Timelines emerging for the "A later new World" Project

The Iberian Peninsula following the Portuguese Succession Wars (1383-1389)

1385: Battle of Aljubarrota (POD) - Castilean triumph

1386: The Douro and Santarem campaign in the North: Entre Douro-e-Minho captured by Castileans, Santarem hold out

1387: Raid to the Algarves.

1388: Fall of Santarem and Viseu.

1389: Fall of Lisbon, Portugal declared under Personal Union with the Crown of Castile and Leon.

1391: Coronation of King Henrique III of Castile deemed illegitimate by the Portuguese, as he is not the son of King Juan and Infanta Beatriz of Portugal. Another Rebellion broke out

1393: The Portuguese marched on Extremadura.

1394: Castileans counterattack..

1397: Castile won the conflict.

1399: To secure the line, Infanta Beatriz is once again remarried to the King of Castile, another rebellion occurred

1401: King Henrique III delegated his power to Fernand I of Aragon due to his deteriorating health

1409: King Henrique III died, his son by Infanta Beatriz, Juan II (8 years old) became king

1411: Fernand I of Aragon won the conflict, the Portuguese Nobles and Merchants were banished from the country.

The four waves of Portuguese Exodus:

  1. England (1411-1413, established the Cortes do Angles (1414), led by Joao d'Aviz, patronage under the Duke of Somerset, Joao d'Aviz is married to Isabel of Gloucester, nephew to John of Gaunt)
  2. Granada (1411-1415, established the Cortes d'Andaluces (1412), led by the Meneses family, patronage under the Yusuf III, resided in Malaga)
  3. Morocco (1411-1412, established the Cortes do Ceuta (1412), led by the Braganza family, patronage under Wattasid Wazirs, resided in Ceuta)
  4. Genoa (1411-1416, established the Cortes Moncaro (1415), mostly merchants and lesser nobles)

1417: Establishment of Cortes Portuguesas in Malaga, a triennial meeting between the Four Cortes.


  • Cortes do Angles: Compromise made between Joao d'Aviz, Virei (Viceroy) of the Cortes, and King Henry V that the Portuguese will help the English forces in their conflict with the French while the Royal Lancastrian-Somerset Family will gave both land and monetary support.
  • Cortes d'Andaluces: The Cortes successfully lobbied the Emir Yusuf III to hand the management of the army of Cora of Takurunna and the government of the City of Malaqa (Malaga, Malhas) to the Portuguese.
  • Cortes do Ceuta: The Duke of Braganza sealed an alliance with the Wattasid Wazirs to the Emir of Maghreb. Tetouan (Tetouhas), Tlemcen (Llemcen), Ceuta and Qsar el-Kebir (Alqueviro) given to the Portuguese in exchange for the advancement of the missile technology

1421-1448: Andalucian Conquistas (War of the Grenadine-Cortes Alliance) between the Castile and Aragon Crown and the Emirate of Granada assisted by the Cortes d'Andaluces and Cortes do Ceuta, aftermath: Granada relinquish the territory of 12th Century Emirate of Cordova: All cities south of the river Guadalquivir and river Seguro with the addition of the city of Cordoba (Qurthubah) falls to the Grenadine hands, also the counties of Huelva and Algarves which will be administered by the Cortes d'Andaluces.

1434: Cortes d'Angles chooses Henrique de Aviz as the successor of Joao d'Aviz. Navigation project begins

1436: Discovered the isles of Madeira

1439: Discovered the isles of Azores

1443: Discovered the isles of Tenerife and Canarias

1447: Navigated the Cabo Bojador area

1448: Reached the bay of Arguin

1451-1454: Colonization of Cape Verde isles and Guinea.

1455-1489: Cortes do Angles activities halt by the War of the Roses where the Cortes sided with their Somerset allies to the Lancastrian army. Later supported Henry Tudor which will later secure the position of the Portuguese in Britain. Trade and colonization of the mapped area continues under Cortes d'Andaluces

1474: The Emir of Morocco are disposed by the Wattasid Wazir (Viziers), eight years of internal conflict ensues, the Cortes do Ceuta expand their realm to contain all of northern Moroccan coast (from Cabo Bojador to Algeirs/Algueiras) by 1485.

1481: The Cortes Moncaro disbanded as the members of the Cortes move in to Algueiras, membership merged with the Cortes of Ceuta

1485: Cortes of Ceuta changed into the Duchy of Morisco

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