Everything is the same as in real life, unless mentioned otherwise.


  • The Continental congress attempts to stop illegal slavery in the west. Many western farmers have sharecroppers and indentured servants instead of slaves, with conditions being little better. However, the black Africans are allowed to marry and learn to read, and there is no legal slave trade out west, resulting in less splitting apart of families
  • In the Constitutional convention, free blacks are given the right to vote as well as free whites. South Carolina does not ratify the constitution out of protest of the restriction of slavery, but it gets enough votes to pass anyways so they do not resist


  • 1792-Kentucky is admitted into the Union as a Free State. Statehood helps them fight the illegal slave trade better
  • 1796-Tennessee enters the Union as a Free State.
  • 1799-An amendment is proposed by a representative from North Carolina to allow western states to vote to be slave owning or not. It fails.



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