE: Land invasion of the Carthaginian Empire commences.
  • 292 BCE: The Hellenistic Empire captures Carthage.
  • 291 BCE: All of North Africa falls into Alexander's hands.
  • 290 BCE: Alexander attacks Spain where the Carthage's remnants lay.
  • 290 BCE: Gallic tribes and Carthage use guerrilla warfare to keep themselves alive.
  • 288 BCE: The Pyrenees Mountain Range is cut off and captured.
  • 286 BCE: The Carthaginian Empire is annexed into the Hellenistic Empire.
  • 284 BCE: Pella and other cities are threatened by Barbarians.
  • 279 BCE: Gaul has either joined or been conquered by Alexander.
  • 276 BCE: Alexander IV takes the throne and starts the Macedonian Dynasty.
  • 270 BCE: Alexander the Great dies as the creator of the greatest empire the world had ever seen.
  • 269 BCE: Alexander IV completes the conquering of Southern Great Britain.
  • 268 BCE: Alexander IV invades Germania meeting heavy resistance.
  • 260 BCE: Alexander IV wins the Battle of Sincer, giving him control of half of OTL Germany.
  • 251 BCE: An army of 100,000 moves up the Danube, and subdues barbarians one by one.
  • 219 BCE: Philip III defeats the last Germanic barbarians and the empire now controls Germania.
  • 210 BCE: Philip III takes Scotland after defeating a huge combined army of Picts and Scots numbering 110,000.
  • 206 BCE: The Gaels are conquered and Ireland is annexed into the empire.

2nd Century BCE

  • 198 BCE: Alexander V becomes the leader of the empire and conquers more of Africa and the island of Sumatra.
  • 157 BCE: Karanos I takes the throne after Alexander V passes.
  • 155 BCE: Karanos declares war on Kush.
  • 154 BCE: A ground invasion of Kush from Egypt commences, cavalry, war elephants and ships down the Nile pound Kushites.
  • 152 BCE: The Battle of Meroe destroys Kush, and takes Meroe for the empire.
  • 147 BCE: Karanos finishes a fortification of the empire and then attacks the Slavic Tribes in OTL Ukraine.
  • 144 BCE: Karanos continues advancing into OTL Russia with a force numbering 90,000.
  • 135 BCE: The final Slavic barbarians are annexed into the empire.
  • From here, the empire conquers the southern Finns and northern Samartians by 101 BCE.

1st Century BCE

  • In the 1st Century BCE, the empire conquers more of OTL Russia, Borneo, Java, and some more of Africa.

1st Century CE

  • No expansion, the empire holds steady.

2nd Century CE

  • 128 CE: A republican form of government is established. A senate rules alongside the emperor.
  • Some more of China is conquered.

3rd Century CE

  • ~215 CE: Mongols attempt an invasion of the empire.
  • 235 CE: India is by now severely damaged.
  • 242 CE: Mongols ousted from India, but with heavy losses.
  • 245 CE: The Empire begins a decline as it loses North India and Southeast Asia.
  • 253 CE: Persia breaks away from the empire, as does Carthage and Arabia.
  • 254 CE: Rome breaks away, the barbarians escape from the empire.
  • 255 CE: Only the Balkan Peninsula and West Asia Minor are part of the empire.
  • 256 CE: Greece and Asia Minor declare independence.
  • 257 CE: Pella and its surrounding territories are now the only territories of the empire.
  • 257 CE: The empire officially collapses.
  • 261 CE: Rome conquers the Italian peninsula.
  • 266 CE: The Eastern Balkan Peninsula and North Spain fall into Roman hands.
  • 268 CE: Carthage conquers North Africa and Southern Spain.
  • 294 CE: Carthage conquers the Kingdom of Egypt.
  • 295 CE: Rome conquers Gaul and Southern Germania.
  • 298 CE: Theodoric the Bloody-Handed conquers all of Germania and founds the New Germanic Empire.
  • 300 CE: Alexanderomagus is taken by Theodoric.

4th Century CE

  • 303 CE: Freawine (Alexander Empire) ambushes Scipio, who won the battle but lost his life. Theodoric continues.
  • 303 CE: Theodoric captures Burdigala.
  • 303 CE: Alexander Byzantinus becomes leader of Rome and plans the retaking of Gaul and Spain.
  • 304 CE: Freawine captures Roman Spain and puts his eye on Carthaginian Spain.
  • 304 CE: Byzantinus lands in Palermo and sends a spy to turn Freawine against Theodoric, which starts a civil war.
  • 306 CE: Byzantinus and Nacifel Caso, a Carthaginian General, launch a massive invasion of North Spain numbering about 200,000.
  • 307 CE: Byzantinus is proclaimed king by his troops over Romulus Marcianus.
  • 307 CE: Weakened Germanic forces are defeated by Romans, Freawine is caught and executed.
  • 308 CE: Caso takes the Balearic Islands in a frantic search for the Germanic King.
  • 309 CE: Caso attacks the Germanic held islands of Sardinia and Corsica. The Germanic King is caught and killed.
  • 310 CE: Rome invades Gaul as Carthage solidifies its new acquisitions of Sardinia and Corsica.
  • 310 CE: Byzantinus officially becomes king of the Roman Empire, renames it the Byzantine Empire, and makes the Macedonians the ruling class.
  • 311 CE: At the Battle of Lutetia, Theodoric is caught an imprisoned by the Romans.
  • 314 CE: Rome has now re-conquered most of Gaul, but Byzantinus lets the Germanic tribes keep Germania.
  • 314 CE: Byzantinus celebrates his victory over the New Germanic Empire in Pella, and pardons Theodoric.
  • 359 CE: The Byzantine Dynasty begins with the throne being given to Amatius I.
  • 361 CE: Byzantinus dies and is mourned all over the empire.
  • 390 CE: The Mongols appear once again and utterly destroy the Kingdom of India.
  • 400 CE: Mongols complete the capture of Southeast Asia, North China and Tibet.

5th Century CE

  • 407 CE: The Persian Empire once again meets a speedy end after a quick capture by the Mongols.
  • 410 CE: The Mongols advance more than 300 km into the Byzantine Empire and capture Byzantium.

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