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  • 200 BCE: Germanic tribes unite to form the Teutan Empire.
  • 196 BCE: Teutan Empire invades and conquers an area in Eastern Europe, approximately equal to OTL's Poland, which they name Slavland.
  • 192 BCE: Teutans conquer Scandinavia, which they name Nordland.
  • 185 BCE: Teutans conquer France and the Low Countries, which they collectively name Galland.
  • 184 BCE: Teutans conquer British Isles and name them Celtland.
  • 179 BCE: Teutans conquer Italy and Balkans, which they name Sudland.
  • 119 CE: A series of civil wars causes the Teutan Empire to break into its component lands.
  • 1066: The Kingdom of Iberia is established, and remains the only place in the world where Italic languages are widely spoken.
  • 1219: Grand Duchy of Lithuania is established.
  • 1235: Lithuania conquers the lands of the Rus'.
  • 1239: Lithuania conquers Slavland.
  • 1489: Kristofer Kolombaz (OTL Christopher Columbus) sails for Galland, and discovers Kolomba (the OTL Caribbean).
  • 1494: Celtish, Gallish, and Iberian colonists attempt to go to the Americas. Only one ship, a Celtish one led by Callum Mills, succeeds, and lands in OTL Delaware. North America is named Millsia.
  • 1499: Nordish colonists discover OTL South America, naming it Agustia after King Agust II of Nordland.
  • 1502: Gallish colonists colonize Kolomba.
  • 1506: Iberian colonists colonize OTL Quebec, naming it Nobe Ispanie.
  • 1510: Kolomba expands to include the parts of Agustia which touch the Kolomba Sea.
  • 1514: New Celtland expands to OTL Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.
  • 1550: Colonies continue to expand. By this time, New Celtland is the eastern half of the OTL United States, Nobe Ispanie is the eastern half of OTL Canada, Kolomba is northern Agustia and OTL Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Sea, and Ny Nordland is nearly all of Agustia.
  • 1606: Lithuania begins to expand east, now having territory in western Asia.
  • 1612: Lithuania continues to expand, now sharing a border with China.
  • 1619: New Lithuania founded in OTL Alaska.
  • 1623: New Celtland and Nobe Ispanie expand, with New Celtland covering approximately the area of the OTL United States, and Nobe Ispanie covering approximately the area of OTL Canada.
  • 1752: Kolomba declares indendence from Galland. Kolomban War of Independence begins.
  • 1754: Kolomba wins independence, forming the Kolomban Republic.
  • 1763: Nobe Ispanie declares and wins independence. Ny Nordland shortly does the same.
  • 1768: New Celtland declares and wins indepdendence, forming the United States of New Celtland.
  • 1815: Lithuania sends ambassadors to Japan.
  • 1823: Lithuania sells New Lithuania to Nobe Ispanie.
  • 1919: A Lithuanian assassinates Archduke Ferdinand of Sudland. Sudland declares war on Lithuania. Due to tangled alliances, Iberia and Teutany declare war on Lithuania, and Celtland and Galland declare war on Iberia, Teutany, and Sudland. This marks the beginning of the World War.
  • 1920: Sudish and Teutanian forces capture southwestern Lithuania. Ny Nordland declares war on Iberia, Teutany, and Sudland. Meanwhile, Iberia captures southern Galland and the Nazi Party is founded in Teutany.
  • 1921: Nazi Klaus Ziegler is elected Chancellor of Teutany. Teutany captures Slavland. Nobe Ispanie declares war on Iberia, Teutany, and Sudland. Galland recaptures its lost territory, and captures northern Iberia.
  • 1922: Sudland captures lost Iberian territory and sells it back to Iberia. Celtland begins Operation Python, a secret project to create an atomic bomb. Teutany captures the parts of Lithuania on the Scandinavian Peninsula.
  • 1923: Teutany launches an invasion of Celtland, but is repelled by Galland. Operation Python is completed, and Berolina is bombed. Teutany, Iberia, and Sudland surrender. The war ends, with Lithuania being granted all its lost territory plus the eastern half of Teutany. Lithuania and New Celtland arise as global powers.
  • 1924: A communist group overthrows Grand Duke Nicholas III of Lithuania, and forms the People's Republic of Lithuania.
  • 1937: Kazakhstan becomes part of Lithuania under the name "Kazakh Lithuanian Communist Republic".
  • 1940: Mongolia becomes part of Lithuania under the name "Mongol Lithuanian Communist Republic".
  • 1942: China becomes part of Lithuania under the name "Chinese Lithuanian Communist Republic".
  • 1957: Civil war in Malaysia (which owns all of Indochina) - The original government is in South Malaysia, whereas the North Malaysian government wants Malaysia to become part of Lithuania.
  • 1958: New Celtland intervenes in the Malaysian civil war, sending troops to help South Malaysia.
  • 1960: North Malaysia wins civil war. Malaysia becomes the Malay Lithuanian Communist Republic.
  • 1987: A series of revolutions in Lithuania causes it to become the capitalist Lithuanian Federation; however, unlike OTL's Soviet Union, it retained control of all its territories.

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