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1917:-National Party is created by Lord Ampthill, Sir Richard Cooper and Sir Henry Page Croft.
1918:-Henry Page Croft and Sir Richard Cooper elected as the only 2 MPs for the NP in 1918 General Election.


1921:-Anti-Waste League is created by Lord Rothermere in face of government over-spending.
-Three Anti-Waste League candidates succeed in securing seats, Murray Sueter, James Erskine and Reginald Applin.
-Most members from the 'Independent Parliamentary Group' merge with the 'Anti-Waste League' after Horatio Bottomley is expelled from parliament.
1922:-Oswald Mosley leaves the Conservative party over issues with Black and Tan use in Ireland.
-In the General Election of 1922 the AWL manages to secure 21 seats, and the National Party secures 6 seats. These seats were gained mainly from Conservative areas and so reduced Bonar Law's Majority from 74 to 47.
1923:-In the General Election of 1923 the AWL secures 32 seats, and the National Party secures 9 seats. The majority of the Labour Party rose from -98 to -57 seats.
-The Communist Party of Great Britain keeps a hold onto its two constituencies.
-The 'British Fascisti' party is set up by Rotha Lintorn-Orman after the March on Rome.
-The parties of the Anti-Waste League and the National Party merge to form the British National league (BNL). It keeps the seats it already has from Parliament which is now a total of 41 seats.

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