• Almost of million of Kurdish people abandoning thier of homeland for last time and leading east ward from Islamic Persecution.
  • Some settled in Southeast Asia like Siam (today Thailand) when few are mildly adopted their lifestyle and let begin creation of Buddhist orientationed syncretic religion of Kurdish Buddhism or Yazdan Buddhism (with aforementioned mixed of Yazdan with Theravadan) while others moved into more east into would be Americas and other continents.


  • Several to more Kurdish Emirgates begin switch their tradtional religions into decades old Buddhist syncretic religion that smaller Kurdish groups in Southern far east nations created as means blend in with other peaceful buddhist ethics groups.




14 - 16
  • Nuclear Talks cancelled.
  • WW3 Begins and Ends.
  • All mixed of Nuclear bombs and missiles are launched by members of Warsaw Pact and NATO.
  • Several of Soviet Union cites are destroyed or damaged.
  • Most of all American cities are destroyed or damaged.
  • Almost all of European who were allied with both Warsaw Pact and NATO cites are destroyed or damaged.
17 - 18
  • Warsaw Pact was dissolved and later NATO, UN and European Union soon follows.


  • Soviet Union Reformed by 50% of Electricity refixed and lying of Kennedy died from Flu of Causing WW3 and "conspiracy" is begun.
  • 45% of US damaged from nuclear missiles.
  • 20% of UK, France, West Germany damaged from nuclear missiles.


  • Nuclear Summer begins.
  • Australia Becomes Republic without Queen's approval; Replace head of State and Government with President of Australia.
  • Australian Pro-Monarchist Parties refused like change of Government and begins protest.


  • Irish rebel group IRA successfully invaded and captures Belfast and other Northern Irish counties as unofficially part of Irish nation.


  • Major Pro-Monarch Protests though out Eastern Australia; 49% percent of Australians retain support of Monarchy while 51% percent of Australians support an Republic with President as Head of State and Government.


  • Australian Civil War begins.
  • Several polls ranged from 32 to 35 percent of Americans want to dissolve the nation after last year's event.


  • Smaller numbers of Non-members of Scientologists are steadly growing to 2,500 in LA area (overall 6,000 in west coast)


  • Australian Civil War Ends.



  • Kennedy Flu conspiracy spreads the US.
  • Few Scottish Nationalist Parties formed.
  • Two more Welsh Nationalist Parties formed.
  • Germanic Neo-paganism reaches/spreads to North America.


  • Few poll ranged from 43 to 47 percent of Americans want to dissolve the nation by ballot check of Dissolution Referendum, 1973.
  • Third of Fifth electricians are killed from Soviet spies as 42% of US powerless.


  • Polls from 56 to 60 percent of Americans want to dissolve the nation for societal, economic reasons now.
  • Couple of several Ex-American rebel groups formed.


  • Uprisings spread all over the US thus official doom of country's future.
  • Utahan Mormon Tribes formed after US are on near close state of collapse.
  • New Zealand falls as anarchy spreads to the south part of nation.


  • The United States has been officially collapsed as Federal government moves to potentially Nevada as means create new capital from scratch like original Washington D.C. did.



  • Turkish Orthodox Church reformed by Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople to order Turkish people to leave Sunni Islam and somewhat 'Christianized' Turkish culture.


  • The United States of America mostly dissolved by rebels/anarchists takeover and burn White House and Capital Building; New Capital of USA is now Carson City as de facto capital and Half of Nevada is still under control by US Military.


  • Rest of New Zealand is now destroyed as anarchy finally reach the northern part of nation with Prime Minister give up and calls of dissolved the nation.


  • The similar protest begins in Canada due Power outrage, social/civil rights, and economic reasons.
  • Prime Minister of Canada announce Dissolved Confederation of Canada and Canada government due fears of violent society collapse
  • Several Kingdoms and Tribes formed throughout former the United States except for West (Mainly Nevada and Long Island) as remnant of USA.
  • Sci-fiction and Fantasy Conventions formed throughout damaged Europe, through 7056 to 11,575 attendees.


  • Couple to few Amish found some interest in Asatru or Norse Neo-paganism due of mass majority popularity around area, Amish community itself found this problem with Excommunicated all them.


  • First Furry Convention held in London, England United Kingdom by 340 attendees.
  • The Soviet Union Regain as Prime Superpower as the United Kingdom and Japan is now the Second Superpower.
  • Few Amish people created Syncretic New "Christopagan" Religion [after excommunication] named Thorism to believe Jesus is "Rebirth" form of Thunder god Thor, Along believing Christian Heaven is actually higher in 'Holy Tree'.
    • The group immigrated to deeper south into the building their new home.


  • Second Furry Convention held in London, England United Kingdom by 421 attendants with new tradition - Furry suit parade with four people.
  • LGBT Rights protest for equal rights in a few British Cities.
  • Couple Tribes in deep south Florida formed agreement to ally each other from other tribes from North Florida Tribes and Kingdom
  • A couple Ukrainian couple start develops manipulated fire from her hands with solid proof though genetic testing; Make them both first and second proto-mutant/transhuman? Soviet Union's Defence of Science begins testing the first and second mutated humans as test subjects for Soviet Army and find more mutated humans around revived Soviet Union.


  • Third Furry Convention held Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom by 502 attendants with Furry suit parade with eight people, but distracted by racial Welsh Nationalists who formed a protest.


  • Soviet Union Defence of Media announces the send out their electricians throughout the Eastern world to refix their power plants and station as Humanitarian Aid.
  • Fourth Furry Convention now named 'Britain's Furry Convention' held London, England, the United Kingdom by 574 attendees with Furry suit parade of 54 people.


  • An unexpected rise of Independent Scientologists to 160,000 followers (previously 55,000) within Northern Poor areas of Los Angeles.


  • 'Britain's Furry Convention' was held at Liverpool, England by 643 attendees with Furry suit parade with 56 people and Second New Furry Convention born in Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom by 67 attendees with Furry suit parade with five people.
  • Long Island's government has de facto seceded from The US remnant with half of the population's approval as the Federal government is becoming more paranoiac and fear for already doom nation.



  • The Remnant of United States within mostly Nevada with a little bit of east California has split into smaller communities includes Reno, Carson City, and Las Vegas become its own Independent city-states due prevent raiders around of nation's borders and lower economical state are a major result of the split.
    • The remaining American Military eventually disbanded month but cause several groups form as militaristic successors includes [after Outbreak] would become the infamous True American Army (Militaristic order, Paramilitary, and pseudo-military organization with raideric-like elements) that believes in disordered American nationalist view and less famous New US Army (Paramilitary and semi-Political organization) that wants to create new the United States semi-peacefully through gunboat diplomacy.


  • Couple misanthropic wanders unintentionally founded the CDC headquarters and start realized they could kill millions with this. They break in several doors to get in the important room to make their virus. But through way they eventually die because one them forget to wear an unused hazardius suits around headquarters.


  • The Amish group finally found their new home in somewhere of Maryland (less likely eastern part of it) where is mostly uncivilized since 1970s with some mixed of most tribes with small (Germanic/Norse) and (few remaining; semi-Protestant) kingdoms and couple remaining republics in the area.


  • Los Angeles are now religiously split of Christians (Catholics and remaining Mainline Protestants), Secular, Wiccans, and Scientologists and start implanted Interfaith-like Theocratic elements for avoiding too much conflict.
    • Its citizens are now dubbed themselves unofficially as New Jerusalem due of minor similarities with the religiously split city with same name since outbreak spread to west coast and former nearly destroy headquarters of Scientology become unofficial holy site by large Independent Scientologists and some devout Scientologist around area.


  • City-state of Los Angeles has officially renamed as New Jerusalem by five of eight religious leaders of Las Angeles City council.


  • A scavenger group with nine members found ruined CDC headquarters in Post-Georgia where mostly untouched rooms containing few still living virus and other harmful diseases with three rooms founded to be used a few years ago by now long infected dead wanders.
  • One of scavenger founded that room with corpses, Thought he could loot for something good for supplies. But the artificial virus has few thousands of itself left in both bodies until they got their new host for days as it starts searching them for minutes. And later checking anything more supplies around room to move on.
  • In next morning after they get out of headquarters that two of members of that group developing flu-like symptoms with mildly difficult to breach for the day, most members just instead overlooked it as normal with mildly concerns of health.
  • Five of nine members are infected with one clearly dies at front them and got all their animals infected. This got infected few to several people around post-Atlanta area eventually infected thus starting 1999 Bioterrorist Outbreak.



  • The British Royal Family was killed by seemly terrorist made H-Bomb planned by assumed Regional Nationalists.
  • It's because force end of Monarchy and the United Kingdom as all Country force split as Scotland, Wales, Manx, England, Cornwall and Northern Ireland reunited by Irish Government officially.



  • A guy named Christopher W. Chandler founded CWCville from ruins of Ruckerville and forcibly rebuilding some buildings from natural decaying by few slaves and ruining others survivors around the area.
    • And at the same time CWC's finest bio-hackers, scientists, bio-engineers, tissue engineers and "postcyberpunk" "theorists" combining their skills to create artificial animals from Bio/Genetic engineering based from leader words.


  • Few Furry Groups around of mostly recovered post-Bio-outbreak Europe are planned of creating Subcultural Ideological-Religion or Movement later named 'Anthro-Animalism' to believe that need to intentionally mutated so can be 'Anthropomorphized Humanoids of Animals' and created an "empire under the anthropomorphized humans".


  • Maryland's only Amish community has finally 'devolved' into Chiefdom with Theocratic elements replacing their Amish Council and renamed as 'Tribe of Odin' with now 42 people.
    • Original Amish Council was replaced by Elders of Odin with possible can declared Holy Wars on Non-Norse nations/tribes as one of their laws.


  • Civil Conflict happens in New Jerusalem were Scientologist leaders are accusing of violated the City's Law. Thus uprisings from other religions and Seculars begin attacking homes of Scientologists and kill four them in process.