Timeline of A Wonderful World

19th Century

  • February 1819 - The Adams-Onis Treaty is signed between the United States and Spain, giving the U.S. Florida and Cuba and settling the boundary dispute between the U.S. and New Spain. The Florida Territory and Cuba Territory are established.
  • December 1837 - Lower Canada and Upper Canada rebel against British rule, starting the Canadian revolution.
  • May 1841 - Britain recognizes the independence of Upper and Lower Canada, the two colonies unite to form the Confederation of Canada.
  • August 1843 - The Confederation is peacefully dissolved between the English speaking West and French speaking East. Upper Canada is annexed by the United States and is divided into the states of Ontario and Nipigon. Lower Canada reforms into the Republic of Canada.
  • March 1863 - John Wilkes Booth is killed by an unknown assassin.
  • July 1867 - The British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island united to form Acadia.
  • March 1869 - Abraham Lincoln leaves office as the most popular President in United States history.
  • June 1870 - The U.S. Senate approves the Annexation of Haiti, establishing the the Haitian Territory.
  • February 1873 - The Spanish Republic is established.
  • August 1874 - Cuba joins the Union as the 40th state.
  • November 1896 - William J. Bryan defeats incumbent Benjamin Harrison as President of the United States. 

20th Century

  • November 1900 - William McKinley defeats incumbent William J. Bryan as President of the United States.
  • January 1903 - The Treaty of San Juan is signed between the United States and Spain, and Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines are sold to the United States for $9 million. Hours later, President William McKinley dies of organ failure and Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt succeeds him.
  • November 1903 - The Treaty of Bogota is signed, officially ending the Colombian-American War and transferring Panama to American control.
  • March 1905 - Haiti joins the Union as the 47th state.
  • October 1938 - In retaliation for not abiding by the Munich Agreement, Hitler launches Operation Fall Grün and invades Czechoslovakia.
  • February 1945 - Stalin refuses to send troops into Manchuria.
  • August 1945 - Chinese and American troops launch an invasion of Manchuria and quickly cross into Korea.
  • September 1946 - Greenland is officially transferred to American control.
  • May 1947 - The Chinese Civil War ends, with Chiang Kai-shek's government emerging victorious.
  • June 1948 - Panama is admitted to the Union as the 51st state.
  • August 1948 - The Chinese-occupied North Korea and American-occupied South Korea are united to form the Republic of Korea.
  • August 1949 - Dominica is admitted to the Union as the 52nd state after splitting from Haiti with consent.
  • June 1950 - Communist rebels in Korea led by Kim Il-sung begin a rebellion against the American backed government in Haeju, igniting the Korean War.
  • July 1952 - The Korean War Ends. All communist sympathizers are either sentenced to death or exiled to the Soviet Union.
  • April 1955 - China withdraws its troops from North Vietnam after suffering greatly at the hands of the communists in the Korean War.
  • November 1955 - Communists led by Ho Chi Minh take control of North Vietnam.
  • March 1970 - U.S. and South Vietnamese Forces storm into Hanoi, uniting Vietnam under the Southern Government.
  • December 1991 - The Soviet Union recognizes the independence of Armenia, Georgia and Moldavia. The "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" officially ceases to exist.
  • July 1994 - The Yemeni Civil War ends with a UN ceasefire. South Yemen gains its independence.
  • April 1995 - Saddam Hussein is assassinated by a Sunni extremist. The Iraqi Civil War begins.
  • June 1999 - Puerto Rico is admitted to the Union as the 55th state.
  • April 2000 - The Northern Mariana Islands and Guam are united to form Mariana and are admitted to the Union as the 56th state.

21st Century

  • January 2000 - The Constitution of Mesopotamia is signed in Baghdad, reforming Iraq into a federal republic.
  • November 2000 - In an extremely close race, Vice President Al Gore defeats George W. Bush as President of the United States.
  • October 2001 - In retaliation for the attacks on September 11, a coalition led by the United States launch an invasion of Sudan (who have allowed for the safety of al-Qaeda).
  • November 2002 - Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City, is elected Governor of New York.
  • November 2004 - Incumbent Al Gore defeats John McCain and is reelected President of the United States.
  • November 2008 - Rudy Giuliani defeats John Edwards as President of the United States.
  • January 2010 - A magnitude 7 earthquake rattles the U.S. state of Haiti, causing the deaths of 100,000 to 316,000 citizens. President Giuliani begins sending humanitarian aid and begins funding a relief program.
  • November 2012 - Incumbent Rudy Giuliani defeats John Kerry and is re-elected President of the United States.

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