Distant past

4.56 Billion B.C.

A distant star system is formed, with eight planets being formed around its sun.

3.14 Billion B.C.

Three asteroids carrying microscopic lifeforms crash into the second, third and fourth planets in the star system.

3 Billion B.C.

Oceans are formed and aquatic life begins to take form.

1 Billion B.C.

First Martian ancestors crawl out of the oceans

500,000 B.C.

Martian ancestors form hunter-gatherer societies, refer to Mars as Barsoom, themselves being Barsoomites. 

400,000 B.C.

First Barsoomite civilization rises in central Quirus in fertile river valleys. Barsoomite calender begins here.

4,000 B.A.(Barsoomite Age)

First civilization collapses from famine. ice age at both poles cause sea levels to drop, reveling island all across the world. Leads to massive migrations across the world.

14,000 B.A.

Ice age ends, sea levels rise, leaving only the continents and highest island above sea level, leading to isolation.

15,000 B.A.

Tribe of Arauk in Southern Iruth form large towns on top of five hills overlooking the Telgus River, begin trading with other towns and fledgling kingdoms.

15,200 B.A.

Clandome of Horis forms in Northern Iruth, centered around iron mines in Jerust Mountains. Conquers neighboring states and begins to form a large kingdom.

15,250 B.A. islands in Mertiz Archipelago begin to be made into nations, beginning 800 years of war and conflict.

15,271 B.A.

First recorded Mertizian war between Ithus and Relish, ending in Relish's conquest by Ithus.

15,284 B.A.

A "vision" from the god of the Rutus people is given to a child, telling his people to follow him and to convert the world and to kill the non-believers, beginning the Rutus empire and its wave of terror across Rutus and Berutus.

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