607- Ireland unifies into one country after the Irish wars of unification (574-607)

607 to 800- Ireland becomes very prosperous and starts to trade with other European nations

800 to 1066- The Anglo Viking wars begin which last for 266 years, attempts to invade Ireland by the Vikings fail, the Irish conquer Wales in 1023

1066- Duke William of Normandy overthrows King Harold II of England and declares himself King of England, the Anglo Viking wars come to an end with Ireland annexing most of Norway, the rest goes to Sweden and Denmark

1096 to 1099- The First crusade takes place, Ireland conquers Egypt and lower Palestine

1100 to 1150- Ireland goes to war with Scotland in 1109 and conquers most of its surrounding Isles and Islands including the Isle of Man. In 1140 Ireland buys the Island of Corsica from Genoa

1189- The Irish join the Third crusade after the failed Second Crusade to regain Jerusalem from the Saracens

1192- The Irish conquer Jerusalem after most European country's backed out. Sultan Saladin of Upper Palestine is executed

1198- Ireland signs a treaty with the Byzantine empire

1202 to 1204- The Fourth crusade takes place against the Byzantine empire, Irish forces stop the crusading forces in 1204 at the Battle of Constantinople

1222 to 1230- The Irish war of Succession takes place after the death of Queen Phillipa of Ireland in 1222, she is succeeded by her cousin William however her brother in law Robert believe he has a right to the throne and so war begins, Robert loses and is forced to commit suicide by drowning in 1230

1230 to 1300- Ireland starts to take interest in Asia, they are the first European nation to set up a colony there in 1270, in 1290 they make contact with the Japanese

1300 to 1330- Ireland starts to conquer much of Japan and later India, other European nations start taking chunks of Asia for themselves as well, the Mongol empire starts to fall apart

1338 to 1352- The Black Death kills hundreds of people across Europe and the Asian colonies

1367- The Indonesian islands are discovered by French explorers, many other Europeans follow

1370- Austrialia and New Zealand are discovered by the Irish, the Irish create colonies there

1378- The Byzantine empire starts to spread in the Balkans once again

1390- Irish explores discover Alaska

1392- Ireland is forced into war with England after territorial disputes in Alsaka as Canada, Ireland is victorious

1400- Byantine explores set from Constatinople in hope of finding a route to Alaska (which then was thought to be an island) instead they discover the Caribbean islands, the Byzantines declare Cuba there's

1407- Ireland invades Iceland and is successful, they then move onto Greenland and finally Canada

1410- Spanish explorers discover Mexico, they try to establish colonies but are beaten back by the Byantines

1410 to 1480- The slow colonisation of Canada begins with Irish settlers arriving there

1485- Portuguese explorers discover South America

1490 to 1520- The Byantines (who have managed to withstand the Turks with foreign help) colonies most of Mexico and the Caribbean. The Three major colonial powers in this ATL are Ireland, Byzantine Empire and France

1530- English and Scottish settlers start to colonise Africa

1540 to 1600-

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