• After being excused from jury duty on a case involving a DUI, Texas Governor George W. Bush is asked by a reporter if he was ever arrested for driving under the influence himself. After a moment of hesitation, Governor Bush reveals the details of his 1976 DUI arrest in Maine, stirring up an ultimately temporary controversy [POD]. The issue largely fades after Bush does a series of events with Moms Against Drunk Driving.


  • Governor Bush runs for and receives the Republican nomination for the upcoming Presidential election. After initially considering former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney to be his running mate, Bush ultimately selects former Senator John Danforth after Cheney has a minor heart attack while running Bush's VP selection committee. 
  • On November 7th, Governor Bush handily wins the 2000 Presidential election with 51.4% of the popular vote and 301 electoral votes. On the President elect's coattails the Republicans are able to increase their Senate majority to 55 and their House majority to 223. 


  • Soon after being inaugurated on January 20th, President Bush and the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress begin working on getting a sweeping tax cut passed to be followed by an education reform. Unfortunately for all, unforeseen foreign events would prevent either legislation from being passed.
  • On May 8th, agents of the terror organization Al Qaeda hijack four airliners and proceed to use them as manned missiles against a series of targets. All four hijacked planes are successfully used against their targets, which were: the Twin Towers, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Capitol building. The attacks inflict an estimated 20,000 deaths and injuries, making it the worst terror attack so far in US history. Among the dead and injured are many members of the 107th Congress of the United States. President Bush (who had been preparing to speak at a ceremony in the East Wing that afternoon), however, is luckily unharmed and safe inside the White House bunker.














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