"Four years, four long goddamn years. It was one bloody and destructive war for that long, but it was a necessary one. I realized that after working blindly for the corrupt government of the old United States...........

That was the story of the Second American Civil War. A war that Butler, my predecessor, had begun to free the country from its worst enemy: itself. An enemy that for too long has perversed itself into America's way of life and now, it is finally defeated. But there are still at large those that continue to refuse the truth. To tear down everything we have built and to see everything we have achieved crumble! Now, I can say that must end, not just here in the United States, but also in the rest of the world. For the unaware, Benito, Hitler and Butler all had a singular vision twelve years ago, a vision that its people would be uplifted out of poverty and that the state, the people as a whole are more important than the individual, for together, we can accomplish anything. During the two wars that ravaged Europe, this vision of Fascism was tested and we have succeeded this test. Nazi Germany conquered most of Continental Europe, Italy grew in power, and the new United States grew in industrial strength and we've risen out of the Great Depression into economic greatness. And I can say that despite the loss of the Philippines to Japan during the Second Civil War, and the loss of Alaska and Hawaii, this war continues, not as a war between men but a war between ideas, a war that will shape all of human history from this point forward, and right now we're all tied. And yet, there are still malfunctions to the engine of human progress, the Communists remain as do the British, wielding massive empires, and the terrorists of the so-called "American Resistance" continue to violate the peace of this great nation. While our enemies, the Allies, are still more powerful than us, this is their zenith, thus they can only fall further from grace and their downfall will be our time to soar. We shall soar for we are a new humanity who are willing, capable, and strong enough to take on whatever challenges face us, to create new technologies to advance human kind, and this is why our ambition will be fulfilled......." - Secretary of General Affairs Douglas MacArthur, "A War Between Ideas" speech, 1945

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  • Hitler comes into power in Germany. 
  • Albert Einstein flees to America. 
  • Point of Divergence: Smedley Butler agrees to attend a conference Gerald C. MacGuire is attending involving the American Legion. 


  • Japan invades Manchuria. 
  • The PLA's Long March begins. 
  • A military coup occurs in the United States, which results in most of the US government being evacuated from Washington DC and heavy fighting in Washington DC. The Second American Civil War begins. 
  • Albert Einstein flees the US to Canada to avoid the chaos in the United States. 
  • The American Union is formed as a "compact of states" to preserve stability and peace between the States of the US until the end of the Second American Civil War. 
  • Canada occupies Alaska and most of New England under the pre-text of keeping the American populace safe for the duration of the Second American Civil War.  
  • The Philippines declares independence from the US, taking advantage of the civil war, only to be annexed by Japan. 
  • The Battle of the James River results in a costly victory for the American Legion. 
  • The Battle of Octa results in a victory for the American military, forcing the Legion out of Ohio. 
  • Charleston is captured by the American military. 
  • The Battle of Pittsburg becomes a costly defeat for the American military and the old government is forced to retreat South. 
  • Persia becomes Iran. 


  • The American Armed Forces suffer a near-total defeat in the Battle of Harrisburg. 
  • The American Legion retakes Charleston. 
  • The Saarland votes to rejoin Germany. 
  • Radar first comes into being. 
  • Hitler begins to rearm Germany in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. 
  • The Chaco War (which began in 1932) ends. 
  • The Second-Italo Ethiopian War begins.


  • The American Armed Forces lose the Siege of Atlanta as the American Government begins to retreat to Phoenix as a temporary capital. 
  • The Battle of Dallas results in decisive victory by the American Legion against the US Armed Forces. 
  • George V dies and is replaced by Edward VIII only to be replaced by George VI by the end of the year.
  • Italian East Africa is born following the end of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. 
  • The Rhineland is reoccupied by Nazi Germany. 
  • The Focke-Wulf Fw 61 becomes the first fully controllable helicopter. 
  • The Spanish Civil War begins. 
  • Stalin begins the Great Purge in the Soviet Union. 
  • The Axis Powers are born.


  • The Fall of Phoenix results in the US Government retreating to California, then Oregon, then Washington and finally crossing the border into Canada following the Battle of Seattle. The majority of the remains of the US Armed Forces proceed to British Columbia and establish a government-in-exile while the Free America Army is formed by those who remain in the US. 
  • The American Union dissolves and the States are reunited under Secretary of General Affairs Smedley Butler. 
  • Butler begins to implement his "Golden Ticket" policies by bringing the States back to the gold standard.
  • Hawaii declares independence from the US, refusing to recognise Butler's America, albeit to the dismay of various pro-Fascists in Hawaii, officially spiralling the Republic of Hawaii into civil war and ethnic conflict.
  • Alaska is officially annexed by Canada.  
  • The Hindenburg Disaster occurs. 
  • Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  • The Volkswagen comes into being. 
  • The Second Sino-Japanese War begins. 


  • Hitler annexes Austria in the Anschluss. 
  • The American People's Liberation Army forms out of Communist and Socialist militant groups in the West Coast of the United States.
  • The Reborn Sons of Liberty are born out of a coordination of various conservative anti-Butler militias in the Deep South. 
  • The Czechoslovak Crisis and the Munich Agreement occur, allowing Hitler to establish the Protectorate of Bohemia and Morovia and the puppet state of Slovakia. Much of Slovakia and the Carpathian Ruthenia is occupied by Hungary. 


  • Otto Hahn achieves nuclear fission, effectively triggering the nuclear age. 
  • The Spanish Civil War comes to an end. 
  • Siam changes its name to Thailand. 
  • The Uranprojekt begins work in Germany. 
  • The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is signed by Germany and the Soviet Union. 
  • Poland is invaded by Nazi Germany and the Six Month War begins. 
  • The Westminster Project is authorised by Chamberlain, albeit reluctantly. 
  • The United American Front forms out various anti-Butler militias in the East Coast of the United States, most notably in Pennsylvania and Virginia (despite the popularity of Butler's regime in the former region), where most of the group operated at the time until the formation of the American Resistance.  


  • Denmark and Norway are occupied by Nazi Germany. 
  • The Winter War occurs around this time. 
  • Chamberlain resigns, effectively making Winston Churchill Prime Minister of the UK. 
  • Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg are occupied. 
  • 300,000 troops are evacuated in the Battle of Dunkirk. 
  • Winston Churchill, Benito Mussolini, and Hitler sign the Treaty of Naples, effectively creating Vichy France, occupying Northern France, and ending hostilities in Western Europe. The result is a white peace between Germany and Britain, ending the Six Month War. 
  • Shortly after the signing of the Treaty of Naples, Stalin begins to prepare his troops along the border with Germany and other Axis powers in Europe, fearing an attack by the Reich. 
  • Secretary of General Affairs Smedley Butler is replaced by former US Army General Douglas MacArthur after he dies of cancer. 
  • The Democratic Forces are born as a splinter group of the Reborn Sons of Liberty, dissilutioned with the increasingly brutal tactics of the Reborn Sons of Liberty. 
  • The Eagle's Defense Forces are born in Texas following the destruction of Austin by MacArthur's forces in an attempt to root out the Free America Army. 
  • George Patton proposes the increased coordination of resistance groups across the United States and after meeting with the recently formed Democratic Forces, the United American Front and the American People's Liberation Army (the last group reluctantly), the American Resistance is born as a coordination of the major resistance groups of the United States with the goal of restoring the old US government. 


  • Operation: Barbarossa begins, triggering the Eastern War. However, the German advance is slower than expected, noting that the Soviet Union had been in preparation for such an invasion. 
  • The early stage of the Holocaust begins.
  • The Eagle's Defense Forces join the American Resistance.
  • Japan begins the Ni-Go Project. 


  • Japan invades Macau.  
  • The Reborn Sons of Liberty join the American Resistance. 
  • The Final Solution is executed as the Holocaust goes into full swing.
  • The Wehrmacht is stopped just short of Outer Leningrad and in Eastern Ukraine. The Soviets follow with a massive counter-attack. 
  • The Manhattan Project is authorised by MacArthur's government in the States, several years behind the Germans and British. 


  • The USSR reaches the former border with Estonia and as far as the Southern Buh River, as the fighting there drags on to a bloody stalemate and Germany tries to launch a counter-attack. 
  • Japan begins work on the F-Go Project following the scrapping of the Ni-Go Project. 


  • The fighting in the Eastern Front begins to subside. The Russo-German DMZ is established after the Oslo Accords are signed and the Eastern War ends.  
  • The American Resistance grows in members and begins to become increasingly defiant. 
  • The Cold War begins.  


  • Now.....WWII has ended and the Cold War has begun. Will you be observer in history? Or will you play a part in it and make an Act of Ambition? 

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