• Dates are in the Islamic Calendar (Christian Dates in Parentheses).

Pre-Colonial Era

POD: 852 (1448 A.D.) The Second Bubonic Plague appears in Europe.

859 (1455 A.D.) All of humans in Europe (except Scandinavia) are 93% dead.

868 (1463 A.D.) Global Jihad against remaining Christians announced. Muslim reconquest of Iberia, or Āybyryā.

870 (1465 A.D.) Muslim Conquest of the Italian Peninsula, ruins Rwmā (Rome) captured by Muslims.

880 (1475 A.D.) Mysore becomes a Hindu Nation.

902 (1496 A.D.) All of Europe (except OTL Russia and Scandinavia) are Muslim.

916 (1511 A.D.) China declares war on Tibet.

923 (1517 A.D.) China announces conquest of Tibet.

949 (1542 A.D.) The Emperor unites Japan, and forces it to go into isolation.

970 (1562 A.D.) Novgorod falls to Muslim forces. Also, Qiangs (guns) are first used in the Chinese military.

986 (1578 A.D.) Several Korean expeditions led to the discovery of several small islands in the Pacific Ocean.

1000 (1591 A.D.) Korean Sailors build an advanced Dhow (Which they call a Seonbag) and use it to discover Yingzhou.

Early Colonial Period

1004 (1596 A.D.) The colony of Bada Taun (OTL San Diego), is created and claimed for Korea. Trading with native Yingzhouens leads to corn being planted in Korea Proper.

1005 (1597 A.D.) Japan officially outlaws slavery (although there has been virtually no slavery in the isolated state).

1007 (1598 A.D.) Mysore begins colonization of the East Libyan (African) coast. Many natives become Slaves sold in Arabian Slave markets.

1009 (1600 A.D.) China sends fleet to the new lands that Korea has discovered and names these lands Yingzhou.

1028 (1619 A.D.) Mysore declares war on the Mughals. A Global Jihad is announced against Mysore.

1030 (1621 A.D.) Chinese conquest of the rapidly declining Aztec Empire.

1035 (1626 A.D.) Chinese found the city of Xin Lan De, in Yingzhou.

1039 (1630 A.D.) Jihad against Mysore called off.

1044 (1634 A.D.) The colony of Bolg-Eun Jandi is created by Korea.

1048 (1638 A.D.) The Chinese make contact with the Inca (which by now control almost half of South America) and attempt to invade them. However, the invasion is stopped.

1050 (1640 A.D.) The Chinese have another unsuccessful invasion of the Inca.

1054 (1644 A.D.) The Manchu People invade China and Korea, and create the Qing Dynasty (it still rules China to this day). It makes allies with the Inca (who were enemies of the former Ming Dynasty) and regains the colonies of China. However, the Korean Colonies of Bolg-Eun Jandi and Bada Taun form the Kingdom of Bada Taun. The Inca now control all of OTL South America. China gives guns to the Inca and they rapidly modernize.

Late Colonial Period

1061 (1651 A.D.) The Arabs cross over the seas and colonize part of Eastern Inca. This means war with China and the Inca. This is called the Inca War. The Bada-Tauni join on the Islamic side. The First uncontrolled flight is made by Chinese Scientists. They manage to strap a man to a chair, and then use enough firepower to shoot the chair into the sky. The man was air born for three minutes, and died when he hit the ground.

1073 (1663 A.D.) The Chinese discover and make contact with the Haudenosaunee people. The Haudenosaunee start to unite all Native Yingzhouens on the Eastern Coast.

1076 (1665 A.D.) Bada-Taun is invaded by Chinese Forces.

1079 (1668 A.D.) The Treaty of Na Si Ka (Nazca) ends the war, and divides the Inca Nation between the West (Independent) and the Sultanate of Al N'ka (Inca).

1084 (1673 A.D.) The Chinese use there earlier invention (see 1061) and make a usable version of it. However, it is still too expensive and dangerous (given the amount of gunpowder needed) to make more than a dozen Fēixíngjī (Flying Machines).

1094 (1683 A.D.) Another Global Jihad is declared on Mysore. While excavating the ruins in Europe, the Arabs discover Leonaerdo da Vinci's drawings. They are unable to make since of most of them however, they do read one of his drawings which says "The Sun Does not Move, the Earth Does". Many young Arabs become interested in Astronomy.

1100 (1689 A.D.) Siege of Mysore, by Muslims proves to be a success. Mysore Proper becomes part of Persia. However, the Mysorean Colonies reorganize themselves into the Mysorean League (A Confederacy of states that have chosen to align their Foreign affairs with one another.

1105 (1694 A.D.) Several Haudenosaunee supported invasions by Koreans and Native Yingzhouens occur in Chinese Yingzhou. These are called the Ledeu Jinsil Rebellions.

1109 (1698 A.D.) The Ledeu Jinsil Rebellions become so fierce that they completely drive out the Chinese. The rebels recreate the Kingdom of Bada Taun.

1113 (1701 A.D.) Al Andulas invades part of the recently conquered Haudenosaunee territory and creates the Emirate of Symnwyl (Seminole). The Haudenosaunee declare war on the new emirate, creating a Global Jihad against themselves. The Mysorean League discovers Aozhou (Australia) and begins to colonize it.

1122 (1710 A.D.) Burma starts a small colony in Yingzhou, but by the end of the year Bada-Taun has taken it over. Jwrj Āsbānyā, a young Arab invents a telescope powerful to see Uranus, and names it Zrk. He also discovers hundreds of moons.

1141 (1729 A.D.) Bada-Taun is successfully invaded by Chinese forces, taking it back for China. Some noble families in China now have a few Fēixíngjī.

1145 (1732 A.D.) China starts to colonize Aozhou. Soon, a race between China and the Mysorean League over the new-found land.

1153 (1740 A.D.) The Haudenosaunee invade Symnwyl, and the Jihad against them ends. Jwrj Āsbānyā, now much older, finally invents a telescope powerful enough to see Neptune, which he names Kwakb.

1164 (1751 A.D.) The Inca, after a long alliance with the Chinese, decide to join the Chinese Empire. In return, Inca are treated just as good as the Chinese. The Sapa Inca Himself, becomes the Sapa Governor of all of Chinese Territories in OTL South America.

1184 (1770 A.D.) The declining Mayan city-states join the Haudenosaunee Nation. Also, steam power is discovered in China, starting the Industrial Revolution.

1185 (1771 A.D.) The Haudenosaunee nation controls most of Eastern Yingzhou. It is now directly ruled by the Great Longhouse.

1197 (1783 A.D.) The Mysorean League (now lead by the member, Daksina Libiyana) declares war on Persia and retakes Mysore Proper. Mysore Proper becomes just another member of the Mysorean League, and is no longer its leader. Third Jihad against Mysore starts. The Industrial revolution is now in full swing in China Proper, and spreads to the Islamic Nations.

1204 (1790 A.D.) China, invades the Japanese Islands (Which have been in complete isolation since 849). However, the Emperor defeats the invading Chinese Forces, and decides to end the isolation and create a colonial empire for Japan. He decides, to go after China's colonies. Emperor Meiji then starts an industrial revolution in Japan. Xin Lan De, becomes the largest city in China, signalizing that now a majority of China's population has migrated to Yingzhou or one of the other colonies.

Imperial Age

War of the Asuras

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Post-War World (Today)

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