1754 - The Albany Plan is accepted by all the representatives of the colonies and so the Plan is put forward to the British government. William Pitt who has recovered from a mild illness has signed the Plan and in doing so made it effective. Soon afterwards Great Britain and British North America are united too become the United Kingdom of Britain and North America. While in this new 'super nation' the Head of State is King George III, in Britain the Prime Minister stays as William Pitt while in the North American Union the Prime Minister was Benjamin Franklin, and in the 'super nation' the title of Prime Minister was shared by both men.

1755 - Due to the now larger threat made by the new United Kingdom of Britain and North America, the Denmark-Norway Union decided to attack Sweden again, after the earlier failure in the Scanian War. At first, again it was a large success and the Danish made much more ground than before. Frightened of losing an ally France declared war on the Union and started sending troops to help the Swedish. After many requests the United Kingdom of Britain and North America decided they should fight against the French on the side of the Danish, and this saw a dramatic turn for the worst for France and Sweden. With the French navy slowly being devastated by the Royal Navy and many British and American troops started to support the Danish in Sweden.

1756 - By this time the Second Scanian War had easily been won by the British and Danish, with most of Sweden under Danish control. The new country formed through this was called the New Kalmar Union.

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